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  • I was quite taken with this movie. It is about a prison inmate who gets out to find that his wife is living with another man. He then visits the wife of a fellow inmate of whom he knows that he stashed the loot of a heist. He wants part of it, of course, but somehow he is also in search of consolation. The wive has gone blind so he pretends to be her husband. She seems to go for it - which if course is pretty weird and not really credible. But in the end it makes sense. The point is, that for both it is love at first sight (pun cannot be avoided) and they are a perfect match. The film succeeds in showing the mutual attraction of this odd and unlikely couple of two criminally minded but also vulnerable people. Jeremy Kemp gives his best, I feel he is an underestimated actor who only rarely could show his talenty beyond typecasting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film manages to overcome a basic flaw in the story to emerge as one of the best in the series.Taut direction,imaginative camerawork and fine performances add up to make an exceptional film.The flaw is the fact that the blind wife of his former cell mate reacts to Brett as if he is her husband.Given that they have different physiques and voices why is Brett so naive and trusting.A superb example of b film making.