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27 February 2018 | lor_
Clunk went Raven this time out
Much awarded and quite pretentious, Michael Raven also made quite a few stinkers, as in this forgotten Sin City release I just added to IMDb 2 decades after release. Its catchy title is as opportunistic as it is irrelevant.

Raven, who also wrote himself a major role to play (NonSex of course), dips into the favorite "Twilight Zone" bag oft favored by pornographers for story inspiration. This particular saga of a young couple out driving who get lost and check in at a motel (with title lounge located there) is so familiar that it is hard to get interested. And for some reason Raven went chintzy with his casting, offering no femme stars, just a flat-chested early version of Briana Banks, then using Mirage as her stage name.

The vignette scenes are sloppily assembled, and continuity is quite poor, as Raven portrays the loquacious, know-it-all bartender, whose loud vest and long black-painted fingernails hint almost immediately that he was auditioning for the Tom Ellis role in that future TV hit "Lucifer".

Lead role does not go to BB but rather to Amanda Rain, quite unimpressive physically and in XXX action. Alec Metro is suitable as the hapless hero, but after Raven keeps informing them that it's their "last chance to live it up before moving into eternity" no suspense exists, just tiresome "example" sex scenes of other couples living it up.

For a jack of all trades (Raven hogs all the major credits), our auteur proves to be the master of none on this occasion.

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