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  • As I've said before, if Netflix does anything right, its the Original documentaries and docu-series like Fire Chasers, A Shot In The Dark, and Wormwood. While this isn't as good as those shows, Dirty Money is still a fascinating series about American greed. Each episode tells the story of a different economic/business controversy, from the corruption of VW and other automakers, to big pharma's unethical practices, to HSBC's legendary funneling of billions of dollars worth of Mexican Cartel narcotic money. Each story is gripping from the beginning to the end, each having more global implications than the next.

    While the basic story of each episode is know, it delves deep into the unbelievable evil greed and corruption that it shows to be inherent in our government and our major corporations. Director Alex Gibney puts it all in the open, showing the deceit involved in the global economy, such revelations that have major implications. People have been killed for blowing the whistle on such unethical behavior, and Alex Gibney puts himself on the line to expose the worst practices in our government. Entities like big pharma and the auto industry have been exposed in the worst possible way, I will not look at them the same way.

    I highly recommend this fantastic show.
  • nairamr31 January 2018
    It might have hurt some people sentimental specially episode 1 and confidence man. Which i see clearly from the review. Some people can't accept facts and criticism. Everything gets personal. Why watch a documenty. Why dont you watch some movie? I have seen the complete show and loved every episode except maple syrup.

    Must watch Bank cartel episode.. Banks lobbying exposed which has resulted in Blood (Mexico). I would suggest people who wants to watch; watch with open mind... go for it.. this is for you

    Watch every episode without reservation :)
  • This is an outstanding service to ordinary people. Much of the revelations are known and public knowledge but ordinary people do not know what the big picture looks like. Thank you very much.
  • ssjenkins28 January 2018
    Halfway through watching the series , and it's been very interesting so far . Hope they make a second series .
  • There's a way to make a point about corporate greed and corruption in big business but this isn't it. The bulk of the documentary is decent and well researched but why bring Hitler into it (three times) and only vilify German auto-makers when the investigation has spread beyond that to Fiat-Chrysler, Ford and GM? The message comes through loud and clear enough without resorting to cheap slurs like this. I'm going to have to reassess Gibney's other documentaries in the light of this, which is a shame since I've liked them all so far, but there's no need at all to pile on the anti-German sentiments to such an extent. Be unbiased. Present the facts. Give us enough credit to be able to make up our own minds, Alex.
  • I've only seen the first two (VW & Payday Loans) but it's become obvious that although they are very entertaining....they are not providing ALL the facts in these stories.

    Scott Tucker was painted in a sympathetic light with his kid and wife seeking sympathy from what the evil government did to them and what an honest man Scott is. NO mentioned whatsoever that he had served jail time previously. He had a previous bogus loan scheme previously where he took money from businesses. He plead guilty to two felonies of mail fraud and making a false statement to a bank. Yeah he lied about collateral for a loan because he had sol the car and no longer owned it.

    Come on Netflix! Do a documentary right! Or did he pay these producers too??
  • michal-0770217 February 2018
    This is the world that we live in.

    That's sad.

    Loved every episode except syrup.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Opinion based on episode 1: While the topic is interesting and relevant, this film presents it in a completely one sided view - European car makers. What about all the rest of the car makers, especially the American ones? It seems like this "documentary" has a very clear agenda to harm the European car makers. They bring in Hitler, they talk about polluted air in kindergartens and how European car manufacturers cause deaths (like the Americans and others don't?) - all the classical elements of a negative propaganda. Disappointed in Netflix for allowing to show such biased views.
  • It's become obvious that although they are good to watch ....they are not providing ALL the facts in these stories. Now this what I do not get about doccie film makers like this. He preaches openess and honsoty but he himslef cannot stick not being bias. Bias towards greed or bias towards a certain viewpoint. Do not know which is worse. My kids growing up with bad lungs or bad brains?
  • Yeah, definitely worth the watch - so definitely watch it. Looking forward to the DT episode.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really like how these episodes show the other side of fame and fortune (and the other "costs" that people mostly suspend disbelief about). . .as well as getting into the minds of people that are running these big organization. . .seems that money is way more important than just taking care of people. One of the most telling scenes in one of the episodes was when they ask the president of a company who had an organization that intentionally deceived thousands of consumers and set up intentionally to break the laws - "are you a moral person". . .he takes a long pause and says "I'm a business person" and you can clearly see that he doesn't have the capacity for any sort of empathy towards others. . .a real trip! . . .and yet, that's what society celebrates. . .as long as someone is making money and successful (even if it destroys other people's lives), it must somehow be good. The last episode with Trump is a must watch . . .I am now so much more clear about the man he is ever than before. Keep it up Netflix!
  • Ep.1...Alex Gibney introduces his (past) love for his VW Diesel. In every which way the perfect car for him. It has all the power, the space, the luxury, but none of the negative side effects, so we are told..., since according to the manufacturer...its ultra clean :) Hell, even his wife put a bumper sticker on it with "namasté" :) Now he hates the car !! So much that he needs to tell us how capitalism, consumerism and he feels obliged to warn us about the effects of Corporatism... Really??? No....seriously Alex....really? You and your wife cannot be this naive or plainly dumb ...I have to assume you're simply capitalizing on this issue be which makes you part of the problem.
  • ldrafey27 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Among the best documentaries I've seen over the past decade! Still have only viewed the first few but they are any example, I won't be viewing elsewhere until I have completed the series. I odn't think it will spoil potential viewer's interest to say that the documentary series details inside stories, deep background, documents and interviews of participants on all sides of issues, including the VW scandal, the Payday Loan lenders and so forth. The actual mechanisms that occurred to create the scandalous activities and the enormous energy, complexity and serious funding of the subsequent cover ups are extraordinary and reveal far more than was publicly rendered at the time. How the Payday Loans enabled their CEOs to trample over and utterly destroy the lives of literally thousands of innocent people, all of whom had paid off their loans, only to discover that the payments were being diverted elsewhere and the loans were being continued at ever higher interest rates. I was unable to shed tears when the CEO in charge made virtually the same complaints as his thousands of victims but blamed the government for his ensuing legal and personal problems. The interesting point that I have been forced to consider so far is the denial factor. Denial seems to act like some kind of impenetrable force field, disabling the culprit's (as well as their co-workers, friend's and family member's) ability to comprehend the extraordinary damage they caused, using the weakest and most skewed form of reasoning to form excuses and to say things like "it was just business" ... like "just following orders". We were all so sickened as we witnessed the horrors and ravages perpetrated by the Pay Day folks that we ended up staying up all night trying to make sense of how anyone could possibly defend such actions. I can't say enough how truly fascinating it is to learn the details behind these scandals as well as their ultimate effect on political retaliation taken in 2017 against the same government regulations that had been put into place to successfully stem these activities and had ultimately protected so many citizens not to mention the reaction of the current administration favoring the kind of sick activities perpetrated by these monsters, once more unleashing the horrors that our society had finally managed to rid itself of. The Docs are entirely unbiased and professionally executed, leaving nothing to the imagination other than, perhaps, a consideration of how it is that perfectly ordinary people with otherwise good intentions managed to end up lying to themselves and to create a kind of universal state of deception cloaked in a kind of self-congratulatory goodness and how the ignorance of the masses enabled them to fool so many people, desperate for products that really work, that function as they ought; that don't risk the lives of the users; for a bit of good will to help them out during desperate times, for policies that enable citizens to get on with their productive llives without having to fear the predatory politician or the neighbor next door. This series is education on steroids! A must see for all age groups whose lives are primarily about treading water in this world controlled by wholesale greed, ignorance and insensitivity.
  • No question the corporate greed exposed in episode one was despicable, but to repeatedly compare German auto manufacturers to the Nazis while quietly mentioning Chrysler was engaged in the same behavior was absurd. By the time this "documentary" tried to tie Donald Trump to the scandal (and indirectly the Nazis), the Fonz had already jumped the shark.

    If you are an extreme tinfoil wearing moonbat, you will probably love the racism, hatred, and resentment this series will inspire in you, especially the last episode on how Trump is a scam artist. Anyone to the right of Karl Marx will probably consider the series to be extremely poorly done propaganda.
  • This series goes into some very interesting topics and discusses a lot of current and older events (with the exception of the maple syrup episode). It does a pretty good job of presenting what happened, but rarely why it happened.

    Here's the problem: The series barely scratches the surface of the game played underneath many of these subjects. Particularly when it comes to the US political scene. It goes into things like money laundering, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, the auto industry, the drug war etc. But it only focuses on certain companies and people, while glancing over or never mentioning others in the same sector doing the same kinds of criminal acts. Most importantly, it almost never talks about how politicians are involved in these acts through bribery and corruption.

    My biggest gripe was that in a series of 6 episodes, they decide to do one on... a maple syrup monopoly? Really? We couldn't talk about the Clinton foundation, or the telecom monopoly in the US, or the military industrial complex, or the crazy election finance laws, or seizures of homes, or any of the countless of financial disasters that have been happening in the past 20 years? We had to spend 50 minutes talking about some guys stealing some barrels of maple syrup?
  • The story telling is okay. It is gripping too. But then it would not take you long to understand that this series's ultimate goal is to tarnish European Car Makers and only them. Though the investigation led to so many American car makers wrong doings too. It was just that VW got caught, but in fact every other OEM was doing this too on some scale at different levels. Would recommend to waste your time on something better and unbiased. This is a highly biased series.
  • Well I would like to inform you that this in no way is an unbiased documentary/series. That being said, its not supposed to be, its calling out the corporate greed that exists in our world, if your looking for an objective documentary this isn't what your looking for. This series was supposed to bring the violations of our economic rights to the public eye. I think that this was quite possibly the best documentary I have ever seen.
  • This is simply populism. The converted need more to feed their confirmation bias: yes, the sky is falling. The others will probably steer clear of this one. Meaning mostly good reviews as only true believes will follow it.

    And what is inside? Well, the usual. A shallow take on recent enough events so the audience won't even bother to check by having the fake impression: I know that. And the regular christian mantra: money is from Satan, profit is evil, the pure ones are the ones like you waiting for handouts.
  • I have watched till the HSBC bank episode and I must say this is good work. Definitely a watch
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The second episode is sickening. The guy steals a billion dollars from poor people and they try to make him a sympathetic figure. He creates shell companies based out of indian reservations and then just runs them on US soil saying the do not call list doesn't apply to them because they are owned by a native american. If you are operating on US soil you are subject to their laws. Really complete garbage go watch american greed.
  • Tackling the subjects of economic & social issues in a very high-paced fashion. I loved the selection of subjects, it is a good variety - some political, some medical, some bank & loan stories as well as the food & car/vehicle industry. I must add that I found the food industry one a tad boring and not so interesting as the other ones, but I guess it is ok on its own, however other stories were much stronger and more important in my humble opinion.

    What these series lack is a bit of political unbias and a story about the Clintons - I think both presidential candidates deserve the same type of investigative journalism on their wealth and social and political acquaintances.

  • I begin this docuseries, without great expectations. After I've seen "Evil Genius", I was very disappointed about this type of things. Then, after the first episode of "Dirty Money", I reconsider my own judgement and I loved, pretty much all the episodes, expect the Canadian one. Seriously well done, I hope to see some other masterpiece like this in the future!

    If you're a political junkie and economic addict (or maybe just a smart guy who want to understand something more about the financial system and scandals), that's the right type of show you totally need!
  • I can explain myself an addict documentary films. Actually like a ''Explained'' series i admired. Short and beneficial.

    This series 'Dirty Money' also very benifical because it is very bad. Yes, sometimes you can get more thing from bad thing according to good.

    i just give two examples. For example about Wolkswage. For just pure criticize WV they started history from Hitler and then like something bad imply chairman had twelve children (i do not understand. So have i 12 children is it a shame)

    and last example about Trump.Trump's worker criticize his business knowledge. I am sorry but if he was so bad why he was your boss not your workers. If he was so bad why he is so rich but you.

    This series like old propaganda movies. One of the most bias series i ever seen.
  • Up until the last (the heralded 'DT') episode, this series is a compelling look into the world of hard-nosed business practices and their consequences. Skirting the edge of the law, or all-out breaking it, the companies featured are hauled over the coals and brought to shame. All very compelling until the last episode, featuring Donald Trump. If you're an avowed Trump hater, this episode will have you cooking up popcorn and nodding sagely at the "revelations" that are cranked out. As an impartial viewer, my first thought was "this episode is not like the others". It was basically a hit piece, going over a few less than salubrious projects he'd engaged in, and wheeling out dusty contractors who hadn't been paid in full, along with a slightly odd ex-employee who provided the bulk of the talking head content, clearly with an axe to grind. So basically, a long, elaborate buildup of sleazy context, all to shed doubt on their bogeyman. Sad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is my first time watching a series on documentaries.I'd say definitely entertaining. Don't think of it as routine documentaries.This series from Netflix is worth to watch and is different from all the other boring documentaries. I have just completed two episodes where scandals of Volkswagen and Scott tucker's payday loan companies were focussed on. It clearly implies why rich get richer and poor get poorer.The first episode is about how Volkswagen used cheat device to show correct emission standards in a laboratory where in real life it releases 40times more pollutants. In the second episode ,Scott tucker owns a payday online loan company which provides loans with high interest rates targets mainly poor people and make huge amount of 500milion USD..
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