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1 March 2018 | lor_
Poor as usual from horrible director
Jack Banner foisted these sloppy seconds on his public, little knowing bad karma would catch up with him several years later. His hundreds of lousy bondage videos are out there for viewing, but it's a boring task.

That's because despite proclaiming himself the greatest in his field, he displays no craft whatsoever. This junker has two vignettes of dubious interest, followed by some boring solos, and then over 30 minutes of outtakes, not the usual quasi-interesting stuff that failed to make the final cut but rather endless footage of Banner and his dominating assistant Lisa tying models up. Clearly, fans of this sludge get a kick out of the Boy Scout or Girl Scout activity of tying knots, but anyone else will find it pointless and tedious, not only worth removing from the final film but not worthy of "Bonus" or in this case add-on exposure.

Ansastasia Pierce, who has proved herself to be a true mistress of this art form as she turned to production and direction, stars in the 23-minute opening scene titled "The Web". She portrays a bondage/fetish webcaster who is kidnapped by two house invaders wearing shades: Banner and his goon compadre. They mistreat her and eventually Hollywood (aka Jeanne Basone) shows up for some fondling and lesbian sex.

Second vignette is titled "The Reluctant Bondage Model", a self-reflexive exercise in Banner showing himself at work (if you can call it that), forcing a reluctant model (whose agent neglected to tell her what she was getting into in this particular low-grade gig) Nina Neon to put out, fetish style. More fondling and interference by the uncredited rope lady Lisa, and some lesbian action with fellow model Darby tossed in when Banner asks for some girl-girl content.

The solos, consisting of static women struggling against their bonds, add some more big chests to the show including Kelsie Chambers (misspelled Kelsey on-screen at one point) and Stacy Burke.

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Adult | Adventure


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20 September 2005



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