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  • amraamx5 November 2019
    First of all i think there's too many negative reviews the show is just starting the idea is promising and has a lot of potential i can understand that some people can't swallow the dynamics of blind world but you can't unveil all the series mysteries in 3 episodes give it time and it can develop into a great show i would rather watch a series with a good start and then develop into an epic ending rather than starting with a great pilot then 8 season later ends in a disaster
  • g_hannum5 November 2019
    Almost passed this up because of all the bad reviews, glad I didn't, this is a pretty good fantasy series, through 3 episodes anyway, everyone taking it way too serious, just enjoy the world they have created.

    and if humans were blind for several thousand years, they would adapt,
  • People are blind but women still have the need to wear makeup, bride hair, put decorations on clothes and head. Go figure...
  • amoldavid672 December 2019
    I'm lost in it ,loved it so much. It's mind blowing
  • Not bad for a fantasy show. It's just... the world makes no sense. No sense at all. I actually liked the first episode, like the action sequences, the sets, the costumes... it looks really good. And then the show reminds you that they are all blind and have been for generations and you ask yourself, how did they build this, why do they wear clothes just like we do, why does it all look so much like things you know just with a rope for guidance... how do they gather food, hunt, weave clothes... why is there any decorative jewelry... why is sight viewed as dangerous... why why why

    I don't mean to be nitpicky. The idea of a world of blind people is very intriguing and I was very interested what they would make of it. But the show would really have benefitted from some experts in culture, anthropology and history. The way they made the world makes me scratch my head too much to really enjoy it.

    If you can ignore the holes in the worldbuilding, this isn't a bad show. Not at all.

    But I can't ignore them, so this gets a 4/10.
  • People already judging this show before it even explains everything. well to me it seems people are very fkn annoyed that these people have been blind for a long time and most people adapt to their environment. I honestly have no idea either but so far the story itself is getting very good. Give it a go u won't regret it.
  • What a great show, sure enough other critics have said how do they navigate while being blind and not accidentally attack their tribe but in all sense as humans it's amazing how we can adapt to our environment in saying that it is a t.v. show, very entertaining, something I've been waiting for, for along time! It started great! just finishing episode 3 it just keeps getting better! I just hope it continues to get good ratings. I would be devastated if it gets cancelled early and not get the chance to develop and show it's true potential as a t.v. show!
  • This is just a TV show not a factual future style documentary, its just entertainment people. You really think transformers, light sabres and those cars in too fast too furious all work like that in real life? Yes, a lot of this doesn't make sense and is kind of annoying in parts, and yes, I agree the emphasis on their blindness should have been less hollywood and more realistic like Birdbox. If this would have been the case i would have given it 9 or even 10, but i only seen 2 episodes so far.

    Photography is amazing, so are the detailed costumes and the performances seem good even though this is a stereotypical Jason M role, but you know what it suits him, just like Khal Drogo character.

    Just so to make things clear, blind doesn't normally mean 100 % blackness. it often is a case of people seeing dark shapes and silhouettes instead of complete darkness, this could explain some if it, but just enjoy it everybody. Avengers are not real either just so you all know.
  • doubleivan25 November 2019
    The majority of negative reviews here are dated just after the pilot episode and are, therefore, underinformed, even ignorant. I am behind, only on episode 4, and the tension is incredible. After generations of blindness, of course humankind would have adapted to a culture of sound and tactility, and this explains the exceptional senses the characters have. The choreography in this regard is wonderful, the violence meted out in full contact amid signalling with clicks and grunts, while Momoa is glorious to watch. Indeed, the characters can be irrational, but that is due to a return to Dark Age mentality of superstition and fear. Is it so far from our current era? I encourage viewers to stay with it, and be rewarded.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This review is based on the first 3 episodes. I honestly don't even know where to start. The confusion this show has induced is keeping me awake and thinking for all the wrong reasons. Nothing about this world makes sense. There are many confusing and nonsensical aspects of this world but I am just going to mention a few. What motivation do these people have to fight? With a worldwide population of under 2 million, resources wouldn't be an issue, so why fight? Why would sight be seen as threatening? Why do they live in the wilderness and not in the suburbs of empty cities? They don't seem to grow any crops. How do they find food? How can you hunt without sight? Why aren't there more guide dogs? In a world largely free of humans why aren't there more predators, how have they even managed to survive? How do they measure time? How much has the population grown, if at all, over the centuries?

    Myths and legends are created by people to help them explain things they don't understand. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that people wouldn't know that the sun and moon exist, that they wouldn't have a basic understanding of genetics, etc.

    What this show needed/needs is consultation with anthropologists so that the show creators understand how culture works....also saying society reverts to a "primitive" stage as though the previous several thousand years never happened is just ridiculous and borderline insulting. There minimally needs to be a lot more background for the motivations behind how and why society is the way it is in this world.

    I really wanted to like this show but I just can't. I reckon Steven Knight needs to stick to fictional worlds in the past - Taboo and Peaky Blinders are phenomenal, See..not so much.

    Also....why on earth bother with the hassle of war paint or "shadow" paint if nobody can even see you? Was the body paint to hide body odor? The scarification makes sense in that it can be read through touch, but not the body paint. How are they all so freaking clean and well put together? How do they make weaved WHITE fabric? Why on earth do they act like they've never felt or smelled earth when they arrive at their new "home"? Because there aren't trees? The questions will never end....
  • kristi237416 December 2019
    I really tried to like this show, but it just does not make any sense. The queen's high pitched voice did me in on the last episode too. I just stopped watching halfway through. I cannot dedicate one more min to this garbage. Holler at ya!
  • darkusss3 November 2019
    It's really hard to watch how such a promising show can be ruined by a dumb and unbelievable story. Don't get me wrong, this show does a lot right. Beautiful world, outstanding actors, costumes, but all that is ruined by the story that doesn't make any sense.

    Someone already mentioned few valid points this show will probably never be able to answer, like how they build? Why they wear clothes and jewelry? How they move through deep forest without sight so fast? during the fight how they differentiate ally from foe?

    Even if you have outstanding senses, without being able to see there isn't much you can do, especially move and fight in a really thick forest. Just take for an example any of the blind animal species.

    A lot better idea, which could save this show, would be partial blindness instead of a total one. It just looks stupid and it's really insulting people's intelligence.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This series is really nicely shot, with some stunning landscapes. The cinematographer should be commended and for this I give it 1 extra star.

    I have read and watched many (many!) fantasy stories and while some have obvious inconsistencies and plot holes that are to a greater or lesser degree forgiveable, the whole premise of this series is so flawed as to make suspension of disbelief impossible.

    Nothing in this world of blind people makes any sense.

    How can it be that there are 'guide ropes' in the villiage (that are only used once) and to go into a cave (that are used every time they enter or leave) but they are otherwise able to stride around the countryside confidently, climb ladders and even fight without them?

    Why would they end up living up a mountain? Surely civilisation would gather in more temperate climates where food was easier to cultivate...talking of which, what do they eat? No meat ovbiously (but I would like to see them try to catch a rabbit!) but how do they even farm?

    How on earth can a person who is blind from birth, born to generations of blind ancestors, learn falconry? Think about it for a moment...

    It's so mixed-up, sometimes you think "yeah, if this was the first generation of blind people that might be OK" and other times it's "well, maybe if enough time had passed they'd learn that".

    I could go on, but suffice it to say that there are so, so many problems that I just can't accept that such a civilisation could exist.

    Added to that there are also many performance and production mistakes (people hand objects to each other directly, pick things up, dress in matching colours etc) that jar you out of the world too.
  • This starts out excellent then gets worse every episode after that (even the ep. Ratings go down on imdb). It just moves to fast, plot and characters have no time to develop. Here one minute, gone the next with no time to care about any of it. The two main characters are obnoxious and whiny all the time. The season finale is a whole seasons main plot wrapped up and thrown away, where it should have been the whole next season. Do we care? Let's see. No. No we don't.
  • s32761693 November 2019
    I don't see it. A flawed premise made worse by a half baked tribal drama. Its the braille version of the Flintstones. Starting off with a cheesy Haka that no self respecting All Black would approve of.

    The whole thing is so preposterous it simply falls flat. Its not a failing of cast or setting, both of which are well chosen. The core premise just doesn't work. How do blind people wage war and build a society like this? No offence mean't but it simply asks the viewer to accept too much.

    All in all, in my estimation some ideas should not see the light of day and this is one of them. 5/10.
  • somzer2 November 2019
    "Suspension of belief" is not an excuse you can use to explain all nonsense, it's about accepting the unreal elements for the sake of entertainment. Sounds in space, throwing fireballs, or dinosaurs wearing human disguise, sure, people will accept it, but then you still ought to present a reasonable, coherent story.

    "See" is built entirely on the foundation of "suspension of disbelief", but its architect is about as qualified as a drunken toddler is to propose laws, seeing as the finished product demands far, far more than that.

    It requires the total suspension of reason.

    Here, suspension of disbelief would be accepting a virus left only a fraction of the population alive, but left them blind. A post-apocalyptic setting.

    Yet what you need to do here is accept these blind people regressed back to bronze age, where over 99.9% of the knowledge we have today is either less than a myth, or forgotten completely. It's a world where people don't even believe in the Sun, moon or stars, and indeed, where "sight" is a concept regarded as ridiculous (aside from being heretical warranting immediate execution in the name of "God").

    You must accept that here is a world where small bands of tribal savages live in the wilderness, but you also have to accept their fabulous makeup, their well-done hairstyles, their stylish clothing and their fancy accessories. Why any of that is necessary - or even possible - when none of them can see, I don't know, but then again, nor does the writer so who are you to judge!

    "But where are the cities?" you may wonder, and the answer is: They're in the bank because post-apocalyptic city shots are way too expensive and totally unnecessary in a post-apocalyptic series anyway.

    Accept is that all the "blind things" shown, such as heightened hearing and smelling, and accept they use tools to detect objects in their path like the blind would, and then accept that they can fight like people who clearly see the blows coming and dodge them casually while retaliating with precision, and accept that even though their other senses are unrealistically heightened to the point they can hear a horse breathe normally from miles' distance, the same people can still be sneaked up on with ease by a heavily armored foot soldier, when the plot so demands it.

    "Consistency? Reason? What's that?" -asked the writer before he resumed fantasising about his dashing, butchering knife waving, blind martial artists putting on their scary warpaint sensually before the grand battle over their prized berry bushes.

    If that all doesn't sound too bad and you want to give it a shot, prepare to vacate your mind of all thoughts and watch it as you are supposed to: Drooling.
  • chad_7772 November 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    So many holes in this story!

    Why use BLINDNESS as their crutch then make them all into warriors who have incredible fighting skills and reaction times of a predator as if they can see? Just doesn't make sense?

    Shouldn't there be some type of backstory to explain their ability to perform at their level?

    If they can not see, how do they know not to walk into all those trees? Why are they wearing face paint? For the cooling affect? I mean, no one can SEE the face paint!

    If they were to get rid of the blindness or turn it into another sight issue, maybe it would of been a bit more believable!

    The Marvel and DC worlds spent countless hours explaining their characters and back stories! It would of been easier to follow, if the writers and producers would of considered this.

    One minute they are feeling around to walk through the forest. The next minute, they are engaging in a battle, swinging their weapons at their enemy, dodging their attacks and not accidentally killing their own clansmen. As if they could see everything. Just not believable!

    Maybe we need to close our eyes to watch when we listen to the series?

    I find it hard to believe this series can hold the attention of Apple fans for more than the length of the "free one year subscription."

    As far as APPLE TV + content... 10 series will only take a few days to get through. They need to provide more content to keep their customers engaged. They need to find thousands of hours of choices to entertain us if they are going to keep us!
  • It's too early to rate the movie as i have just seen the first episode , the world they created in that serie is so perfect , the cinematography is ecxellent , i enjoyed the first episode i really did ,the story is amazing and the acting is good but i think there some plot holes and i think the idea of the film would ruin everything in this serie , i mean think about it , it's fantasy we get that but still it should make some sense , like while you watching at some point you get the feeling that they are not blind , like when they are fighting , how can you inticipate movement of the one you fighting against , and the clothes they wearing , how can blind person make those clothes , yeah i can understand that maybe and only maybe this community they were blinds for decades and because of that they were able to devolop other abilities like smelling and hearing but still there some flaws ,but i do suggest you watch it it's worth watching and next episodes will show us that it's a good serie or not
  • smecara0117 December 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers warning! So they can't see and can fight in forest without missing anyone but cant hear metal leathers that hit the rocks trough enemy climbs? They developed hearing abilities where they can hear how many horses are on 500 m, but when people whisper 5 m away they cant hear that. They can fight in forest but when they coming back home they have to test ground? People with vision have to hide from them when In reality one person can kill all of them... Mamoa fights with a grizzly bear with small knife while being blind???? and than other guy comes and kill that bear with one arrow???...IN WHAT WORLD THIS WRITERS LIVE??? They walk trough forest and blind man leading those with vision??? Fight: Mamoa vs Jaramalelelelele (what ever), Guy with vision hits the shelves and Mamoa goes after them. In reality it would be like that, he could play whit him that easy, but this series it works only one time apparently. For Mamoa it's easier to fight bear than this Jaralalalalalamamalalala... This series was dead as soon they decide to make them all blind...
  • Rastarr6 November 2019
    Well the premise sounds good. in reality, if you're going to make the entire world's population blind then do something outside the box than to use the tired old 'warrior in post apocalyptic world' theme. Blind people wielding sharp axes in close proximity is dangerous to their friends. I couldn't finish the 1st episode.
  • I ll give it a chance, but i dont see how this would work; there would be a lot of "sorry" on that battle of blinds; every 2 min someone would accidentally chop off their friend's arm and would be like "sorry, my bad!"
  • Why are people complaining about them wearing clothes?? We don't wear clothes only for decoration it protects us from cold, bugs and various other things. People were turned blind by the virus so there would be no point for them to throw there clothes suddenly because now they can't see each others and they would surely passed down the art of making clothes or any other survival knowledge to their defendants.
  • Big budget, good cast - Momoa doing his usual modern day impression of Arnold still works, like in GoT and the much underrated Frontier.

    But after episode 2 I have to give up on it......... the writing is simply too dumb.

    We are supposedly in a post-apocalyptic world, where humans have lived without sight for centuries, and yet the writers chose to drop a line like "God sees everything, and if he does not, I will" into the script.

    Or a queen who gathers her blind subjects for a big speech, and starts it with: "BEHOLD!".

    I mean, I know we live in the era of Trump, but come on, a bit of thought put into the words your actors are saying, would be rather nice.
  • mooniyas28 November 2019
    I'm finding it more interesting with each show, pleasantly surprised.
  • simsalabeem3 November 2019
    It's the cringiest series I've seen this year, yet it had 8.2 when I watched the first episode. A world of blind people, yet they look and focus on objects lmao. Cringeworthy fights, when they fight they automatically knows where each opponent is or where the opponent will strike. Goes into power-ranger stances and crap. Lmao.

    I really dont know how it got to 8 star seriously, can be no other way. As another review said; the ones who votes 10 has to be blind!
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