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  • pticki9388214 January 2020
    I just watched the ghost on the bridge and was pleased with this film. It is a short film that depicts the mystery behind a writers' wife's disappearance. One of the best things about this movie is that it so relatable. Going through economic crisis and dealing with a daughter who is struggling to understand the pain John is going through and the final moment between choosing between the two people who are dear to him. Good script and production.
  • A good old paranormal horror with an interesting ending. It kept me highly entertained! I saw the ad on instagram and watched this short film on Amazon prime. To me, the film had the feeling or look of a good old movie. A writer and his daughter are trying to find the mysterious disappearance of Julia. I kept guessing different scenarios during the film but the end was interesting. Very good movie! I recommend it to fans of paranormal horror films.
  • vanfieldhack683 January 2020
    The poster was appealing and the music was great. I am a horror movie lover and I decided to watch this film. The opening was cold and sterile which adds to the creepiness. It starts off John is dreaming about his wife Julia, I am not going to spoil the entire story, but worth watching.
  • This is a film with moral values. A good short film that a family can watch together. We enjoyed it, though we expected something else at the end. It was a good old horror movie without those disgusting gory scenes. I recommend it.
  • austinemory2243 January 2020
    I was looking for something to watch during holidays, something quick and fun, nothing too complicated. I am glad I did watch this film. Good production. The ghost on the bridge was an entertaining film with a lovely ending.
  • justi352353324 February 2020
    10 star
    A writer struggles with figuring out his wife's disappearance while trying to finish his book. It resonates with me as an author. Keeping a publisher happy and getting the job done isn't easy. The screenwriter has portrayed very well a writer's life in this short film. You can read filmmaker's passion for writing. Very family oriented, good VFX job, strong choice of cast and beautiful music.
  • harrifs532516 January 2020
    The music, cinematography, costume design, all of the 3 actors were great in this short film. It has Gothic kind of feeling. Unexpected ending. I loved it.
  • grubbslorraine514 January 2020
    This is a great short film and the three main actors performed very well! Good suspense horror production. I loved the song at the end. The movie is beyond my expectation.
  • I really enjoyed the way it was filmed, the writer's past and present and how it flowed so well. I recommend this short film 100%. Just fantastic all around.