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  • jamarconlexi5 December 2018
    I've read most of these reviews say the show is racist when there is a difference in stereotyping and racist. It's a great mash up of two different stereotype worlds. Also it's a comedy people put yourself aside! I've actually met people like both families. If it were the other way around it still would be funny. Its suppose to be about two different families from two different cultures becoming friends.
  • samm-833-3402831 November 2018
    I am so surprised by all of the negative comments and bad reviews. I absolutely love love the show. It is definitely a fun, light hearted show that takes 30 minutes and let's me laugh out loud! Cedric is hilarious and the cast of Mr. And Mrs. Johnson are great! About time that there is a fun family show and not another violent drama.
  • How are shows with laugh tracks still being made. It was old in 1993. The fact that anyone wastes their time watching this show is shocking to me.
  • eddy_barreda2 October 2018
    The concept is interesting, but the writing? I felt like i was at a corporate 'tolerance & diversity' training, minus the donuts and coffee.
  • Just bad writing and not funny. The laugh track is used every 5 seconds. They need to cancel the show. I don't think rascim is funny at all. If the roles were reversed there would be riots because of this show.
  • And it failed to meet them all. I had hopes for a Cedric comedy being funny but this was just bad. I understood the concept but it was poorly executed. I am not even going to give this another shot.
  • This show had the feel of a 15-year old trying to write his first high school drama class comedy. It 's a shame that it seemed so one-dimensional, because this could have been a good opportunity to have clever, adult-level, comedic, as well as quality, dialogue regarding a variety of social issues.
  • Firstly, how is this show starting it's 3rd season when it should have been cancelled after the pilot. It's typical white people bashing over and over with plenty of added laugh track chuckles to make sure the audience knows it's supposed to be funny. It's not. None of my friends find any of this type of humor funny,even my black friends. What would you even say at the water cooler the next day after watching? Did you love the 3rd or the 4th racist joke better?
  • jjcurrence8 October 2018
    Besides the tired white boy jokes, the show is just really boring and stupid.
  • ninilynch29 January 2020
    Where do I start?

    First, the writing is terrible and feels like a school play.

    Second, the actors are okay but the line delivery seems forced and...

    Third, there's no laughs. No laughs at all. I had to double check if this was supposed to be a comedy or not. It's tragic. I'm just surprised it went on for a second season. It's not good
  • Tried watching this show, tried giving it a try but it's not a very good show. "Black people aren't racist, they are racial". Seriously? This show isn't going to last more than one season. I feel it's"funny" bits are stale. Not going to waist my time watching this show anymore.
  • It starts and ends with lazy stereotyping and I'm disappointed because they're squandering the opportunity to provide a fun show. I'm stunned at the dumb writing! Why?! It's almost like a parody of a parody and I don't understand how they couldn't see this before it was given the go ahead. Please take this back to the drawing board and paint a new picture.
  • Watched it because of the cast but was very disappointed with the premise and writing. The laughtrack to make it clear whatever happening is supposed to be funny makes it even less funny.

    I'm not sure how this can survive a full season, it was uncomfortable to watch this train wreck.
  • sacatering2 October 2018
    It may be a good show but the over use of the laugh track interferes with listening to the dialogue. It has good television personalities and even a good subject matter. This could be a non exploitation show. A show that shows people as people. But they do not trust the natural reactions of the audience in and out of the studio. Television executives should trust us to know what is funny and what is just stupid.
  • After 2 segments, I still haven't heard anything that even made me chuckle. I'll watch the rest of it, but I'm afraid I'm just wasting my time. I predict this show won't make it thru a full season.
  • I couldn't even sit through the first episode. It seemed to have a funny premise, but it just fell flat like it was trying too hard.
  • Wow! If the roles were reversed and the black family were subjected to the racism that the White family had to endure, this show would not have been broadcast. And if it were, there would have been screaming and crying about how racist it was. However, in this politically correct environment, it is okay to stereotype White people and, use those stereotypes to make racist comments.

    Beyond that, the show isn't even funny. The jokes are old and predictable. The acting is marginal. I saw about three short segments where there was actually any real humor, and funny enough, they involved the one Black son who was the only non-racist Black person in the show.

    This show does not deserve to survive past the mid-season.
  • amdaly-698462 October 2018
    This is basically an exact copy of the very racist, love thy neighbour, a 1970s UK sitcom. In that, a lovely black couple move into a white area next to a racist white guy and his wife. This is the other way around but basically the same thing. Watching the 1970s show now is really uncomfortable. Yet this is allowed as it's the other way around. The most racist show I've seen in a long time, it should not be allowed.
  • fayemiller-204993 November 2020
    The show wouldn't be as bad (and it's pretty bad) without Behrs' over-acting EVERYTHING. It's so annoying and she really needs to dial it back a notch. Also, the show has very few laughs, if any, they get snickers or little chuckles. That's it. Skip this show in my opinion.
  • Cj-Oz16 September 2020
    This is the sort of, white people be like this & black people be like this "comedy" that would have been outdated in the mid 90's 😴
  • straussfam2 October 2018
    I was excited to watch this show due to the cast. But I am disappointed that this show is glorifying racism. It's not funny in any way.
  • ownstylzz8 October 2018
    We are dealing with so much now being AAF we do not have time to reverse the roles, we need to erase the roles of racism. I was hugely disappointed that legends like Tichina Arnold and Cedrick the Entertainer would participate in such a project. They are held to higher standards than this. I believe the writers should rewrite and revamp the vision initial introduction of this series.
  • When I saw the cast I was super excited for the CBS Monday night lineup to begin. Within 15 minutes I'm saying what is this crap. Huge disappointment. Bring back Kevin can wait and 2 Broke Girls
  • I think a lot of people are missing the point of this show, that despite the cultural differences between black and white people at the end of the day we all want the same thing, the best for our families. It is done with humour and intelligence and quite frankly I'm glad to see it on TV. The juxtaposition of Cedric and Max's tense relationship against Tichina and Beth's open relationship is great. I especially liked the second episode where the different approaches to child rearing were depicted. It showed that sometimes a different approach is needed in order to get the best out of your child.
  • Another show making fun of "white" people and their stereotypes.

    It's 2018 and tv execs revert back to racism for laughs.
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