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  • In the current tamil cinema trend of making movies depicting the political state affairs, this movie stands out as it makes a very strong message of dying agriculture with an impactful story telling, although the screenplay could've been made better and engaging. RJ Balaji's role was apt & perfect. The plastic surgery part somewhat resembled the telugu movie: Yevvadu, but thankfully didn't follow the same revenge track. Music and casting could've been better which might've made this movie to reach much more audience base.
  • pragione12 April 2019
    A well scripted movie for atharvaa. his action postures are awesome. a good message too. one time watchable entertainer with a few logic flaws.
  • sathishgreen18 April 2019
    This film based on face transplantationed hero met some difficulties with political sides of his village..
  • Ending of the movie literarily doesn't satisfy me, because it ended up with " hope"->that never going to happen...

    After kaththi, this movie really stands close to the heart. R.J Balaji Anna, nailed his role. Atharva is also tremendous with the mass scenes..

    I don't want to say much about the actors because you can take a look to this movie just for it's script. It won't disappoint you,if you know what is wet by sweat✊

  • The story has lot of confusion regarding the plot.. they want to tell a story inbetween a social message or a social message inbetween a story and they screw in with a suspense thriller. Double role etc First thing first .. why this movie needs a heroin. From which angle does adharva looks like a person who can sweep a girl of her feet from mere looks ... Sorry apart from his hight no good feature. Zero chemistry and unwanted love track. This movie is pretty much like a remake of Kathi but way too boring. With no good action. Songs or comedy. They story already suck ... And it has no screenplay .