Devs "floating room" have a pattern of Sierpinski carpet on the walls, a type of plane fractal.

Amaya is also referenced in Annihilation, also by Alex Garland. The fort previously occupied by the soldiers and discovered by the women is named Fort Amaya.

Amaya is named after (and played by) Sonoya Mizuno's niece.

Devs room is shaped as a level-3 Menger sponge, a three-dimensional generalization of the one-dimensional Cantor set and two-dimensional Sierpinski carpet fractal.

The character Lyndon is a young boy. However, the casting department casted a biological female Cailee Spaeny to act like a young boy.

The bar scene in episode one was actually filmed in London, at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen (on Hoxton Square) - even though the exterior shot was of a San Francisco street.

Devs marks Sonoya Mizuno's third project with filmmaker Alex Garland.

Cailee Spaeny and Alison Pill both appeared in the film Vice. Pill, playing Mary Cheney, and Spaeny playing a young Lynne Cheney. This makes the much younger Spaeny Pill's mother in the film.

The main character is named Lily, in analogy to the myth about Lilith, the first woman that God created before Eve. In Jewish folklore, Lilith becomes Adam's first wife. Lilith left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him. God proceeded to create a second Eve for Adam, after Lilith had to return to dust.