Girls with Guns (2018)

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28 February 2018 | lor_
Okay mix of sex and violence
I was hoping for more, but Dick Bush recycles the title (if not the content) of his amateurish feature from a decade ago to create a still-low budget but professionally executed action porn thriller. I only wish Digital Playground under new ownership afforded a talent like Bush reasonable budgets, if not the extremely profligate spending by the label on "Pirates" and its sequel during its salad days.

Danny D produced and also has a featured role as an agent of the Agency, some MI6/CIA/NSA type straw man that our heroes are rebelling against. Just add Natalie Portman and those Anonymous masks and you've got a big-budget blockbuster, or perhaps just a perfume commercial.

The plot by DP staff writer Ginny Rex is serviceable, and Bush keeps things serious throughout, unlike the idiotic spoofs and burlesque sketches he often directs for DP and its sister label Brazzers (gotta pay the rent). Michael Vegas returns to the Bush fold (after starring in a dumb porn-parody for him of TV's "How I Met Your Mother") as a rebel wearing a Zuckerberg hoodie who gets the lion's share of the humping, fighting against Danny and D's femme compatriot Ayssia Kent, she with indeterminate European accent.

Many small NonSex roles are filled by porn actors and crew members (all credited), beginning with Dean Van Damme as a computer hacker who is offed before he can show off his famous tattoos. Bush regular Alex Donald plays a Doctor (scientist) who has been experimenting with cyborgs, turning normal women into superhuman warriors. Vegas and Danny are vying for control of same, and Bush makes sure that the gals grab some serious artillery and make like those Andy Sidaris Playboy playmate action heroines of yore.

Previous Bush efforts have featured very poor CGI special effects for gore, but this time he switches to highly effective exploding blood packs, bringing back memories of the breakthrough use of same by Warner Bros. in the '60s when Penn's "Bonnie and Clyde" and Peckinpah's "The Wild Bunch" set the standard for the new screen violence. This departs from porn's recent reluctance to mix explicit sex and violence for fear of censorship, but apparently Bush coming from England, where that tradition of over-censorship back in the VHS Video Nasties era has him rebelling Michael Vegas-style against the establishment too.

The femme casting is rather poor this time, as we get extreme styled Tina Kay as a most exotic cyborg and petite Kenzie Reeves flashing her pointy nipples, but the other leading ladies Giselle Palmer and Alyssia Kent are unflatteringly presented and photgraphed. A huge mechanical dildo working on Reeves is perhaps the sexual highlight, while Danny D's mighty member also gets a workout from Alyssia.

Bush once again demonstrates directing skills in making this play at times like a real movie (his from way back project "Powergirls" presumably sans explicit sex has yet to get green-lighted) but the overlong XXX footage periodically grinds the show to a complete halt.

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28 February 2018



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