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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've read all types of synopsis of this drama from various links. And I'm sure it is kinda misleading. Why? Because it doesn't center on the female lead. It centers mostly on the princes and their rivalry. Prince Lee Kang has wanted to become king even before he met Ja Hyeon. It's just that his urge of claiming that woman his is getting stronger after he become the king, when he thought he have all the world in his hand.

    It does, focus a lot at the beautiful love of Prince Lee Hwi and Lady Ja Hyeon. The synopsis that said the lady is the most beautiful woman in entire Joseon and has so many suitors lining up for her hand-in-marriage is also not entirely true. She is pretty, yes. That's why both the princes are madly in love with her, one with obsession, and one with sincerity. But she's extraordinarily pretty only in both of the men's hearts and about all the suitors, it's not true lol.

    Overall, I just want to say the synopsis don't do this drama justice. It focuses a lot in power and politics too. And I don't think the ending is rushed. I can expect what the ending would be so I'm not entirely disappointed. Some parts can make you cry a river. And I really enjoy the intense love of the leads.

  • The Grand Prince had a rather boring synopsis that really didn't do it justice. The drama is very intense, with a nice love triangle, tragic characters, action scenes that will keep you entertained till the end, and power conspiracies. I loved the main couple. They had chemistry and their love story was nice and interesting, even though it started very quickly and it didn't have time to built up. The second lead was an interesting character as well, the opposite of the main lead, dark and violent. I liked how he was the perfect opposition to the love triangle and how tragic his persona was. The drama did, however, get a bit tiring, with the many many action scenes and twists. But, it was entertaining nevertheless. So, 8 out of 10.
  • Terrible! nothing in it except for some romance. Avoid this at all costs, or, if you wanna be educated what bad dramas are like go ahead.