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  • A Great TV Series. Ben Diskin Nailed It.

    A young boy and his robot bearing cars face off in this incredible animated television series with wonderful animation.

    Also on a side note Ben Diskin (Famed Voice Actor) who plays a dubbed character voice in the show brings his A-Game all the time he's a Great voice actor and I'm glad he's In the show.

    Now it's my turn Jason 😎
  • WeAreLive22 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well since nobody has reviewed this yet I think I will go first. Right, so Mecard is about a young boy by the name of Jason who attends an average elementary but one day a he hears a rumour going around of these mysterious toy cars driving by themselves so him and his friends decide to go look for one.

    They also meet a young and somewhat beautiful young girl by the name of Isobelle who seems to know more about them and she is not from earth but instead a faction called Blue Hall who want to keep the mecardables safe and locked up. On the same night Jason discovers a blue racing car with a robotic voice by the name of Jason and he agrees to help him find his long lost brother Tanatos.

    It is a pretty good show for kids but some episode can be a bit too moronic, stupid or retard but luckily most of them are good and the series actually has plot development and character depth.

    Despite it's kiddy humour it does have good or sympathetic moments where you actually feel bad for the characters and lessons or morals at the end of each episode.

    If you want to watch this show all of season 1 is available on YouTube.