When the crew visits Pastor Youngblood, he brings them a tray with six tea glasses on it. There are only five people in the room.

While most of the man-on-the-street interviews in the film are conducted with real residents of Harrison, Arkansas, director Raymond Wood and producer Randall Blizzard both make cameos in the film as local interviewees.

The tune that Pastor Youngblood whistles is "Dies Irae," a Latin hymn best known for its use as a sequence in the Mass for the Dead. An original recording of the hymn is also played during the end credits.

In the original cut of the film, there was a plot line in which Ace discovers that Leslie is pregnant. The filmmakers shot alternate versions of several scenes because they were concerned the pregnancy plot line would make the ending too unsettling for audiences.

The prayer the cult is chanting is in Slovenian and it is actually The Lord's Prayer.

Early in the film, if you look on Ryan's laptop, there is a sticker of a stick figure swinging an ax at the Apple logo, foreshadowing the end of the film.