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  • My grandson loves this, he watches it over and over again and likes to dance and sing to the music, it's great for kids and as the other reviewer stated it's Quality Kids TV.
  • It's cute, it's amusing, it's colourful and the theme is best when sung by my two little girls. Quality kids TV from the home of quality kids TV. If you expect more from it you probably shouldn't be watching.
  • Some of the haters on here are hilarious. Some of the negative comments are comical. This is a show aimed at an audience who do not care if it's terrible voice acting with bad jokes. The theme tune is catchy, my little girl of 18 months dances every time. She watches intently and it's puts a big smile on her face and a laugh in her belly.

    Bottom line. Colourful vibrant show which fully embraces it's target audience. Well done BBC
  • Binge watched this with my two year old daughter on many occasions. The core of the show seems to focus on relationships and the different types of people around us. The Brooklyn-Bell's represent a modern family with each parent having a child from a previous relationship. We haven't seen or heard about Evie's dad yet. I suspect he's doing time for armed robbery. Doug's mum claims to be working away in Alaska but is most likely attending rehab. Mrs Hobbs, the constantly moaning neighbour is proof that there is no cure for being a c#@t. We saw a veiled flashback of her husband leaving her for this reason. There's a talking dog too.
  • This is a terrible kids TV show. It's super cringey, the dog is extremely naughty and his actions are teaching our kids wrongly. He doesn't get any consequence for his actions after being told NO! Teaching kids to not listen and ignore us is not good for our kids. This TV show is as bad, if not worse, than Peppa pig. Keep off your tv
  • Some people really need to get out more. I've got three young children at home, all of which love watching this programme, which is basically the target audience. My 2yr old sings along extremely enthusiastically with the theme song and gets very excited when waffle 'talks'. Perhaps the theme was written by a 7yr old but as it's aimed at pre-schoolers, it's absolutely spot on. Long live Waffle.
  • warren-free15 September 2018
    Not sure what some reviewers expect. It's childrens tv. The children love it and its songs. It's now a staple in the evening before bed time.
  • My kids love it, series 3 has just finished and are now waiting for series 4....if there is a next series, fingers crossed.
  • vinxx-237009 August 2018
    Post-nuclear family harasses the woman next door, is it just me or does it makes teletubbies seem taxing on the brain, girl is cute but the dog is not
  • kittyavy1 March 2019
    Brilliant show, we love waffle the dog and my 2yr old is obsessed!!
  • permapen20 January 2019
    As the parent of a toddler who has wanted to watch nothing but Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol for his first three years, this is a welcome change on our TV! It's a cute show about a family who seem to live in the kids section of Ikea, with an impossible dog. It's not too hyper, although a bit repetitive. My son has been afraid of dogs, but now he 'wants a cute dog like waffle' and I love that!
  • Cringeworthy "entertainment"-by-numbers about a talking dog and the idiotic family who adopt it. Completely lacking in humour and originality. Poorly written and acted, voice acting is dreadful, the theme song sounds like it was composed by a bunch of bored 7-year-olds and their talentless music teacher during a half-hour school class. Even the poorer of the CBeebies programmes have some redeeming features but this has absolutely nothing. The only thing which could save it would be a couple of unneutered chavs and their unneutered, talking pitbull moving in next door.
  • The kids love it, but it doesn't have the enjoyment available to parents of some other programmes. A dog moves in with a family and they become so obsessed with the dog they can't do say or think anything with the dog.
  • My young daughter sings and dances along with the theme song, she just enjoys everything about this program. Who doesn't love a talking dog?
  • pingu_20014 March 2019
    Our son loves this show and Jess is beautiful, one for the dad's, her vet uniform popping up at every point including under her wedding dress is hilarious. Can't fault it really, and I agree with those on here. The negative nigels, who I doubt even have children, are pathetic in their knocking a programme intended for the very young. Think they need to take their juvenile approach and along with their keyboards they they're hiding behind, stick them up their service men entrances. Roll on series 3!!!