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  • I love Luis Miguel, his music, his story, and his life. I love this show because it literally takes you into Luis Miguel's life and makes you better understand what was going on in the background of his singing career. Everything about this show is amazing and perfect. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that none of the songs on the show are actually sung by Luis Miguel himself. I think Diego Boneta did a fantastic job singing all of his songs and playing Luis Miguel but as a huge Luis Miguel fan, it was pretty disappointing knowing that on the show it wasn't Luis Miguel's voice, it was Diego's. I'm sorry but nothing compares to the songs Luis Miguel sang himself to anyone else that sings them. There is definitely a difference between their voices. I'm not sure what caused his songs not to be on the show, but I'm sure it had to do with the record label or a deal or something. Other than that, be prepared to get sucked into the life of Luis Miguel and all the dramatic, twisted things he went through to reach where he is today.
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! Luis Miguel's life is being revealed after decades of speculation and all the mystery surrounding his name. I am simply dumbfounded and I'm starting to understand so many things which at one stage made no sense at all. Why has been Luis Miguel so aloof? Never gives any interviews? How come he can't seem to be able to settle down? Having everything and all the support of a huge record company. Why didnt he cross over and conquered the English speaking world? What happened to his mother? His brother Sergio? Did his father really died of aids? I simply cannot wait for more...I am addicted to one of the best celebrity stories in a long time! I give it a 12 out of 10!
  • Finally a compilation stories of the enigma that have been for us the mysterious Luis Miguel. We have grown, learn and sing his songs but only interviews and little did we actually know of him. Have been enjoying this very much. Great actors.
  • think-ilogic29 May 2018
    the sun
    Really good story, very good actors, director, music, camara... everything!
  • Although some artistic liberties were clearly taken, I think this is good for the fans. Diego did a good job and I hope any differences with El Sol are resolved so we can have a second season.
  • branmell20 June 2020
    Great show. I like his music which helped me enjoy the show more. I am also an 80s baby! I can't wait to see season 2 and find out about his mother. The main character was in another good movie called rock of ages; it stars Tom Cruise and is another movie with music. Watch that one if you grew up in the 1980s like me.
  • Luis Miguel's life was intriguing to watch. The series shows important parts of his life from his childhood; like hiw he started in the music business. to when he has grown up. You can see how he's even changed with the time like his firest experiences with love and life.
  • I found the series to be most enlightening and entertaining. Very pleased to see that it wasn't in the caliber of a cheesy novela. Story explained much regarding his mysterious and private life. Enjoyed the acting.
  • Sound is chopy and you can tell the changes in mic positions, the dubbing is terrible, the cinematography is completely awful, lots of magentas and critcally overexposed shots.
  • mardie-cannov19 May 2018
    Although I was not very interested in the series at first, I kinda like Luis Miguel's music, so I decided to watch. Still not sure if the script is very stiff or the actors are not good; maybe both. The only good thing about this series is the story and the characterizations. Other than that you might just as well just ask someone to tell you the whole story when it's done.
  • The series as a whole is better than I expected. Oscar Jaenada gives an incredible performance and might make you physically react to his character's feculant behavior. Other performances are good to excellent, and other than a few lulls the story is kept fairly interesting. My only criticism is that I feel Boneta was miscast as the lead. He doesn't look much like Luismi and though he sings ok... I wasn't impressed. He didn't do an awful job but his energy just felt all wrong. He went through nearly the entire series moping, and even when he was happy he looked melancholy. Luismi's always seemed more aggressive and much more radiant than Boneta's flaccid portrayal.
  • Luis Miguel is arguably one of the most famous singers in Latin American history, and tho the task of playing him would be daunting to any young actor, Diego Boneta just doesn't cut it.

    Boneta can't sing, he barely can act and his wooden performance does not rally up the viewers that want to know more about this famous yet enigmatic figure.

    I will continue watching because Luis Miguel himself is involved and there are aspects of his life that we are all curious about, but I just wish they had cast someone better as the lead.
  • buddybuster24 December 2019
    I love Luis, but this movie was all over the place with flashbacks, that never connected to the present scene. And what's him grab his hair all the time.
  • hugo-4825727 April 2018
    Poorly made with cheap actors and a bad history typical from a soap opera

    Netflix shall be more careful on what they produce to avoid being compared with Televisa with their quality
  • markomartiniere8 December 2018
    La mejor serie que se puede ver sobre Luis Miguel, muy recomendable!!