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  • Failure attempt on sentiments.However vijay managed to maintain an average verdict on BO even in his last movie Kaali. But here story lacks many things.It should have made a short film of 20 min.The story needs only this much of time .All other sentiments are useless.I think no one get motivated by this loosely tighten melodrama
  • Firstly, you have insomnia that leads to low blood pressure, you don't have to visit a doctor or take pills. You can fix it temporarily with a lip lock. Then the Voice of Sub-Inspector Madonna (Nivetha Pethuraj) does not suit her at all and her emotions were very bad. And, Murugavel, as a police officer, wants to "reform the society". What does he do? He volunteers to clean the sewage on the road. I thought only the first half was underwritten and hoped at least the second half would be better. But no! It was terrible. Vijay Antony in a pose of Lord Muruga with the 'vel' (the holy lance) in one of the songs. For a moment, I thought I was watching some 'Saami-film'. It was really funny to hear "Rowdy naa veththu, police dhaan geththu!".

    Vijay Antony sould stop "experimenting" with "mass-y lossy ended films" and stick to solid content-driven films like Naan, Salim and Pichchaikaran.
  • Vijay Antony's pre-release movie scenes video does gather a lot of audiences to the theatre, this time i got into that trap believing the movie will be nice, but it failed to meet my expectations. Although it had a very good social message nicely crafted in it, the way it was delivered was not so engaging with the audience at all & watching Vijay Antony doing nothing with his acting, i think, why'd he still be in this space? If he's not able to improve his acting skills even after doing so many movies, that's a very huge mistake at his end and i think he should rectify that at first. Then comig to his story selection, somehow he managed to select some good ones up until before this movie, but in this one, that was also slipped down, i think he's not going in the right direction, probably he should be changing his thought-process/perspectives/dimensions.
  • Wonderful entertaining movie packed with emotions - worth watching
  • ganeshpg-8902320 November 2018
    Wonderfull Cop Movie and Awesome music by Vijay Antony..Really love this movie...
  • The movie plots another excellent message with same Vijay Antony.. Movie ends well.. But still illogical elementries rises a bore situation to watch full movie.. Don't think that director is much experienced one, he still have to study lot better.. Especially those particular scene ,vijay saying his brother that he is SI in charge, will be high mass scene if someone else took this. Anyway director have to study the mistake and move on.. addicted to movie's message🙌
  • The movie speaks of an honest policeman who challenges a local don. Cast: When comapred with Pichaikaran, Vijay Antony's performance might not be upto the mark, but he is trying to improve and we can expect great performance in the upcoming films. Nivetha fits her role and only sometimes does the acting is little over done. The villain's performance is seamless and he does it perfectly.

    Story: The story is a little weak with some loopholes, but not a show-stopper. We may at sometimes feel things are a bit exaggerated, but compared to other films, it is not much.

    Songs and BGM: Songs are excellent and especially 'Naga Naga' can keep you glued to your headphones after hearing it multiple times. BGMs also fit good but seems to be taken from Pichaikaran's "100 Saamigal irunthalum"

    Overall: The movie plot could have been enhanced and with improved acting of Vijay Antony, if the movie was made at a later date, it would have been a blockbuster. But still, you can watch it and it is worth your money.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yeah Of course the movie should be one time watchable and Vijay Antony Performance will be Enhanced comparatively previous movies and the Nivetha pethuraj performance was just said awesome. Overall ONE TIME WATCHABLE
  • kurinjinathan16 November 2018
    Pakka commercial and mass movie..... If we watch by omitting some logical mistakes means it purely entertain us... Especially "thimiruthan pudichavan thimiriukae pudichavan " song vijay Antony nailed it after Puli urumbhu in vettaikaran