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  • If you've watched enough spoof comedies like scary movie ( easiest to understand for noobs), 300 spoof, etc. only then you're going to cherish it's making. This is a police spoof comedy whose humour is complex enough to be misjudged to be a drama comedy movie. People would expect a story line but they should understand that all spoof comedies are only made to mock a mainstream movie. All the reviews saying that it doesn't have a story line and it is mindless (kuch bhi ho rha hai) don't understand this genre at all. Such people should not watch it as they won't understand it.

    This movie mocks the hit Indian formula of a righteous cop like singham, Simba, dabbang. Which do wonders at single screen cinemas. The mockery is hillariously complex and executed in a great manner that you'll understand only if you've a nack and understanding for spoof comedies. If yes, then you should watch it coz it's style of spoof is somewhat fresh and new. If not, then please go and watch mainstream bollywood movies and wait for singham 3 or whatever you want.
  • Watch this movie not for its story, but when it is for a time when you want to relax, do nothing, think nothing, for pure entertainment. Few punchlines, jokes are hilarious and you have the right combination of people to deliver it. You have just fine actors like Diljeet and Varun Sharma who really are just not acting but enjoying their acting, Their comic timings are world renowed and its fun to watch them together on screen. Kirti Soman plays her role very subtly, we all know she may not be a comedy type delivery person but kind of does justice to her role with her beauty. If you are no nonsense type of person, then dont even dare to watch it because you would judge it wrong however, if you are fun loving person, who knows when to enjoy a good laugh, then this is just for you .. So Enjoy !!!
  • deepakdst2 August 2019
    Comedy, comedy , and comedy. Though the ending was not good but the whole film was comedy packed. In my opinion Sakool's character was very interesting. And those deleted scenes😂😂. Really very interesting.
  • Samajh nahi aayi lokan nu TBH the movie is great Didn't get bored even a single minute What else do you expect from a parody ? Want it to make you cry ??
  • Good movie diljit was great love you diljit great comedy. One was the best thing is that it is family movie
  • Wastage of money and just time pass. I think it was for kids under 10 and suddenly mature people bought the tickets to watch it.
  • imadhahmed-0250530 September 2019
    What was the point of this movie? Why was this movie made?
  • mahi-7320423 September 2019
    Movie is a spoof on bollywood. So it cant be said illogical. Whatever bc happens in most of the bollywood movies or tollywood movies. Watch just as fun, don't expect much more.
  • When I watched the movie for the first time on television, I just couldn't control my laugh, the way Diljit sir acted and played the role is too.. much funny and kriti is lookings too much pretty as always and Varun sir's comedy has set the four moons on the comedy content in the move and all the other characters are funny too

    Bollywood doesn't really have good watchable Spoof comedies and the reasons could be, no availability of such script and Audience being not interested in that genre because that stuff is easily available on internet. The reason we call such films illogical because that mindset is not there in matured audience, that genre suits to Kids and we barely have Kids audience to make a film Hit. Arjun Patiala is one such film which can be called a childish stuff, kids and some other immature audience can bear it but not the Regular Cinegoers. It will be disliked by the large section of Intelligent audience and of course intellectual Critics.

    Let's come to the story, it is a Film in the Film and then we have a writer telling the script. Diljit Dosanjh Plays Arjun Patiala, a judo champion turned into an Honest and Responsible Police Officer. He meets Kriti Sanon who is Bijli se Tejj (Faster than lightening) aka Ritu Randhawa, a News Reporter and the affair, romance continues. Varun Sharma plays Onidda Singh who is junior officer and a good friend of Arjun, Ronit Roy is ACP, Seema Pahwa is MLA of the area and then there are 5 Villains in the mainstream film. Sunny Leone's Cameo is good for nothing. How Arjun Patiala cleans the city and makes it crime free, and then how he gets caught into a conspiracy is all about the story. Does he succeed beating the baddies or not? Get the anwers in the film.

    Honestly, Arjun Patiala is overdose of spoof comedy which might make you leave the film half-way through. The parody style is gone case, outdated and repeatative. All the cast members looks good on screen but hardly gets a chance to present thier acting skills. Music and Screenplay are totally dead. The editor does the good job by ending this headache in 100 minutes. Direction skills are never seen despite having high production value. Overall, Arjun Patiala is a Bad Film or one can say almost a Crap to Skip for so many reasons. Watch it only and only if you want to find your one.

    RATING- 2/10*
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This spoof comedy narrates the story of a cop Arjun Patiala (Diljit Dosanjh) and his sidekick Onidda Singh (Varun Sharma). Together, will they be able to accomplish their mission of a crime-free town with their goofy style of policing? 'With you always,' reads the slogan on the police van of the fictional town of Ferozepur in Punjab. The man in charge is Arjun Patiala - a handsome young gabru jawan, who has his priorities set (read women, whiskey and work). Giving him company is his trustworthy but goofier constable Onidda Singh, who has given up on women after multiple heartbreaks. He has now settled for a buffalo as his lady love. If you thought that's bizarre, then wait for more. There is a glamorous yet feisty television reporter Ritu Randhawa (Kriti Sanon), who casually reports on the dreadful trigger-happy goons who infest Ferozepur. An unscrupulous MLA Prapti Makkad (Seema Pahwa), who is often referred to as 'Property Makkar' for her nefarious deals in the real estate. And there is also a gullible goon called Sakool (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) and a host of other quirky characters including IPS Gill (Ronit Roy), who is frankly the only sorted one (for the most part). All of them are part of a fictional story of a formula film narrated by a writer, who often breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience. This altogether takes away the scope of taking the film seriously. The film's first half breezes through with a few fun moments including a cameo by Sunny Leone. While that fails to register her acting skills (or the lack of it), it leads to a forgettable item number that is admittedly mandatory in such a narrative. Diljit Dosanjh delivers a decent performance with a few laugh-out-loud moments. His innocence brings out the vulnerability of his character that is instantly likeable. His leading lady Kriti Sanon (introduced as Heroine No.1) looks flawless, but the same cannot be said about her character. The writing gives her little to work with other than mouthing dialogues without much conviction. But the one who manages to deliver most laughs is Varun Sharma. From his amusing backstory to his forced singlehood, Varun is simply the guy, who can make you laugh at his expense. He also gets some of the best lines that fall quite short in pulling off an out and out comedy. The movie's writing, direction and execution become increasingly childish and pointless in the second half, as it stumbles towards a hotch-potch of a climax. Thankfully, the makers do not resort to cheap, offensive or vulgar humour in a desperate attempt to make you laugh. Film's music is average except for the peppy dance number 'Preeto'.
  • How many Indian cop movies have I watched? 100? Probably. This one picks out the all-too-common threads and turns them into good, preposterous, cliche-ridden fun. And it's a lot funnier than some of the other reviewers would lead you to believe. And of those 100 I mentioned, I have often left thinking that I have wasted my time, again. Not this time. A good laugh.
  • prakuljain18 January 2021
    Must watch very good movie. Light hearted film, amazing experience
  • I don't know if people really understood the movie (talking about the low ratings). Did they expect a policeman just beating the shit out of criminals and since they didn't get that in the movie, it got a lower rating?

    Let me tell you, this is a fun filled laughter movie which tells about the bad things going in the society (from police to media) and resolves them in a unique way without ever the police directly getting involved. Daljit is best at the comedy lines along with Varun and there's hardly a scene where you miss on laughter. Kirti has done good in her own role as well. Watch it cos it will make you laugh everytime :-D
  • First of all it's not a legit movie , it's a spoof movie. People need to understand that. It's not a perfect movie by a long shot but is still enjoyble. Makes it to the list of your guilty pleasures. Acting was great, I loved the whole cast especially diljeet, Varun and Zeeshan. Biswapati Sarkar too was great as always. Script had a great potential but the major problem I had with the movie was that a big chunk of the movie was deviated from where it initially started and was feeling like a legit movie. Hollywood has produced some great spoof movies and the thing that made them great was not one scene felt like it was a legit movie. In this, the start was solid, you knew what kind of movie this is going to be, but then somewhere in the middle it lost it's track. It started taking itself seriously. This continued for around 40 min till the climax part which is btw, the best part of the movie. There they knew what they were making. It's genuinely hilarious. The whole movie should've been that way. One more criticism is that the songs especially the sunny leone one, should've been like fast forwarded animation or something. They were making fun of the generic bollywood crap but they themselves got caught in the trap. Overall a step in the right direction.
  • Please don't use logic in comedy movie this is very nice comic type movie I loved it !!
  • ankcrimson10 December 2020
    If you want to spend some time off your serious life without applying brain, this will give you some very good laughs. I loved this movie
  • Can you make a farce about a police force that accepts bribes, misuses its authority to break contracts to promote girl friends for its members and ultimately promotes criminals to kill each other in public? Well, you can make a farce about anything. Depending on how you handle it, it can actually be funny. This movie pulls out the stops in terms of reducing the war on crime to a sports-season elimination match and individual gunfights to video-game notation as one way of dehumanizing criminals, making their deaths funnier to an audience predisposed to dislike them anyway. Why it makes all the criminals Sikhs is not something that is clear to me, unless it's simply because its set in the Punjab.

    It starts out with a screenwriter trying to talk a movie producer into buying his script. On hearing it has lots of heroes, criminals, jokes, a beautiful girl or six, and several dance numbers, the producer announces he has never read a script in his career and accepts. the writer insists on reading the script to him anyway.

    Diljit Dosanjh wins a judo competition, which means he is hired to be a police captain at a small station. He has no training for the job, and he accepts the station door that falls off, the cow kept on the grounds, and is baffled by the computer on his desk. His first order of business is to acquire a girl friend, and he soon settles on statuesque newscaster Sunny Leone. His second order of business is to please his superior by wiping out crime in his precinct. His means of attaining this is to figure out who the criminals in his district are, then set them against each other. He and his staff keep charts like a elimination tournament while the bad guys eliminate each other, then claim that 'the police are always late' Miss Leone begins to catch on, and she disapproves of the unnecessary deaths.

    It's clear me that there are many efforts made to dehumanize the characters in the movie, to make it easier to laugh at their bloody deaths. The movie makes it clear that it is a fiction. When the criminals are fighting, little eight-bit video game scores appear next to them as they get shot, knifed or hit by a brick. Just at the point where matters grow serious, there is a musical number.

    These efforts are partially successful. It's not clear to me that someone involved in the production wasn't intent on satirically deconstructing the way things work, both in the corrupt real world and in movies. If so, it remains stuck deep in the subtext of the film.

    Some of the jokes worked. Some didn't.
  • vindhyayadav270722 September 2019
    Deserves a star only for Kriti senon. Nothing else in this movie.
  • Just an attempt of a forced comedy... except for 1 or 2 scenes there is nothing else in the movie....
  • ankurprateek14 May 2020
    It's not a movie, it's a music album. Few comic moments which are like advertisment. I wanted to appreciate the actors but they have not acted as the story does not demand acting.
  • Arjun Patiala is overdose of spoof comedy which might make you leave the film half-way through.

    The parody style is gone case, outdated and repeatative.

    All the cast members looks good on screen but hardly gets a chance to present thier acting skills.

    Music and Screenplay are totally dead.

    Direction skills are never seen despite having high production value.

    Overall, Arjun Patiala is a Bad Film or one can say almost a Crap to Skip for so many reasons. Watch it with paracetamol in yr pocket..!!
  • Parodying at its best...watching it again and enjoying it equally
  • anilk0074 October 2019
    Modern and colourful with a reasonable story idea that was taken to extreme stupidity. Even Pankaj Tripathi, Sunny Leone and Kirti Sanon (performing their usual best) could not save this movie. May appeal to some, however, it's not for everyone. Just as well that it was a short movie. Overall=average
  • Not much to say....I was completely put off after 1 hour... can't even finish the film. Such a poor film. No story no acting... everything disgusting. Diljit and kriti should take some other profession rather than acting as they can't act.. .a complete waste of everything
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