In the first episode during a party scene, the real Luis Miguel has a brief cameo as one of the guests.

Diego Bonetta is ex-boyfriend of Michelle Salas, the beautiful elder daughter of Luis Miguel.

Diego Boneta dedicated for a year to get his singing voice to sound like Luis Miguel's. He also had surgery to create a little gap in his front teeth and got tanned regularely, to create a similar look to the one the superstar had in the 1980's and 1990's.

The casting of internet star Juanpa Zurita as Alex Gallego, the younger brother of Luis Miguel, was met with mixed reactions. Some thought Zurita, who had not acted in such a big production before, would not live up to the series. Ultimately he helped garner a new generation of fans to the show.

Óscar Jaenada -Luis Miguel's father in these series- plays Cantiflas in the film about that famous Mexican comedian

Oscar Jaenada (who plays Luis Rey) declared he wasn't fond of Luis Miguel's music, and he only took the role for the character of Luis Rey, as he found him compelling and thought it would be interesting to study why he acted the way he did.

Although this was a Netflix original series, episodes were released weekly and not in a single go, as it was released in the United States by Telemundo.

Three actors play the role of Luis Miguel: Izan Llunas plays him aged 11 to 13, Luis de la Rosa plays him aged 14 to 16, and finally Diego Boneta plays him aged 17 to 22.

In the first episode when Luis Miguel, his uncle and Luis Rey, his father, are toasting they have two clean tumbler whiskey glasses and a tall cut glass drinking glass. The tall glass, switch from Luis Miguel to Luis Rey depending on which camera is focusing.

Several media personalities in Mexico reacted negatively to the series. Stephanie Salas (who went in the series by the name of "Sophie") demanded respect for her and her daughter Michelle Salas. Roberto Palazuelos (who goes by the name "Bobby" in the series) became a national meme after criticizing the series for telling false events, such as his fight with Luis Miguel in the nightclub in Acapulco. Armando Manzanero (who produced Miguel's disc "Romance") stated he never said the boleros album wouldn't be successful.

The series was such a hit in Mexico, that Luis Miguel's song, "Culpable o No", featured in episode 4 (which tells the story of Miguel's breakup with her first girlfriend, Mariana Yazbek, and how this inspired Juan Carlos Calderón to write the song) reached the #1 spot in Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes Store in that country.

Real life Luis Rey died in Barcelona, not in Madrid as told in the series.