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  • Barrett Blade as directed countless "Tricky Spa" episodes for producer Bree Mills (she does not bother to take a screen credit for this DVD compilation), and the gimmick of dirty masseurs fooling femme customers into forced sex with them is mighty old by now. So it helps to be a pervert to enjoy "Scream", though I am able to suffer through it as well by adopting my usual Margaret Mead stance of merely observing the mating habits of strange (and fictional) cultures.

    Four vignettes conform to the rigid and pointless structure: masseur adjusts two hidden cameras (don't worry, Blade will cheat on the camera angles and close-ups with abandon to make the visuals interesting), interviews a new femme customer with inane questions, and then somehow convince her to have freebie sex with him. Scene generally ends with an insult or blackmail threat ("I've got you on tape") in keeping with the mean-spirited nature of the series.

    Opening scene has the plus of statuesque Serena Ali delivering IR content, paired with the best actor in the cast, Marcus London, whose rapid-fire patter and double talk is almost convincing. The other schlubs, familiar casting of Eric Masterson, Ryan McLane and Jack Vegas (apparently Bree's other guy Steven St. Croix was unavailable), are dull. Ignoring the English language (or is it mangling Franglais?) the masseurs are referred to as "masseuses", one of porn's favorite mistakes.

    Finale pulls the switcheroo featuring Zoe Foxx as a massage therapist who gives injured motorist Will Powers a rubdown before forcing him to have sex with her (you have to suspend all disbelief in a Bree non-scripted show). She's sexy but her crazy act is for the birds. Powers is good at feigning apologies or shyness, his best such effort being in the classic Nuru Massage scene opposite the divine Katie Cox titled "My Step-Cousin's Pretend Time", compiled by Bree on the Massage of My Dreams DVD.