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  • atlasmb9 November 2018
    This series is not called "The Neighbors" because the emphasis is not on the neighbors themselves or on being neighborly. "The Neighborhood" is about a black neighborhood where a fish-out-of-water white couple, The Johnsons, move. Next door are Calvin and Tina, a black couple who are surprised when the Johnsons move into their neighborhood.

    "All in the Family" had its Archie Bunker and "The Neighborhood" has its Calvin---like Archie, a man comfortable with his own racial stereotypes. When George Jefferson interacted with Archie, he gave as good as he got, but when Dave Johnson interacts with Calvin, Dave constantly feels the need to apologize. Is this how little we have progressed in the last 47 years?

    Eventually there was a spin-off of "The Jeffersons". It is difficult to image a spin-off of "The Johnsons".

    I think it helped that Archie lived in what seemed to be an ethnically diverse blue-collar neighborhood, where he was out of step with everyone else. Calvin lives in a neighborhood without diversity. Fortunately, Calvin has his own "Meathead", his son who, as a member of the younger generation, can maybe challenge some of Calvin's groundless assertions.
  • The Good >>> Cedric the Entertainer and Tichina Arnold who play husband Calvin and wife Tina have great on screen chemistry. They are both natural as parents of an adult son and confident in their relationship.

    The Bad >>> Max Greenfield and Beth Behrs may have moved in to "The Neighborhood" but only after both of their former sitcoms were abruptly cancelled. That should be your first indicator that their line delivery is suspect and they have absolutely NO on screen chemistry as husband and wife of a young son.

    The Ugly >>> I just hate canned laughter. It's as if the producers are telling their audience "okay, you are supposed to be laughing now". This sitcom won't last a full season with Max Greenfield and Beth Behrs as the so-called TV stars. As that old saying goes, "there goes the neighborhood".

    My Wish >>> I hope the producers allow for a spin off sitcom concentrating all of the sitcoms content on the great on screen chemistry of Cedric the Entertainer and Tichina Arnold. Now that would be well worth watching.
  • Firstly, how is this show starting it's 3rd season when it should have been cancelled after the pilot. It's typical white people bashing over and over with plenty of added laugh track chuckles to make sure the audience knows it's supposed to be funny. It's not. None of my friends find any of this type of humor funny,even my black friends. What would you even say at the water cooler the next day after watching? Did you love the 3rd or the 4th racist joke better?
  • I really like this show; all the characters are funny and they have a good chemistry. In my opinion this show is better than these last seasons of Black-ish and all of its spin-off shows.
  • myronlearn23 November 2020
    The worst of the worst. Bottom of the barrel. That's the best I can say about this LaLa land piece of garbage. Look to see what's on opposite of this monstrosity. Don't waste your time.
  • myronlearn2 March 2021
    Midwesterners resettle in non-edgy, boring LA, of all places. How original! That's the premise of this piece of junk. Not funny at all. They even overdo it with the laugh track too. Don't waste your time! You'll never get it back.
  • teebear81723 May 2020
    I just cancelled CBS all Access. I heard the Neighborhod is going Woke and celebrating BLM and continuing its anti white campaining. You lost a viewer.
  • Just binge watched all 3 of the first 3 episodes and I am hooked, episode 3 being better than the first two, as with any new show it gets better with time. This show is funny and I really love Max Greenfield and he's easy on the eyes. I love both sets of families and I look forward to many more episodes of this awesome show.
  • It is obvious that most of the reviewers so far on this forum only watched 10 minutes of the first episode. There are 4 episodes out there now and it is a decent sitcom. The laugh track is the biggest problem with this show, makes it hard to watch. Why even need this anymore, in 2018? The best sitcoms out there right now have no fake audience laughing at every single word like this one. The actors in this sitcom are all good. Take out the laugh track, hire a few better writers, and keep it going. Good sitcoms have been hard to find for years now, it is refreshing that there are a few out there now.
  • Here we go again another TV show trying to examine racial relationships where the black guy is an Archie Bunker and the white guy is an idiot. All this show is an attempt to be funny but actually ends up being offensive and amateurish at the same time. Awful show.
  • I really like all the members of the black family. They are terrific actors with great natural actions and timing. The white family, on the other hand, is made up of actors who think comedy is loud and physical, even when neither is appropriate.

    I hated 2 Broke Girls. I thought Beth Behrs was terrible in that, too. I couldn't stand to watch it. She acts exactly the same in The Neighorhood, sorry to say. And Max Greenfield and Hank Greenspan must have gone to the same awful acting school. Time for the white folk to move out of the neighborhood and a family of good white comics to move in!
  • I dont know. Personally, it comes off VERY generic. Very uninspired by anything genuine or authentic. They try to tackle huge issues. Just feels like everybody associated. Is very out of touch. With anything there talking about. Which kind of under minds the issues. Which is a rather big issue itself! I dont think shows like this. Are helping anything. If anything it just makes it worse. By bringing up the issues. With no real answers or perspective. Cant see this pandering to more then a out of touch audience. The big issues and lack of writing ability. Make it pretty unfunny. Having the lack of acting power on set doesnt help. Def a show I wouldnt miss. Surprised it made it a second season. But crazy times call for crazy shows that make little sense I guess. As long as people are laughing and not fighting. I suppose thats positive.
  • Guys look, they are black and white getting along, guys guys OMG guys.

    The show is painfully stupid and very much unrealistic in the sense white neighbors and black are impossible up till this show, showed up. Not to mention hollywood thinks anything diversion makes it good.
  • For me, The Neighborhood is one of the most hit & miss shows in recent times. It started badly and took quite a few episodes to find its groove, but for every decent episode there are absolute stinkers.

    To be honest they should have just set it exclusively around the black family, they have good chemistry together and are fun to watch. The white couple are completely obnoxious, so aggressively "progressive" they are absolutely insufferable. Their equally obnoxious child "Grover" is one of those precocious sitcom kids we all got sick of twenty years ago. His mother is so obnoxious she even has a sandpit in her classroom called "The Zen Garden" where you're meant to rake your way to happiness. I wish somebody would bury her in it up to her neck and unleash the fire ants. The less said about his emasculated father the better. The writers should have written a young school age child for the black family to interact with Gormless Grover, because his interactions with the black family's two adult sons are painful.

    The laugh track is unforgivable, the "audience" are absolutely howling at every single sentence the characters utter. It's a shame because the show has potential, but I can't see this lasting beyond 2 or possibly 3 seasons, unless they improve the writing dramatically and tone down that terrible white family.
  • I'll repeat what others have said. Racism and white jokes aren't going to cut it for me. We were so excited to see Cedric and this is such a let down. Lazy writers - not funny at all.
  • degaswilson4 October 2018
    Good season episode.

    Very good.

    Current and to the point.

    Yes. ..
  • mlhare22 November 2019
    I really do like this show so far but the white guy is so far off the spectrum. I dont understand how it is okay to view white people like this. His heart is in the right place and i like how they all mesh but everytime he makes an akward statement the "neighbour" gets his back up and takes offence instead of taking it for what it is. Sad this is now the way of the world. People need to be more accepting of all people, even the white ones. I will continue to watch.
  • This is a typical western series post 2017. I find it comical but thats because i dont do this identity politics crap and i dont get offended at anything. But if this is where tv shows are heading then i dont think its acceptable. (Keeping my language clean for the PC internet)

    Serioulsy though, this is a show that somehow makes the white person feel like they are racist, but its actually the opposite. I was 7 mins into the first episode, and i mean 7 mins, and its actually racist towards white people.... this crap with white being racist is getting ridiculous now. Its clearly OK to be racist against white people is what this show portrays. Please watch for yourselves.
  • Wow! If the roles were reversed and the black family were subjected to the racism that the White family had to endure, this show would not have been broadcast. And if it were, there would have been screaming and crying about how racist it was. However, in this politically correct environment, it is okay to stereotype White people and, use those stereotypes to make racist comments.

    Beyond that, the show isn't even funny. The jokes are old and predictable. The acting is marginal. I saw about three short segments where there was actually any real humor, and funny enough, they involved the one Black son who was the only non-racist Black person in the show.

    This show does not deserve to survive past the mid-season.
  • The Neighborhood was not as funny as I was expecting, but it had its moments, and it has the potential to get better. The actor playing Cedric the Entertainer's oldest son looks old enough to be his brother, so the casting could have been better in that respect. Frankly, it reminds me of a version of Blackish or The Jeffersons (George vs. the Willises), but I that's okay. And the show has gotten better.

    If I was to make changes, I would have made the oldest son Calvin's son, and I would not have given Dave and Jemma a child. I'm sorry, but the kid is a really bad actor, even for kid standards, but I also do not think that children are entertaining in sitcoms at all. They're just a lazy grab at the cute factor which is never enough to make me watch anything.
  • I made it 15 minutes into episode 1. It was just so so bad
  • ablondmoment26 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is not even funny. I had it on my DVR gave it a chance its just unwatchable. I thought it was going to be funny but it just falls flat. It is off my DVR now. It is so racist against white people. When did this become Okay?
  • Now, after season 2, with a HUGELY annoying laugh track implemented, laughing hysterically at things that barely makes you smile, it has dropped to a 3, and I will not be wasting my time on season 3.

    A shame really, because it is a very talented cast, but the direction and production lets it down, and the writing has gotten lazy, with zero character development.

    It's now like a bad parody of an 80s sitcom - without the parody:being intended :(
  • kager-693104 February 2020
    The concept is definitely there; black man gets quirky friendly white neighbour thats eager to become friends black man shows contempt towards him at the beginning and gradually they learn to get along, throw in a couple jokes about race and thats the show for ya. My problem lies with the script not suiting the actors, it makes the acting very placid and difficult to watch, sure you get whats going on and a point is made however, its not entertaining, sure cedrics a bit funny sometimes but he's also bad at acting out the serious scenes and comes across mildly sarcastic at those times. watch something like seinfeld better use of time
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