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  • ops-5253527 November 2019
    With a 90 page script written in 2 days, with the most basic equipment and finances this is a very well made and acted movie.

    its a robbery gone wrong, and they need to hide away, ending up in an offseason coast town at a motel, where strange things starts to evolve, and what seems to me as a ptsd psychosis, starts to rumble the minds of the two culprits.

    its a small cast movie, with a story that entangles more than one level of human existence, and the two main actors gives a very reliable performance.though the end of the story are in a blur, its somehow interpretable through the way its built up.

    the grumpy old man gives a 6, acknowledging the score for the extra suspence, and recommends.
  • If you like David Lynch and Fincher, you will like Kevin Barry. Among them is an experimental experience, Combining thriller smarts and scary suspense, this thriller sees Kevin Barry deliver a heady dose of paranoia and some jolting shots of movie violence.
  • This is the type of film that makes you think and keeps you wondering about the characters and the story. A lot is left intentionally unexplained, letting you come to your own conclusion. Many shots in critical action scenes are also intentionally left out, causing you to fill in the blanks with your own imagination. This movie will challenge your mind. It was excellent.