Nobuyo Shibata: If someone hits you and tells you they are doing it because they love you, they are a liar.

[Hugging Yuri]

Nobuyo Shibata: This is what someone does when they love you.

Hatsue Shibata: I was sure she'd want to go home.

Nobuyo Shibata: Do you think she... chose us?

Hatsue Shibata: Usually you can't choose your own parents.

Nobuyo Shibata: But then, maybe it's stronger when you choose them yourself.

Hatsue Shibata: What is?

Nobuyo Shibata: What is...


Nobuyo Shibata: The bond. The bond.


Hatsue Shibata: I chose you, too.

Store owner: Don't make your sister do it.

Yuri: [while trying on a swimsuit in a department store dressing room] Will you hit me later?

Nobuyo Shibata: [Anguished] No, I will not hit you.

Nobuyo Shibata: Sometimes it's better to choose your own family.

Osamu Shibata: [to Yuri after seeing television reports of Yuri's disappearance] Do you think you can make it home by yourself?

Aki Shibata: So Grandma wanted my parent's money but she didn't want me?