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  • I was pleasantly suprised by Summer Camp Island, While the Pilot it was based on was pretty ho hum, feeling more like a mid-season episode more than a pilot, the episodes I watched during the series premiere marathon were genuinely enjoyable . The animation has stepped up since the pilot which wasn't bad but defiantly unusual, the Character designs are a bit odd ball-ish at first though after a decent amount of episodes you'll get use to them. Summer camp island is just full of charm, the pacing is nice and fluid, the music is easy going, humor is solid, characters are enjoyable though Oscar, Hedgehog and Susie clearly get more screen-time than the other campers and Witches, But their likable. The show was made by a show runner on Adventure Time {Julia Pott} as well as a handful of others who worked on the show and it clearly shows with the vibrant backgrounds , the delightfully weird and made up stuff and humor. Any down sides I can think of is that the camp counselor "Susie" can be a Bit of a "Tsundere" Jerk Archetype which rarely hit home for me but she's kept to a tolerable level. I'm looking forward to more fun in the sun with the kids on Summer camp island.
  • I made the mistake of thinking this cartoon was going to be one of the bad ones, but I'm glad I'm wrong. The commercials don't do this cartoon justice, with how creative and interesting it is. I especially love Oscar and Hedgehog's friendship.
  • When I saw the commercials for 'Summer Camp Island' I thought it was just going to be another dumb cartoon that will be cancelled with a short life-span but when there was nothing else to watch on Cartoon Network I decided to give it a try. It's very charming and colorful (the humour is about a 3.5 out of 5 for me). It really gives you an 'Adventure Time' and 'Over The Garden Wall' vibe. It's very original and I hope a lot more seasons are to come. My favourite episode I would recommend to anyone would be 'Pepper's Blanket Is Missing'.
  • This has to be one of the most adorable show's CN has ever green lit. I love this show so much! it like a mix of Camp Lazlo and Adventure time! which is a very nice mix! Please give this show a chance and show it much support!
  • Summer Camp Island is like a bright ray of sunshine. It's a pure show full of sweet moments between two best friends, Oscar & Hedgehog, as they attend a magical summer camp.

    It gives me the same warm, fuzzy feeling that Mister Rogers' Neighborhood & Little Bear did when I was a kid. Except it doesn't feel like it's targeted towards children. Yes, it's child friendly, but it has something for everyone.

    It's witty & adorable & full of heart. Summer Camp Island is a feel-good show that anyone can enjoy.
  • I love it no complaints! I recommend it for all ages
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Summer Camp Island is a very creative show and it's deserved to be watched. If you liked Adventure Time, then this is a show you'll probably love as well. With inanimate objects being able to talk and magic lurking around the camp, it just gives me feels of Adventure Time. Not only that, but the creator of this show worked on Adventure Time, so don't expect trash episode plots. It seems like there's going to be a story while the show progresses, but the first 20 episodes of Season 1, doesn't contain much, but contains a lot of character development. Hope you all love this show as much as I do!
  • Alongside Double Dare, Rise of the TMNT, and somewhat Big City Greens, this is one of the best shows that kids' cable has to offer. I know people are turned off by the art-style, but personally I don't really mind it, I think it's adorable. At least the character animation itself is quite smooth.

    The show itself is quite laid-back and sweet. It reminds me of something I'd watch on 2000s PBS or Discovery Kids (RIP), but in a good way really. The world of SCI is very rich, as there are many characters and everything talks.

    The characters are quite likable. Oscar and Hedgehog are nice-hearted kids. I like that for once, they have a platonic boy-girl friendship instead of them having crushes on each other. That would be very cliche and I'm glad that the team didn't choose that route. This shows kids that you CAN be friends with the opposite sex.

    But my favorite character has to be Susie. She is mean, but she is entertaining in a way, and she has a cool accent. To sum it up, SCI is a very decent show and I recommend it if you want to calm down.
  • nateostrander23 August 2018
    This show is decent to watch. I recommend this cartoon
  • nbpegasus7 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Everything about this show is great! It reminds me of Studio Ghibli with the magic and wonder and the creatures. I love all the characters, but Susie has a place in my heart. She is by far the funniest character on the show and Julia Pott does a great job voicing her. The monsters are quirky and sweet, the characters or lovable, and I really really really need a season 2 after the last episode! A story will definitely be coming, according to Julia Pott anyway, because it seems like a lot of things have been left unanswered. I'm very excited for more Summer Camp Island!
  • This show comes right out of left field for cartoon network. In an era of bad remakes, reboots, and over-saturation, cartoon network Europe once again saves the day with Summer Camp Island. Though simple in it's presentation, the show exhibits complex and important themes that I think even some adults could learn from. Oscar and Hedgehog, the show's main characters, have a cute and entertaining friendship that never seems to get stale. The camp counselor Susie, the shows main antagonist, has a humorously bossy, however mean, attitude to all the campers, but seems never to be a black and white main villain; she often has relatable problems of her own. The show exudes the messages of empathy and kindness shown in shows like Mr. Rogers neighborhood and Sesame Street, but pairs it with an absolutely gorgeous animation style and mature dialog in order to properly cater to all ages. The shows theming is so familiar yet so unique that it ends up leaving the viewer feeling at home in the atmosphere of the show after just a few episodes. The pacing is very good and keeps the show interesting, with almost no lackluster episodes that I can think of. Perhaps most importantly, the show does a great job of appearing to never be in a set time scale, with summer seeming to last simultaneously years and just a few months depending on the episode. Overall, the show is an amazing addition to cartoon network's reproitoire, definitely going down (at least in my heart) as one of the greats, after just two seasons. I think several more seasons would be great, because it still feels like there are more stories to tell.
  • I love this show and I don't even like cartoons but I love this one it's so chill and relaxing it's been a lifesaver during this crazy time. All the faces on everything are adorable and it's just a fun easy time to unwind after a long day
  • Very cute, i love the art style, i think the writing is pretty good, i think this is one of the better cartoons. very cute.
  • From the episodes I've seen, this show is really cute. However, it isn't that funny and tries to hard to be weird. I don't understand how anyone could compare this to Adventure Time. Adventure Time has always had so many likable characters and funny jokes. This show really doesn't have that.
  • It's fun. I recently discovered this on CartoonNetwork. I'm binge-watching Season 1.
  • cecovics30 July 2020
    A highly charming cartoon whose looks can deceive!

    -Can be enjoyed both by very young children and adults. -Great comedy. Jokes can appear as random sometimes, but they never feel forced or that they go for too long. -Beautiful animation and character design that are very pleasing to the eyes. -Very good characters that are funny and on whom the audience can relate to. -Interesting world. -Is progressive! I like to see that they teach children its okay to enjoy and like whatever you want! It isn't shoved in, and is just placed without making it a big deal. -Deals with some heavy themes, like falling off with friends, sadness and much more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is quite a good show. It is more of a slice of life show but it's something that does keep you entertained. Simple things like Art competitions or a Basketball game are turned into something unique and original yet fun for the audience. The characters are really entertaining (bar pepper corn since she literally whines all the time and caused the entire island to waste their night just trying to find her blanket which she had all this time).

    I recommend this show completely even if it does have it's duds with certain Panda I will not name.
  • nightsinusa1 February 2020
    The animation and the artstyle is so cute and interesting (in some episodes they change the style a little bit). The characters are amazing and their differences make them even more amazing. For example: Oscar is more innocent and anxious about new things and places (in the first episode he tries to escape the island but he decided to stay at the island with hedgehog). Meanwhile hedgehog is more mature and adventurous. besides their personalities and differences, they both are best friends and inseparable (even if some of them mess up some things). Besides from oscar and hedgehog, other main characters are good to mention is Max: a fun-loving camper who likes to hangout with Oscar and hedgehog (they met for the first time at the island). Pepper: a camper who likes to take naps in every place, he carries a security blanket around, and without him, he becomes insecure about things, overall he is a innocent kid. Alexa: a athletic and active camper, she likes to sport. Lem: is the younger sister of Alexa and one of the youngest of the camp. Lucy: a smart camper who is good at math and calculus (and she likes horses). Oliver: a musical inclined camper who loves instruments, mostly a small piano he carries around the camp. Last but not least, the witches (and also the counselor of the camp). Susie: a bossy, arrogant and head counselor of the camp, she likes to imply with other campers, especially oscar. Alice: is the most powerful witch between the three, and she likes to turns object (and even people) cutesy with her magic. Betsy: Unlike Susie and Alice, she's is the most kindest and the nice, but she is the least powerful. (Honorable mentions: the monsters (Ava, Blanche, Freddie, Howard, Margot, Melvin and Mortimer) aliens (especially Puddle and the king), the moon and everything that have a face). The episodes is relaxing and chill to watch and yet they are complex and intriguing to keeps things even more interesting. The plot of the campers outside of the camp is awesome (E.G: hedgehog's father trying to control her life). The theme song is so relaxing and very welcoming. Overall a good series to watch, I really really really really really really recommend you to watch, thank you Julia.

    P.S: I'm really excited for the next episodes :)
  • robinsonkameryn14 October 2019
    I love this show, never cancel it. It's so cute! It's a very relaxing show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this show it is so cute and all the characters are likable including susie because she adds a little bit of spice by not making it all boring and nicey nicey. I love the art style and its fun to watch i even binge watched all the episodes again. hat i hate though is that hedgehogs name is just hedgehog and i know you cant change that but its no creative at all.
  • What the hell is going on around here!?! Is this the work of someone on acid?
  • Unfortunately, I don't have many good things to say about Summer Camp Island. Granted, I haven't seen a lot of episodes, but it didn't take much for me to determine that this show would not be a keeper on my watchlist.

    The main problem I think this show has is that it's more of the same. There have already been a lot of children shows about summer camp (Bunk'd, Camp Lakebottom, some Total Drama seasons, the upcoming Kamp Coral). In fact, there's already been a show about summer camp with anthropomorphized animals on the SAME CHANNEL (Camp Lazlo, anyone?) Because of this fact, the show feels rather unoriginal. It does try and differentiate itself by adding a magical element, but that's a whole other issue. The magic in this show is too random. You have your normal mythical creatures like unicorns, but then you have stuff that's totally weird and doesn't make a lick of sense. There are faces on everything, and I'm not sure why. I feel like the writers on the show just said, "let's make a show about summer camp, but we'll add MAGIC to it!" without taking the time to establish some universal rules. Any kind of magical thing can happen in this show, no matter how bizarre it is. That kind of idea might work well on a surreal Adult Swim cartoon, but on a laid-back children's series, it's more jarring than it is cool.

    I will say that I appreciate the unique art style, and it looks ten times better here than it did in the pilot. However, it's still rather ugly in some places, and it is odd seeing the anthropomorphized animals...not really looking like animals. An elephant having a short trunk doesn't seem right design-wise. Also, Hedgehog does not look female at all. At least draw some eyelashes on her!

    While the show can offer some slivers of creativity and have some chuckle worthy lines, overall, it's nothing to scream at and just another boring slice-of-life show on Cartoon Network, a channel that is already filled to the brink with this repetitive genre.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Summer Camp Island is an animated series created by Adventure Time alum Julia Pott. Yet despite an interesting premise and talented people working behind the scenes, the show ultimately falls flat. From insufferable characters to messy world building, it's shocking that the only positive I can say about this show is that the voice acting is at least decent.

    The first major problem with the show is the terrible writing. Some episodes feel half baked while other just pad the runtime with tedious inconvenience after inconvenience. The 25th episode, I Heart Heartford, is a prime example of the shows bad writing as rather than take the time to explore this new location, the characters just waste time doing favor after favor all so Oscar can buy a new toothpaste.

    Another aspect of this show that falters greatly is the world building. This show primarily takes place on a magical island full of monsters and witches as will as inanimate objects with a face on it. That last part was not a joke. Everything from the rocks, to the trees to the clouds, even the Sun and Moon have a face, a personality and can talk. This makes Summer Camp Island the creepiest island on the face of the earth. Also, this is apparently supposed to be kept secret otherwise the whole world with go crazy. I'd buy that if the characters were humans and not uncanny anthropomorphic animals.

    Speaking of characters, it's surprising that not a single one of them is either likable or interesting. Oscar is selfish, arrogant, stupid and annoying and yet he never acknowledges he's got a problem. Hedgehog is dull as a butter knife and the worst thing about her is her awful parents who put too high expectations on her and didn't even give her a proper name. Episodes like The Basketball Liaries, Radio Silence and Tweleve Angry Hedgehogs make me question why these two are friends as Oscar is clumsy, dishonest and, again, stupid. There's a friend with faults and then there's a friend who might as well be your mortal enemy. Then there's Susie, who's basically Angelica but with Helga's nasty attitude yet lacks any charm or relatability to make me care about her. She's easily the worst character on the show as she only does her job when she feels like it, she's never nice and (like Angelica) she calls the characters babies at every turn. I was hoping Oscar or someone on the island would write to their parents about how nasty Susie was, but that never happens. Max is just the boy Hedgehog has a crush on with no personality, Pepper just sleeps, Lucy is just there, Pajamas is so clingly in stupid, and Oliver is just Schroeder as a dog. None of the inhabitants on the island leave any lasting impression and are all either creepy, annoying or just plain stupid.

    Visually, the animation is passable at best. The characters movie adequately with occasional off model squash and stretch and the color pallet is acceptable. Yet the biggest problem is the character designs themselves. They feel way too simple and all of their pupils are dilated, giving them a very creepy appearance. I especially don't like how Oscar looks less like an elephant and more like a kid pretending he's an elephant.

    The last problem I'd like to mention is the theme song isn't very good. It's lyrics are generic, the singer, Oona Laurence sounds unenthusiastic and it's melody is rather slow and basic.

    At the very least, the show has decent voice acting. Nothing spectacular, but the vocal performances of the actors managed to bring in the right amount of emotion and enthusiasm for their respective characters.

    My take: Summer Camp Island is most certainly one of Cartoon Network's worst made shows. Adequate vocals and basic animation are nowhere near enough to excuse the terrible writing, insufferable characters, messy world building and even a mediocre theme song. If you want an entertaining camping cartoon, Camp Lazlo is available on the Boomerang app and Amazon Prime. I recommend you watch that instead.