Though it wasn't in the original script, director Danny Boyle was so taken with the discovery of a recording studio by a railway track that he had the text altered to incorporate the trains and utilise the location as Gavin's studio.

During the scene where Jack first performs 'Yesterday', his friends claim that it's not as good as Coldplay. Ed Sheeran's role was originally meant for Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, but he couldn't do it due to scheduling conflicts, so then it was offered to Ed Sheeran. The joke was left in the script.

The flight attendant on Ed Sheeran's private jet is actually Ed's then fiancée now wife Cherry Seaborn

Hamish Patel (Jack) did his own singing, as well as playing the guitar and piano.

One early concept was that the colour purple was among the things that didn't exist, with a casual reference to the band Deep Purple now being called "Deep Orange." This idea was abandoned because it would be too much work to ensure no extras were wearing purple.

The main concert scene was filmed on the beach of the Norfolk Town of Gorleston, part of the Great Yarmouth Borough. Local residents were first to be chosen as the crowd extras filmed for the scenes.

When Jack flies back from L.A. to Liverpool, the camera lingers on the front of the airport building which reads "Liverpool International Airport". In reality, the sign on that building reads "Liverpool John Lennon Airport" but of course, that has changed in Jack's world.

According to director, Danny Boyle, some 20 Beatles songs were secured for use in the film, of which about 17 appear in the final cut. Expensive as it was to get the rights to the songs, it's still only the second most expensive "asset" he has acquired for a film, with insuring Leonardo Di Caprio's face taking the top seat.

In the movie Jack was hit on his bike and broke his front teeth and bloodied his lip. That actually happened to Paul McCartney in 1966. McCartney fell from his moped and chipped a front tooth in Liverpool. He also cut his lip and was left with a scar.

Some of the characters share their names with Beatles songs: Rocky, the roady/temporary manager, is named for "Rocky Raccoon", Ellie, Jack's love interest, is named for "Eleanor Rigby", which also happens to be the one song that Jack has trouble remembering, and Ellie's roommate, Lucy, is, of course, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

Ana de Armas played a role as a rival love interest that was deleted from the final film, but can be glimpsed in some trailers.

Ed Sheeran, who plays himself in this movie, said in real life that the Beatles are his main inspiration for his songs.

The Beatles had zero input creatively, outside of approving of their music being used in the film. Danny Boyle stated in interviews that the film was "blessed" by McCartney and Starr, as well as the estates of Lennon and Harrison.

The original story for the movie was written by Jack Barth. It was much darker in tone, with the main character struggling as a musician in the new timeline and the premise of the alternate universe explored in more depth. When Richard Curtis did a rewrite, he made the tone much more lighthearted, put less emphasis on the premise of a new timeline without The Beatles and more focus on romance between Jack and Ellie.

Himesh Patel did all his own singing and playing in the movie.

Leading up to the dramatic event during the blackout, the unnerving music is actually the crescendo from "A Day in the Life". It is used again later on in the film.

In one scene, Debra compares Jack to Jesus, calling him "the Messiah". John Lennon famously stirred up controversy by claiming that The Beatles were "more popular than Jesus".

The font of the movie's titles resembles the original font which was used for the Beatles-Logo (with the exception of the bigger T that was used in the original logo). Also the poster shows Himesh Patel in a crosswalk, which is a reference to the famous cover of the "Abbey Road"-Album which shows the Beatles on the crosswalk at the Abbey Road Studios.

This movie delayed production of Bond 25 (2020).

At one point Ed Sheeran suggests to sing "Hey Jude" as "Hey Dude". The Milwaukee-based Beatles-Metallica-crossover metal-band "Beatallica" actually did a parody version of "Hey Jude", entitled "Hey Dude". They officially released it in 2007 on their album "Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band" (a parody to the Beatles-Album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"), which was full with other Beatles-covers in Metallica-Style.

Features a scene in the Birkenhead Tunnel, which has also been used as a location in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part1, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Fast & Furious 6 and Sky 1's bulletproof.

The second film directed by Danny Boyle to not be rated R in the United States. The first being Millions (2004).

Shipped to cinemas under the pseudonym "Polo".

Filming began on April 21, 2018.

When Jack meets John Lennon, they sit and chat on an upside-down rowboat. In one shot, you can clearly see the word "Imagine" written upside-down on the boat.

Robert Carlyle plays the uncredited role of John Lennon. He appears in the music video for the Oasis song "Little by Little". Oasis, like the Beatles, does not exist in the alternative universe of Yesterday

The fact that Jack meets an elderly John Lennon brings some very subtle nuance to the main plot. The movie bills itself as showing a world "where the Beatles don't exist." This scenario could go one of two ways: either John, Paul, George, and Ringo were never even born in the first place, or they *were* born and *do* exist, but simply never met and/or formed the Beatles. The scene with John Lennon makes it explicit that the filmmakers went with the second option.

There was originally going to be a scene where Jack also meets George and Ringo in a pub; this was eliminated because the writers felt it would blunt the impact of the scene with John Lennon.

In addition to The Beatles, Harry Potter, the band Oasis, the soft drink Coca-Cola, and the entire concept of cigarettes don't exist in this world either. Plus, Saturday Night Live is on Thursday and is known as Thursday Night Live.

Towards the end Jack and his family are seen riding a spiral slide popular in British fairs called a Helter-Skelter, which leant its name to the Beatles song

George Harrison is the only Beatle to not physically appear in any capacity in the film: apart from the scene with Jack and an elderly John Lennon, there is a brief shot of Paul McCartney's and Ringo Starr's feet in a dream sequence (Paul is barefoot in a reference to the Abbey Road album cover). John Lennon's all-denim outfit is also a reference to the Abbey Road album cover.

In the film, Jack and Ellie remark multiple times about the time in middle school where Jack played "Wonderwall" at a talent show, and that was the moment where their friendship blossomed. However, after the accident the band Oasis (along with Coke, Cigarettes, and Harry Potter) is one of several well known entities to have disappeared from existence. Which means that Ellie wouldn't have any idea what the song "Wonderwall" is.

During a dream sequence, Jack imagines being on a late night talk show. The host surprises Jack by revealing that they've found the true writers of The Beatles songs, and two men enter from the waist down. One of the men is not wearing shoes. This is meant to be Paul McCartney, who famously did not wear shoes on the cover of The Beatles' album, "Abbey Road".

John Lennon is revealed to be alive and well in this movie's alternate reality. Since the Beatles never formed, he would have never become famous and thus, would never have been assassinated. George Harrison, who died in 2001, is likely to still be dead since he died from lung cancer. Still, it's possible that even Harrison would still be alive: if he never joined the Beatles, he might not have done so many drugs in the 1960s and since, in this reality, cigarettes don't exist, he wouldn't have smoked. Also, two years before his death, he was attacked by an intruder in his mansion and stabbed repeatedly, puncturing a lung. Without this assault, his lungs might have been healthier and he might have pulled through.

During a dream sequence, Jack imagines being on a late night talk show. During this scene, Jack's zip fly is open (in front of national TV) - the open fly is a prelude to Jack's embarrassment when the TV host surprises him with two special guests.

Two of the other things that no longer exist (cigarettes and Coca Cola) are mentioned in Beatles songs: In "A Day In Life" Paul sings "I went upstairs and had a smoke" and in "Come Together" the main character "smoke[s] mojo filters" and "shoot[s] Coca Cola."

When Jack is talking to John Lennon, John mentions a romance with "prejudice and pride". Those words are usually said "pride and prejudice" after Jane Austen's famous novel. The switching of the words could imply that "Pride and Prejudice" was never written or published, or that Jane Austen never existed like The Beatles, Coke Cola, or cigarettes.

In a scene where Jack is asking his L.A. based agent in the states if he can go back to England for a few days to the city of Liverpool for inspiration, she asks him what Liverpool has that L.A. doesn't, to which Jacks gives a few different answers, one of them being Mo Salah. Mo Salah is a famous Egyptian footballer who plays for the Liverpool based football club - Liverpool FC.

In the film, Jack learns that Harry Potter has also been erased from existence. The scene with Jack and Ellie in the tunnel was filmed in the Birkenhead Tunnel, which was also used as a location in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1'.

Jack says to Ellie at one point that he feels like Harry Potter who responds that she doesn't know who that is. Ellie is played by Lily James, and Harry Potter's parents were named Lily and James.

The final concert scene at the end of the movie takes place at Wembley Stadium in England. Ed Sheeran is wearing an England Football shirt in the scene. England's football team plays its home matches at Wembley Stadium.