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  • I don't love this show, but I don't hate it either. But Its easy to follow and overall decently enjoyable. The show is listed as a comedy and while there was quite few times I did cackle. A good percentage of time the show isn't funny or the jokes just fall extremely flat. It honestly plays more of as drama then anything. But one mainly aimed at teens to young adults. I can't see anyone older finding anything else redeeming here.

    I did however feel that episodes not being long by any means was a positive. As well as some of the characters were enjoyable to watch. Would I recommend the show? Depends on kind of person you are.

    If you're someone whos burned through everything else on netflix have go at it. But if you're looking for show to binge and haven't seen any really of what netflix has to offer, then avoid this at all costs.
  • Over the pass two days between my classes, work, and meetings I have binge watched the first season of On My Block. I will admittedly say that I wasn't sure that I would fall in love with the show in the first couple of episodes-the acting and comedy seemed a little strained. However, I continued on and I am SO GLAD! This show is very entertaining involving both themes of comedy and drama. I think we can all relate to some of the awkward and enduring highschool/teenage scenes which is what brought me in. What kept me was the real ness and truth of the characters and their lives. Yes there are many light hearted scenes but there are many more that show the hard reality of many teenagers. It shows family drama, gang life, fitting in, and problems with friends and at home. I'm really excited about season 2 and would definitely recommend this show to everyone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wtf kind of ending was that? Who else was disappointed? I loved every single episode and almost every character (Monse can be really annoying) but the ending made Cesar's character so weak and dependent on Monse. I may be too harsh idk
  • After the first episode and getting use to the flow, loved it! I watched the entire season in less than 24 hours. The show beings up some serious and modern topics, but more lite. The show focuses more on friendships.
  • On My Block is one of my favorite Netflix Originals. It is funny, clever, dramatic when it needs to be, and has a very good main cast. Also, something I love about this show is that it's characters all have purposes and most of them are very realistic. The characters are also very likeable, which couldn't hurt the show. Overall, this is a very good show and one of Netflix's better originals.

  • This is a great show from a writing standpoint, but elevating it further is the talent of the cast. These kids give an acting lesson, with each totally committed to their respective characters, which results in perfect storytelling. The comedy is sensational, and a throwback to witty funny, long before the crude, slapstick comedy thrown at us these days took over. Recommend it to anyone. Brilliant.
  • MovieJunkie513 March 2020
    On My Block is a tv series filled with stereotypical representations, accents and ways of being. The plot is bad and poorly written. It is far from perfect. It is not even a good tv show technically and the acting isn't all that great either. Having said that, I like it. I like all the characters and the way they assemble and got each other's back, the adventures are entertaining and it makes me laugh a couple of times. My favorite is Jamal, so much energy and the funnier to me. This 3 season was good, probably the best one and god damn why does it have such an emotional ending... It broke my heart. Hope it continues!
  • rjbranch97-676-70263419 March 2018
    This show was seriously amazing. When I first saw the trailer I thought it looked interesting but wasn't going to watch it but then it kept popping up and I'm so happy that it did because I finally watched it and I loved it. I was interested in those kids lives and what was going to happen next. This show deserves all of the success and many seasons. It shows diversity and what many people go through daily.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I could get over the cliches, and the poor acting for the first 3 seasons. But season 4 really let me down. And the ending, although cute, was really rushed and just left a lot of loopholes open for me. I'm really not happy with how they ended things.
  • I hate who ever made this show I was suppose to go to sleep 4 hours ago but I can't stop watching this show now imma be tired for work thanks.
  • brandonneicke27 September 2019
    Top notch show, great writing and top notch acting from basically all new actors. I love these shows that bring stardom to young actors. Ruby is my favourite and most certainly has a huge career ahead of him as well as all the others
  • This show has great potential! The scoring is compelling and the acting is good. The right mix of humour to drama, it's like Atlanta with teenagers, which isn't a bad thing. Jason Genao, the actor that plays Ruby was brilliant in this season, the whole cast did very well. And wow! That cliffhanger at the end!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    On My Block does a really great job depicting modern teenagers and the way they act. It's a teen dramedy that that talks about some serious issues. The characters are really funny and interesting. I have such mixed feelings about Spooky. One the one hand he is really tough on Ceaser, but at the same time he has a heart of gold for the people he cares about. The grandma is freaking awesome!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I only created an account to rate this title honestly.

    From the beginning, there were relationships established that were believable and fun to watch, until the end of the third season. Of course, by the end of the third season, anything could have happened and everything was up in the air.

    By the time season 4 rolls around, all of the established relationships and chemistry went out the window. Cesar becomes unbelievable in his role as a Santos, and the way the rest of the kids come back together feels forced and restrained at the same time. All of these main characters haven't developed at all since the end of season 3, and the only character that has actually developed was Oscar.

    So, Oscar, having his life planned out and having goals and achievements that he never saw as possible for himself, has his life taken from him for nothing - nobody knows who did it, nobody ever mentions it, and nobody ever mentions the gang life or Cuchillos ever again for the rest of the season. If Oscar was allowed to have what he had, then this season would have gone over much better than it did. The fact that there aren't any depictions of a happy ending after exiting the "gang life" doesn't sit well with the majority of latino viewers, because we already know it's a long-shot for anything good happening for a character in the end. Some say they saw it coming since the beginning, but again, anything could happen, and it was possible to let Oscar leave for Oregon with Isabel and their child. It was possible to let Oscar have what he's always wanted if it weren't for Cesar's arc having to have what happened.... happen.

    On My Block was an amazing show, semi-realistically depicting teenage life, and giving performances that were well-done. It doesn't shy away from loss and trauma. But one loss and traumatic moment could have been spared, and the show would have been golden if they had let Oscar live and move on from Freeridge. He could have been the first actually success story.
  • I watched On My Block in one go, which is always a good sign. Overall, I liked the story. Four teenagers have been friends for years and are now facing numerous challenges that come with first love and growing up which threaten their friendship. The main characters are all people of color who live in a poor neighborhood which is a nice change to your usually very white middle class coming of age setting. There have been quite a few more diverse TV shows lately which I think is really great.

    However, there are some problems with this show (hence the seven star rating). The acting is mediocre at times. Especially the actor who plays Cesar (a teenage boy who follows in his brother's footsteps and joins the local gang) was not convincing to me. He didn't really portray much emotions which is a bad thing if you play a character who has such a serious storyline. Some scenes, especially in the first few episodes, felt awkward. I can't exactly point out why that was. I blame it on the acting and maybe also the camera work. I also haven't made up my mind about wether or not I like the characters. Sometimes they are real assholes and/or don't feel like realistic, complex human beings. Other times I really liked them. I'd say that the girl,Monse, is my favourite and gives the most consistent (good) performance. There were some sexist tropes that bothered me but I won't go into it here. It would have been cool if the creators had realized this and deconstrucetd it in the same way the deconstructed other elements / tropes but you can't have everything and it's probably only a minor detail for most viewers.

    In conclusion, I enjoyed the show and might even watch it a second time. It made me laugh out loud on several occasions even if the humour wasn't always my taste. It's not a master piece, it doesn't stand out but it's also better (I feel) than your average TV show and offers an original take on an old concept.
  • From the way the kids speak to the background music, its all great. Im tired of watching shows that take place in the past or do not accurately represent todays youth. Next season I want to see more trap music including latino trap, I want to see how the kids react to marijuana, I want to see more social media and meme references. Keep it up please. Cant wait to see these young actors grow and improve.
  • I love this show so much! And I love the characters backgrounds! I love how everyone has a story to tell, and that they're not afraid to stand for what they believe in, through out the entire series they kept going forward no matter what! Season 2 I'm ready for you all the way!!
  • First season was crazy good but the second season wasn't the best but overall plot 10/10 but the acting 4/10 and that's me being being nice. like i love the idea and how the show flows and the soundtrack but wow no one in this show can act without it being cringy
  • Anyways why did they gave him a role if gangster when he can't even fill his role I'm so disappointed on top of his peanut head his character or role does not fit him. I was a big fan until season 3, Cesar don't have what it takes to be hood. The show went for 5 starts to 1 star due to Cesar's role.
  • REXNE8 May 2020
    I watched the second season of On My Block, it was fine and fluent. Acting and movie music are very good. Especially acting
  • tamas_szundi16 June 2019
    Wow. What an amazing cast and acting. I loved it from the beginning to the end. Really good story. I loved each and every character. Definitely worth the time!!! I look forward to seeing a new season.
  • I've come to realise we all don't have the same tastes, hence the bad reviews here. This is a great show, and I watched it in one go. I watch alot of shows so its always had to pick a new show to watch, but when I started this one, I watched it in one go from start to finish, that's how one can tell its a good show. I got surprised when i read some of the bad reviews here, I imagined we must be watching very different shows. It just goes to show we can't all like the same thing, people are different. So before you judge the show from a few bad reviews, trying watching it for yourself and see if its for you. My favorite character/crush is Monse, I just love her energy, and I liked her even more when I learnt she doesn't have any acting experience. I would recommend this to anyone.
  • I wanted to like this show but the acting is just too cheesey for me.
  • GabyUr17 March 2018
    If you're thinking about watching this show you should watch it now!! It's an emotional tv show and sometimes quite funny. Everytime you finish an episode it will leave you wanting more. It's a tv show about teenagers beginning their first year of high school in South Central Los Angeles, a neighborhood where hearing gunshots is an everyday part of life.I really recommend it.
  • I liked its first season, it looks like a teenager series but on the one hand it has an adult subject. The characters are well-narrated and the story is quite calm in general. It is gratifying that there are not many sexual intercourse scenes. There are also places where it was deflated. I would like to watch other seasons.
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