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  • Uma(2018) Bengali Drama Director-Srijit Mukherjee The film is inspired by the story of Evan Lesrage.

    Uma,a small NRI girl,is detected with a terminal illness.Her father decided to recreate entire Durga Puja festival of kolkata in march to fulfill her long unfulfilled desire to see durga puja in Kolkata, as doctors said her daughter will not make it to October. The film announces the comeback of srijit after suffering a phase of his previous critically and commercially unsuccessful films.He has regained his fans after this flick. The film emotionally drains everyone with a soul.The film plunges deep in to the heart and will make you pray for uma. Every single performance however small it may appear will appeal to you,the whole ensemble cast has broken all the barriers of perfection. Jishu (playing Uma's father) has enacted his role of a hapless and desperate father with brilliance.Rudranil,neel,srabanti.... their performances are strong and provoking. The performance that stands out tall are that of Anjan Dutta and Anirban.Not for a moment,you will think anjan dutta is enacting his dialogues from a script,it seems, he has surpassed the bounds of spontaneity to depict his role as the eccentric film director, and anirban, this man is a epitome of talent,what a beautiful performance. The movie will carry u with the performance so much that you will not be able to single out the errors which will be obvious on second viewing. For the sake of excessive melodrama they can be neglected.The songs are the pillars of the film..specially the title song of the film.

    The film is made from heart and will not disappoint you.
  • Srijit Mukjerji the mind behind the brilliant films like 'Chotushkone' ( a gripping thriller) or 'Hemlock Society' ( a dark comedy ) seemed to have lost his mojo for the last few films. Ventures like 'Nirbak' ' Bugum Jaan' and more recently 'Yeti Obhijaan' were very disappointing indeed. But this time he has managed to deliver a yet delightful film about how far a father can go to make her dying daughter's last wish to come true. It's refreshing to watch Jishu Sengupta on screen, he seems to have evolved a lot as an actor in the past few years. Even though the film is full of legendary actors like Anjan Dutta it is actually Sara Sengupta essaying the title role of Uma who steals the show. Anyone who is from Kolkata and has witnessed Durja puja here will know what an impossible job it is to create a 'fake durga puja' in kolkata. But that's fine as Srijit never lets us ask a lot of question about the possibility of this happening. Though the film is genuinely a very good film, the colfilcts at times feel a little repetitive and a few characters are outlandishly too bad and cruel, and one particular sudden change of heart is a little unconvincing. But one cannot disagree that Srijit Mukherji is back in form and boy what a nice film he has made.
  • This movie was gripping from the beginning as I went with low expectations after the not so brilliant "Yeti Obhijan".

    The performances were really convincing and the phenomenal performance by Sir Anjan Dutta took my breath away.It was an emotional journey right from start to the end.

    I can only praise what Srijit Da has brought to the industry. This guy has single handedly changed how many youths in this generation has changed their views about Tollywood.
  • A diffrent story. Plot of the story is inspired from Evan's life. But, I could say Srijit is successful here. Jishu, Anjan & obviously the little angel Sara acted more than their best! A great family-art film. In reality this type of matter actually doesn't/so rarely can occur. But the film focused on the love between Parents & thei Childs. On that sense it's successfu. Best of luck to 'Sara' the upcoming superstar!
  • sanjoyxm27 December 2018
    How far a father can go for the happiness of child, this movie is the perfect example of this.
  • sujondevnath17 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    What a movie jst mindblowing...when this movie I saw jst I was speechless..tnx for srijit
  • This is undoubtedly the worst movie by Srijit Mukherjee. Can't believe that this same director has given us great movies like "Baishe Srabon", "Hemlock Society" and "Chotuskon". In spite of great acting by almost all actors, the movie fails to create any impact. The emotional angle (a group of selfless people organised an off-schedule/premature festival to honor a terminally ill girl's last wish to see Kolkata Durga Pujo) which Srijit Mukherjee tried to exploit, failed big time. Very impractical direction, poor side plots, average dialogues and overall very immature script reigned supreme over good acting, music and cinematography. Hence the recipe failed.
  • amirahul26 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Such a lovely script.... film students have to learn what not to do as a film director.... Big budget with lack of planning....Strong music VS bad short taking...Good acting with bad background direction (background activity by junior artist)