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  • This is great. It looks like Star Wars. It's shot like Star Wars and it feels like Star Wars. The Speedster shot at the beginning of the episode brought me back to "A new hope". Filmed in the same fashion. I would take this over any of the last 6 movies. They are actually doing Star Wars stuff in the Star Wars universe. A+
  • After singlehandedly starting the mcu, Jon Favreau saves star wars with his brilliant story telling. Write this man a blank check and take control of Lucasfilm already.
  • This is the Star Wars atmosphere and feeling I've been waiting for. No dumb humor, cool characters, and a story I can take seriously. I'm a big fan of what they've done with this series so far and current Star Wars filmmakers need to take notes. The cinematography is amazing. You can tell they use practicality as much as possible and CGI is used only for the obvious like spaceships and creatures etc. It's a truly remarkable balance of old and new.
  • What an incredible leap into Live Action Star Wars television. The Mandalorian delivers in both capturing the feel of the classic trilogy as well as it's own unique identity. A sweet spot of western/ sci fi/ action and comedy. Many Star Wars fans have experienced the expertly crafted stories by Filoni in series like "The Clone Wars" and "Rebels". His influence shines bright in The Mandalorian and I believe Star Wars fans will be absolutely thrilled to see his expertise once again bring excitement and wonder back to a Galaxy Far Far Away.
  • This show is such a refreshing breeze of great quality Star Wars. Hopefully with Episode 9, this horrible era of Star Wars will end, and we will finally get what we all wanted the whole time - great stories set in the Star Wars universe. Stories like this, that make sense. Stories that hook us and make us want more, make us relate to the characters on the screen, just by showing their weaknesses along with their strengths. The Mandalorian has faced more adversity in these two episodes than Rey has in two three hour movies. Definitely my favorite character of the Disney Star Wars era, and he has only said a few lines. Brilliant directing, brilliant script, brilliant execution of everything. I can't wait to see where the story goes.

    John Favreau you have my gratitude and respect!
  • Finally, this feels like the Star Wars universe. The cinematography, the atmosphere, the story line, wow! My only negative is, the episodes are too short.
  • MarkoutTV12 November 2019
    I like that they gave the Mandalorian some personality, some good vistas and action setpieces, solid comedy, fun little additions to the Star Wars canon (bounty droids are officially awesome) and a general sense of adventure that I dig. It's all very small and big at the same time. All good stuff and I hope they can keep it up.

    I especially appreciate the fact they employed the services of Carl Weathers
  • This is Star Wars. It feels like Star Wars. It Looks Like Star Wars. Why is this such a tough concept for the geniuses associated with the films to get? No subversion's needed, no forced 8 yr old humor, no political agenda. Just make it look and feel like the original Star Wars trilogy and fans will be happy, its literally that simple.
  • snh-8066812 November 2019
    This is the closest in FEEL we've ever gotten to the originals. The first episode captured the vision i had as child, lying in bed, reading about bounty hunters and the sleazy underground they operated in. All the while making up my story of how I was too sick to go to school, just so I could stay home and get lost in the universe laid before me. I really feel like I was watching an expanded universe book come to life! I can't think of how they could have pulled this off better! Hats off to Jon Favreau for his true understanding of star wars, and Dave Filoni for setting the tone of the series in such a perfect way. My childhood thanks you!
  • diornodouwes12 November 2019
    A new chapter for Star-Wars, one like we haven't seen before. First of all, you can feel the star wars vibe from a mile away. The beautiful world-building production- and costumedesign, the thrilling cinematography and the great (sound)editing. There are however some aspects that divide this artwork from the trilogies. the type of storytelling for example. focusing completely on one character, and making this one character so interesting.

    With a great cast and great producers, I have high hopes for this little show. Thanks in advantage, Mr. Favreau.
  • The Mandalorian (so far) has everything anyone could ask for. It is SO well-crafted, I have yet to see one flaw in it.

    Pedro Pascal (is it really him under that mask 100% of the time?) is fantastic as the imperturbable, or so it would seem, outer-space tough guy bounty hunter with a soft, heart-of-gold, and a helmet that into the third episode, still does not budge. We know it's coming though, don't we, and waiting, is a small fraction of the fun. At least it is for me.

    While it is somewhat on the side of slow-paced vs. fast-paced, in my opinion that just adds to the appeal. You can savor the onscreen antics, action and dialogue, while knowing more is coming. Actually, you find it kind of exquisite in its pacing. I literally dare you to look away. Not because you think you'll miss anything, but because even at its steady pace, you won't want to. Speaking of which, the visuals are quite impressive. The entire thing IS a Lucas Star Wars landscape. At no time can anyone see a 1-minute clip of The Manadalorian without knowing immediately that it belongs to the Star Wars universe. The twist, is that thrown into this universe now, is this strong proverbial cowboy of few words, who carries a big stick.

    I'm a fan, and can hardly wait for more episodes.
  • Easily the best thing Disney Star Wars has produced, and my faith in Disney Star Wars has been restored. Great job on this one Disney!! And on a side note, I think Jon Favreau oughta be running Disney Star Wars instead of Kathleen Kennedy because he actually understands how to capture the essence of Star Wars.
  • nerdgasms23 November 2019
    I'm a huge Star Wars fan but I have to admit, all hope was beginning to be lost. I was excited for The Mandalorian but had my bar set very low. But my God man this is amazing! I can't believe it's this good! The OG Star Wars vibes are crazy! It's like they took the original Star Wars and buffed it with modern day big budget CGI without making it a crappy blockbuster. The story is actually incredible so far and every episode is better than the last. I was gonna just watch these online but I've gotta support Disney+ for finally allowing something good to come out of them owning Star Wars. Thanks Jon Favreau, this is the way.
  • alvarhaggis1 January 2020
    All those feelings of watching the original trilogy have come back. The Prequel Trilogy was a mockery of the franchise. The Sequel Trilogy failed to either capture the old, or create a solid new, and got caught in between leaving them a little empty.

    Rogue One sailed very close to Empire as the best Star Wars movie going. All by doing what the other two trilogies couldn't do, by recapturing the feeling of the being in the Original Universe. Those movies felt completely separate universes and places from the one we'd known.

    The Mandalorian has that feeling in spades. It feels so connected to Star Wars in a way most of the other movies couldn't. The place looks and feels real. Feels like the lawless chaos of a galaxy at war the originals always carried.

    The characters don't invite you to like them, they just go about this tough galaxy, surviving any way they can.

    The characters are deeply interesting, and are full of myth and lore of their own, away from Jedi. This mythology is also not explained neatly, or offered to you in a grand piece of exposition. It's hinted at, sometimes only in the visuals. Yet the mythology feels connected to everything that feels Star Wars.

    Kudos to the creators. It's a wonderful show if you're an original Star Wars fan. The season finale was just brilliant, and the first few minutes has the single best Storm Trooper interaction ever filmed. I've never laughed so hard at Star Wars, and it wasn't a forced or contrived joke.

    I've watched the entire first season and I can easily give it 10/10
  • Really liking the series so far, however I find myself settling in to a great story only to be cut off quickly.
  • esme-5566025 January 2020
    I really enjoyed this show and can't wait for the next season! Each episode is exciting in its own way and baby yoda is the best. The acting is really good and there's good action. If u like any of the star wars movies, tv shows or books u will like this show. And its very family friendly
  • So far I've seen three chapters and I would actually rather pay to see the rest of the chapters at the cinema than Episode 9 when it's released in a couple of weeks. We already know what garbage Disney cocked up there - based upon episodes 7 and 8. The Mandalorian is fun and exciting with a true Star Wars feeling. No identity politics that I've noticed so far. Just plain good and simple goodness.
  • Just watched the first episode, and I have got to say, this is Star Wars. The characters, the graphics, the vehicles, the animals... everything is Star Wars. It isn't connected to any other Star Wars movies, and even though it is placed in the universe after the end of Star Wars VI, it still feels totally detached from that story.

    But, it still feels like Star Wars, looks like Star Wars, and sounds like Star Wars. I believe this is going to be a blast among Star Wars fans. For those who simply like good movies and TV series, including Star Wars, this will be a good treat, but might not be the highlight of the year!
  • noahadams-4399630 December 2019
    I love this show so much. I don't understand people who say this show it only geared towards hardcore Star Wars fans. This was the first Star Wars thing my aunt ever saw and she loved it as well. Madno had a great character arc and felt like he learned a lot from where he started in the first episode. Episode 3 and 8 are my favorites and I'd say the only one that is pretty bad is episode 5 but even that episode has good elements. So hyped for season 2!!!
  • For a monthly subscription streaming show, I felt 39mins for an episode was a bit short! It's like they intended it to be shown on tv with ad breaks. It just felt short and especially for what normally would be a pilot. It just felt like it started and when it ended, it was just the end of a scene, not the end of the whole episode. I can't wait for the next episode but that looks to be in another two weeks away, as listed on here. That seems very random for a series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ok, so I have a lot to say about this series. Sorry in advance for any misspellings. I'm a tired swede, sue me.

    In the first three episodes, I was really into it. The story seemed promising, Mando was awesome, and it really felt like the mandalorian could be something special. Then I saw episode four, and realized that it's gonna be "one of those series." It gave me a kind of early Supernatural feeling, in the sense that they go from place to place, meeting and saying goodbye to people that never really make an impact or contribute to the story. Since I thought this would be more like a for example Stranger Things type of series, where the plot is very evident, I was a bit disappointed I guess.

    The script also seemed more awkward, I got really confused about the decisions the characters made. By the end of it, I wasn't as excited to see what would happen in the next episode as I was before.

    When I watch a movie/series I want to know things like where the story is going, what the protagonist's goal is and who the antagonist is, but now I have no clue. Like, what exactly is Mando's plan? How is he going to stop all the trackers from revealing baby yoda's location? And WHY is he leaving baby yoda unprotected all the time if he wants him safe + he's being targeted???

    I guess the best way to describe what I'm feeling is by making a video game reference. It feels like the main story arc is being ignored, and we're witnessing the side quests. I get that it's fun to do them, cause it builds character, makes you discover more about the world, and all that jazz. But I can safely say that almost everyone over the age of 6 already knows A LOT about both mandalorians and the star wars universe. The first three episodes were a great introduction as well to those who doesn't, so why not just crack on with the main plot?

    I've only gotten to episode five (arguably a better episode than episode four, but still feels a bit stale), and there are four more episodes to come, which gives me hope that maybe it'll get better. Only time will tell I guess. Maybe my rating will have changed when I'm done with this season.

    That was my little rant, lol.
  • I'm a huge fan of Star Wars. Saw ESB and ROTJ as a kid in the theater. I haven't been impressed with much of what Disney has done with the exception of Rogue One. The Last Jedi was such a turnoff I almost bailed on Disney Star Wars completely. This first episode finally feels like I'm in the Star Wars universe again.
  • hslay18 November 2019
    I got to say this is more entertaining than the last 2 Star wars movies. A big Star wars fan and this series actually has me excited again. Feel like a kid again waiting for the next episode to come out..
  • Show has ultimate star wars feel but it is running on 5th episod and I don't see any plot point of character development. Feel is good but you can not relate to it. Show is going through pointless episodes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Episode one was almost too good to be true, hence why I held my thoughts until this second episode but now here we are and I have to express just how brilliant of a star the episodes have been. This new episode was another terrific episode. It was absolutely mind-boggling and inspiring how much they fit into a measly 27 minutes but somehow it didn't feel too short. It felt just right. Just enough action, just enough endearing tiny-little green like-Yoda baby, just enough suspense. And honestly the new score has rubbed off on me so quickly, I think it's gorgeous as it's sweeps over everything like a gentle wave or bad-to-the-bone ensemble (depending on the scene) in this episode. This is opposed to the first episode where I felt they mainly nailed the score but needed to reconfigure where they placed certain renditions.

    Episode 2 is beautifully shot and doing a splendid job of having a lot of personality despite giving us basically no information about any of the characters on screen. It's almost telling the story in a Dark Souls-esque style by not telling us much about the characters except through their actions and short but concise dialogue. They are allowing our imaginations to take over. "The Mandalorian", "The Client", "The Asset" - I mean come on those names are just awesome not because they sound cool but because the mystery of the names prime us, demand of us that we ask for me. They are leaning heavily on the "Lone Wolf and Cub" vibes and it's not only working, it's immersive, thrilling and endearing. They're REALLY going in with a "show, don't tell" approach and I can appreciate that. Waiting a week for each new episode will be rough but I'm thrilled to have some new Star Wars content that I'm genuinely excited about after feeling burned by pretty much all of the new movies except Rogue One.

    And honorable mentions have to go to the director of episode 2 as well, Rick Famuyiwa, did a fantastic job following up the season premiere and I made sure to take note of his name. To have pulled off what he pulled off in 27 minutes was stunning. This show really captures that old Star Wars magic, from the pacing to the humor to the look and feel of the old films. I have and will continue to watch the first and second episodes multiple times and I suspect I will watch this entire show multiple times just because of how tightly written it is. Here's to our prayers, wishes and good-vibe thoughts to the producers, directors, writers, actors and everyone involved that they continue to give us this level of entertainment and story worthy of the Star Wars name.
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