After the pilot filmed, CBS recast two lead roles for the series order. Beth Behrs replaced Dreama Walker and Max Greenfield replaced Josh Lawson.

Sheaun McKinney, who plays the son of Tichina Arnold, is only 12 years younger than her.

When Tina (Tichina Arnold) scolds her son Marty (Marcel Spears) on the s1ep9 show, it's revealed that his full name is Martin Lawrence Butler. Arnold co-starred on the show Martin (1992) with Martin Lawrence.

Both Beth Behrs and Max Greenfield appeared together as a couple as well in "Hello, My Name Is Doris" (2015).

After the pilot episode, all episode names start with "Welcome to (the)..."

Gemma (Beth Behrs) has a younger sister Brittany (Deborah Baker jr). But in real life Deborah Baker is 3 years older than Beth.

Despite playing a white, Christian character, Max Greenfield is Jewish.

Beth Behrs and Cedric The Entertainer have both appeared in 2 Broke Girls. Beth Behrs played Caroline Channing and Cedric played Darius the Hilarious.