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  • Holy hell people don't like this show! So glad I just watched it before reading anything about it because I thought it was pretty darn funny and interesting.

    It's only 28 mins, so give it a try.
  • You know what's wrong with Camping and so many other American remakes of British comedies, the Americans struggle with losers.

    they can't have their protagonists be losers, you might argue, but what about Leonard and Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, they're losers, or Earl from My Name Is Earl or any shlub or 'loser' from any American series, you might be saying to yourself, but American comedy is made up of loser protagonists, but you would be wrong, Leonard and Sheldon get all the funny lines, they get the girl/s they (within their own world) are popular and by and large happy, they are not losers, nor is Earl nor Uncle Buck, nor any of the shlubs or would be 'losers' from the world of American comedy, few are true losers, the Always Sunny crew come close, but again within their own strange world they still seem to be winners.

    How could America create a true remake of Julia Davis's Camping, when their version of the show refuses by and large to show ugly people, refuses to have its characters roll around in the mud, refuses for its characters to be the absolute losers they are in the original, where we had an insane controlling woman who believes her son is turning gay from eating sun dried tomatoes and forces him to wear a bubble helmet, instead we have the beautiful Jennifer Garner, playing a woman who is very controlling, but not a genuinely insane neurotic, just a woman who is a bit much. Her husband is a well-presented David Tennant not Steve Pemberton, looking like a normal middle aged shlub.

    They can't even get the subtlety right, and it wasn't the most nuanced show to begin with, Julia Davis's character, the trendy, vivacious Fay, is supposed to contrast with the other women who are camping, who are much less attractive and sexual, her character is supposed to make the other couple on the trip look and feel inadequate, like losers, she is also supposed to be a loser herself, Fay is a stupid middle aged woman who has never heard of the Nazis and can't help but speak and act like a vacuous 20 something clubber, not only are the campers pathetic but they are made to feel inadequate by Fay who in her own way is just as pathetic as the rest of them. In the remake with none of the characters being true losers how could any of them seem or be made to feel inadequate by the character Jandice, she isn't prettier than the rest of them, her life does not seem more glamorous, her character is too arch to be threatening, her character comes across as a drunk soccer mum not the trendy seductress that is Fay's character.

    Why remake a comedy if you cannot neither understand nor bring yourself to recreate the character dynamics that made it funny in the first place, if you can't bring yourself to create characters who are true losers, then don't try and remake classic British comedies.
  • First off I did genuinely laugh at least once while watching the pilot, which is more than I can say for the reboot of Murphy Brown or The Conners. Because of that I will give it a chance despite being neither a Lena Dunham or Jennifer Garner fan. Have to say, Garner nails the uptight, control freak role.
  • myrnalanders-7160629 October 2018
    I don't understand the bad reviews. I laughed out loud at all 3 episodes. The acting is fantastic and the dialogue is great!
  • My respect to the actors. Clearly they did their best. Perhaps this series looked better on paper at the time they agreed to undertake it.
  • Didn't find it funny at all. The characters are annoying.
  • Becoming aware of the show, just hours before its premiere. I was excited, the trailer seemed funny, highlighted by a talented cast. As a David Tennant fan boy, I couldn't wait! But 11 minutes into the premiere, I debated turning it off. Gut feeling, it won't get much better and probably isn't worth your time. I hope I'm wrong, has potential.
  • The British camping by Julia Davis is wonderful, this is horrible and nothing like the original

    That's all I had to say
  • markprybyla25 October 2018
    Good cast. J Lewis is great. Writing is horrible. I lasted two episodes. Can't watch any more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Doesn't come close to the wit and charm of the Original. Hollywood always butchers British humor and they just make annoying really really ANNOYING. I like Jennifer Garner and David Tennant, they could have been great together but the script and premise just don't work. The rest of the cast is politically correct diversity check-boxes. Also the entire series is loaded with drinking and drugs...I thought that had gone out of style?

    To HBO & Hollywood, try to be Funny and stop being so ANNOYING.
  • I think it's hilarious! I've really enjoyed it and Jennifer Garner does so well
  • vteshoian19 November 2018
    I don't understand why this show has so many negative reviews. I absolutely love it. Thanks IMDB. I will no longer base decisions on bad reviews.
  • tomkemp15 October 2018
    Like a car crash. I like all of the actors but wanted to walk away from this. Morbid curiosity and not wanting to get up from the couch was the only reason I watched the full episode. It felt like they took acting cues from Disney tv. Every person in this show is better that what I just witnessed.
  • All these bad reviews, are we watching the same program? This show is funny, really funny. I don't laugh out loud that much and this one gets me howling. The dialogue is great, creative and hilarious. I think it is touching on quite a few important topics. There is depth here not just surface comedy stunts. I have watched all three episodes that have aired so far and look forward to seeing the rest. The full nudity is daring and uncommon for a comedy program as well. I appreciate the maturity and the antics. Excellent project all around.
  • I know... It's only one episode. But it was terrible. Whoever thought that the character they wrote for Jennifer Gardner is funny needs to be banned from writing in Hollywood. Not only did I not even come close to laughing once, I didn't even smile once. If I get the urge to torture myself, maybe I'll watch Episode 2. Very disappointing.
  • You gotta give it like 4 episodes to get going, being that they are only 30 minutes- that's pretty easy. I love all the different and wide variety of characters. It could almost be The Office of camping. Juliette Lewis is by far the best part of the show, she should be the hippie free loving character more often. She really is an amazing actress. Anyway, give the show a chance.
  • I sat through most of the series premiere on HBO. This was a waste of time. There is nothing even approaching humor here.

    The Jennifer Garner character is the neurotic hyper-controlling female that people generally hate. Its nice to see Ione Skye get cast in something, but her character is vague and forgettable. Juliet Lewis is at the sad point in her "career" where she'll do anything for attention. The rest of the cast checks all the diversity boxes, but its basically a group of props. I get that the writer is trying to create rough edged characters in the style pioneered by Alexander Payne, but it fails miserably.

    I was wondering who would write something like this and how in the world did it find its way to HBO's 'prime time' Sunday night lineup. Then I saw the name Lena Dunham. Questions answered. HBO has a growing issue with accountability of its product.

    Pedantic to the core, Dunham's TV and screenwriting skills only appeal to to a small segment of people. I think most people who called themselves fans of 'Girls', did so because they thought they were supposed to like it. Let's call them millennial sheep. Anyhow, 'Girls' was boring, and 'Camping' is worse than boring, its offending.
  • We liked this show a lot. The pilot episode had us rolling with laughter, as we have a daughter-in-law who Catherine must have been modeled after. She has planned trips exactly like this one and behaved accordingly. You may not have family or friends who fit these characters, but some of us do.

    We're so sick of sitcoms with laugh tracks on network TV. This was a joy, because we can laugh - or not - when we choose to and not when someone presses an obnoxious laugh button.
  • chisuntimes45112 November 2018
    This show is not funny, uninteresting, and the characters are caricatures that are not reliable in any way. The entire premise falls apart because I can't suspend disbelief enough to accept that anyone would voluntarily spend a weekend with the lead character. Lena Dunham must have the kids of some HBO bigwig locked in a dungeon and these horrible shows are her ransom. I can think of no other reason why she's writing for a premium cable channel instead of serving lattes at coffee shop in Brooklyn.
  • So apparently a lot of people didn't like this series? I wasn't one of those people. I couldn't stop laughing. It was unlike other comedic series I've seen, and I appreciated the high level of dysfunction amongst these 4 (RIDICULOUS) couples who are on weekend birthday camping trip.

    Was Jennifer Garner's character unlikeable? YES, in most ways she was. But it's in the most delicious way where you constantly go WTF. But Garner's full commitment to her character makes her a joy to watch.

    Juliette Lewis is a hilarious breath of fresh air with some of the best dialogue in the series and the perfect delivery to make you believe every word coming out of her mouth. If you like dysfunctional people dramedies and you have an open mind, check this series out.
  • This series is really entertainting, love it so far. Like usually, I don't listen to the critics, they don't always know the best. See for yourself,you'll like it!!🙂
  • Bzinnj17 October 2018
    I really like Jennifer Garner, but this was terrible. What else do I expect from HBO and Lena Dunham? That being said, the show will probably get renewed by HBO for four or five seasons with multiple awards. "Critics love..."
  • hubii23 November 2018
    I loove this show. Jennifer Garner is perfect for the role as a control freak and Lewis is soo funny and freaky as she can be. I think som People dont get this dry humor. And it only gets better for each episode. See it!!
  • hyperblue117 October 2018
    Complete waste of time. Garner overacts worse than one of her Capital One commercials. The premise is stilted and the characters one-dimensional. This moronic excuse for a show did not pass the 15 minute smell test. Don't waste your time.
  • nern-5472315 October 2018
    I can't believe these actors signed up for this. The writers try to make as many pop culture references as possible and the dialogue is awkward and forced. Real people don't speak like this. Jennifer Garner is awful in the lead. David Tennant is miscast. There's a bratty kid. Try to watch without gagging.
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