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  • No clue why I didn't hear about this gem of a show until I was corona-scrolling in desperation at 3am. Did you like season 2 of fleabag? Or that show where Benedict Cumberbatch is a messy addict? Then watch this. You're in the right genre. This show deserves a much higher rating. Cheers to addiction.
  • I really enjoyed this, I don't understand why everyone left such bad reviews. It definitely isn't boring, I think maybe you need to watch a could of episodes? I thought that it was entertaining and although there was a lot of things happening to nice the plot along, it was amusing and felt believable, apart from the typical mean blonde girl... she needed more depth. Anna was really good, and so was the person who played her sister. I hope there is a 2nd season.
  • So I will be the first to admit that this .at not be everyone's cup of tea. That said, I think it is one of the freshest, notable comedies on TV at the moment and worth digging out from your on demand.

    The cast are fantastic, headed by the very talented Anna Paquin (who I feel is in a role that has really shown her versatility), which leads to a story so intertwined you will struggle to remember exactly who fits in to what part of which thing. This isn't a negative, moreso a slight intro to the whirlwind lifestyle portrayed on screen by the cast. Sophie Okonedo, playing Caroline the boss, is perfection (needless to say). Her ability to put over on screen such a fierce, intimidating, but actually quite complex character is a must see, only rivalled here by the lesser known but definite future household name Rebecca Benson, who plays Melody, the timid, wonderfully likeable intern with great comedy timing and the rare ability to make something funny without overdoing it.

    At only 6 episodes, the first series does feel rather short and by the time you have gotten to grips with the amazing ability of Eve (Lydia Wilson) to insult everyone in less than 3 seconds, you will be wanting more.

    The writers daring to include the names of many real celebrities is what really adds to the credibility of the script and daring to touch on issues that are so relevant right now (#metoo) is handled well, finding humour in the parts it's ok to poke fun at, whilst reminding us through the characters that actually, it really isn't regardless of who you are.

    It's definitely a series to keep an eye on, I wouldn't be surprised to see it picked up by a bigger channel, both here and in the UK, but only if season 2 is longer though.

    I need to see just what happens next to the characters, I'm already invested.
  • Loved it, very funny writing. Can never just watch one episode
  • I have not loved a comedy like this in quite a while. Clever Writing and Great Chemistry amonst the characters. Love it.
  • Don't get discouraged by poor reviews - those people simply didn't understand dry British humour. It's so hilarious, I've watched it twice!
  • ZinQ19 April 2020
    The best thing on TV for a very long time. Funny, intelligent and very different. And what do they do? Cancel it! I am so annoyed I could spit!
  • Apart from the 'fixer' for celebs, this is nothing like and not trying to be anything like Ray Donovan, as some have said .😂 A good mix of funny with some dark undertones. I rather loved it tbh. I think folk should definitely give it a chance.

    Also scoring a 10, to make up for IMO the unfair reviews.
  • I was somewhat sceptical when I first saw this show on Catchup but gave it a go and it is the funniest show I've seen in a long time. The show about a clumsy PR executive who tries to sort out other people's lives but who can't even get to grip with her own, is a classic. Eve her sarcastically vicious colleague is her perfect sidekick who tries to make the intern's (Melody) life as difficult as possible but whom comes into her own in the final episode of the series. It's a classic not to be missed.
  • tkdavis-8399329 December 2019
    I love this show! It expresses different emotions of each character in a creative way!
  • Veritas999 March 2019
    Actually, it started like a Ray Donovan typical episode, but now is more like a PR fixer. I will definitely continue to see it. I only wonder why she is always wearing the same pair of shoes... And why almost all dialogues in the agency are spitted very fast ( except "Caroline" - great character) ? I had to rewind sometimes to fully enjoy the typical english humour...
  • prosper123 February 2019
    A film of this subject with a three act structure might have been good, but as a series and after the 1st episode I think the ratings will tank.

    Stereotypical card board caricatures of the PR industry saving troubled lives of Stereotypical card board caricatures of celebrity industry--- closeted gay footballer, cheating celeb chef publicly known as a wonderful family man; think Ray Donovan without violence and Ray Donovan without violence is pretty lame.

    Again we see wanton unsatisfying sex, throwaway emotional scenes about the lead's dead mom, lots of drugs, lots of booze and cigarettes. Overall boring and with nothing redeeming or new. As a rom/com movie of 90 minutes or so it would have a chance, but I don't see a rabbit being pulled out of a hat.
  • talelbaztal29 August 2020
    My wish
    My biggest wish is that there will be third season
  • Fantastic script, full of witty one liners - worth a re-watch to catch all the gags you missed first time. Strong female characters who control the chaos which unfolds in their professional lives, yet are unable to do the same in private. Great casting, and lots of guest stars. The best comedy drama I've seen in years. I'm keeping everything crossed for another series!
  • My husband gave up on this by the end of episode two. I hung on in there and actually really started to enjoy it. Yes the plots are far-fetched and silly, the characters are questionable but it's all acted well and kept me entertained. I've loved Anna Paquin since being addicted to Trueblood so it was great to see her in something new. Supporting cast were all great. Would definitely say Flack was more for the ladies though.
  • Poor script that tries to sensationalise publicists and their immoral acts. Vast majority of the characters are extremely unlikeable and, much as the job generally seems to attract the amoral types, not sure it's a worthwhile topic. It definitely isn't funny, despite a nudge, nudge, wink, wink approach. Performances are often phoned in and characters are stereotypical. Predatory, aloof boss? Tick. Conflicted lead who's lying to everyone? Tick. Sex mad friend/colleague? Tick. Naive and, as yet innocent, newbie? Tick. Moron for a partner/husband/any other male who isn't a target for the lead? Tick. In short, my wife is watching it and I'm generally finding better things to do, such as watching the rain, listening to the wind and wondering how long it'll be before the beeper goes off on the oven and I can check the potatoes.
  • copywrangler2 March 2019
    Relentlessly ugly characters in a grim tableau of tedious despair without the grim laughs.
  • hetalkstoangles24 February 2019
    It was a bad sign that I guessed the big reveal of the first scene within seconds.

    The actors were trying very hard to breathe some life into this but to no avail. Quick cuts, a frantic soundtrack, wafer thin plot and meaningless dialogue doom Flack.

    It was very, very woke, though. Every main character, except one, is a strong, sassy woman, doing everything a man can do, but better.

    We have definitely achieved something that could be considered equality. These characters would would have been equally unlikable and unrelatable, if they were men.

    As I was writing this, I dropped the score down from a 3 to a 2...with the only thing keeping it from 1 was that I liked Anna Paquin in True Blood.

    It's free so whether or not you watch it should depend entirely on what you think your time is worth.
  • angeladuggal28 February 2019
    Downloaded 6 episodes and sat down to watch. Really looking forward to watching. I managed half an hour the decided I couldn't waste any more of my time in this. So bored. Nothing interesting happened in all that time. Deleted all downloads
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really liked this show. It's sharp, bitchy, snarky. All of the things that a show about a PR Firm should be. Anna Paquin does a great job but I'm not sure she's right for this role. But, I've only watched two episodes. The other thing is the sets just seem cheap. It makes the whole show look like it was thrown together on a budget. It's either that or the lighting is really, really bad,
  • miffy_uk12 March 2019
    A funny and clever script, with perfect casting. Sophie Okonado is glorious as Caroline, the scary boss! Plenty of very strong characters who are flawed, but deeply relatable. I couldn't wait a week for the next episode, I had to download them all and binge watch - twice. A fascinating insight into the world of celebrity PR - which I have a feeling is probably pretty true to life! Can't wait for the next series.
  • Loving Flack! Real life lead character who isn't always likeable is brilliant. Up there with Suits and Scandal!
  • ukxenafan119 April 2020
    Just finished watching season 2 of Flack and while the very very end was a bit of a tired tv trope(and with the show cancelled, an unresolved minor cliffhanger) this second season showed a much more complex and darker edge than the first. Robyn herself is going down the addition route and it's a gift for an actress of Anna Paquin's class. She does a great job of basically screwing over everything in her increasing desperation. However, the show balances this darkness and other topics like bulimia, death, terminal cancer and the deep emptiness of some people's lives with wit and gallows humour, a lot of this from the outstanding Lydia Wilson as Eve, who channels a sort of young Patsy from AbFab! Considering the low profile of this shows the talent attached is surprising. Paquin of course and the sublime Sophie Okenado who is awesome. Then we have Sam Neill, Marc Warren, Amanda Abbingdon, Jane Horrocks, Doon Mackichan, Daniel Dae Kim and Paquin's hubby Stephen Moyer as director. (Moyer and Paquin are also listed as exec producers.) I'm not sure why this show hasn't taken off. No idea why some people here are talking about political correctness or MeToo either. Women playing characters who are complicated and aren't just set decoration is thankfully not that revolutionary. Let's face it, many tv shows have challenging men at their core. Yes, the women of Flack are pretty amoral but for me, it's a well made and entertaining show that hadn't been seen by enough people and some terrific guest cast.
  • Wow. Didn't realise Anna was that flexible, and Lydia was a revaluation. How on earth anyone can compare it to the flat and wooden Ray Donavon is beyond me so so much better. Can't wait for series two..
  • It really wasn't until the 7th episode that I really got what the show was going for. The initial episodes were a lot of amusing girl power and guy locker room mirror image stuff which seemed to try too hard at times. On the plus side, Paquin really caries the heart of the show extremely well with her character. She's fun to watch which is how I got this far.

    The 7th episode with Bradley Whitfield was genius and while not one line of dialogue addressed it, Paquin nailed the seeds of doubt about her life's direction perfectly.

    I'm looking forward to the finale but more, would like to see another season for this production team to get some of their shaky freshman choices out of the way. This show could be another "Halt and Catch Fire"
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