Princess Bubblegum: Marcy?

Marceline: You're okay!

Princess Bubblegum: My armor has an emergency...

[Marceline hugs her]

Marceline: You scared me!

Princess Bubblegum: What?

Marceline: Even back when we weren't talking, I was so afraid something bad would happen to you, and I wouldn't be there to protect you, and... I don't wanna lose you again.

Princess Bubblegum: Hey, I'm a tough gum. Nothing never happening to me, never.

Marceline: I know. I'm... Girl, you phrased that so weird.

Princess Bubblegum: I may have a concussion.

[They kiss]

Finn: I always figured I'd go out saving somebody.

Simon Petrikov: Hey, No one gets to choose how it happens. The most important thing is we're here together.

[Last lines]

Shermy: [On top of the Fern Tree, he sees the Finn Sword stuck to it] Check it out, dude.

Beth: Very pretty.

[Shermy tries to pull it out, Beth has to pull it out for him]

Beth: Lift that sword, Shermy.

Shermy: Aw, yeah!

[They assume the same pose as Finn and Jake at the end of the show's title sequence]

Betty Grof: However it has to happen, I wish for the power to keep Simon safe.

BMO: That's the end.

Shermy: I thought this story was about the end of Ooo.

BMO: Pretty much.

Shermy: But what happened to Phil and Jake after that?

Beth: Or Princess Bubblegum?

BMO: Eh, you know. They kept living their lives.

BMO: Have fun on the other side of this door.

Finn: Jake, help me!

Jake: [Dressed as a waiter holding dozens of plates and glasses] I wanna help you, but I can't lose this job.

Jake: Everyone gets an evil doppleganger but me.

Jermaine: I'll be your evil doppleganger.

Jake: Jermaine, you're the best!

Lumpy Space Princess: So this is it. Oh, tender lad. I give you the parting gift of my lips.

Earl of Lemongrab: I find your proposal, mmm... acceptable!

[They kiss; Lumpy Space Princess' face puckers]

Earl of Lemongrab: Whoaa!

Lumpy Space Princess: You're welcome.

Gumball Guardian #1: Help me, mom. I'm turning nasty!

Jake: They'll be talking about this fight for years! And by they, I mean BMO and Shelby.

Marceline: Oh, man. He hates music.

Princess Bubblegum: Duh! Golb is dischord. It's the harmony. Harmony hurts them.

BMO: My art is a weapon!

BMO: [singing] Time is an illusion that help things make sense / So we are always living in the present tense / It seems unforgiving when a good thing ends / But you and I will always be back then / You and I will always be back then / Singing will happen, happening, happened / Will happen, happening, happened / And will happen again and again / 'Cause you and I will always be back then.

Jake: [as Gunther puts on the Ice Crown] Jump him! He's gonna wish to be all space villain!

N.E.P.T.R.: What?

Jake: He's a big evil alien stuck inside a penguin!

N.E.P.T.R.: Oh, I see.

[Gunther suddenly transforms into... the Ice Thing]

Ice Thing: [scatting] Say, where's Gunther, the beautiful child that I love?

Jake: Oh, never mind. I think he just wished to be Ice King.

[Ice Thing is playing drums]

Jake: And for some drums, I guess. Yeah, this is fine.

BMO: And so the princess was mother to her own uncle, and that made him mad. But she had friends, and he had friends, so they decided to have a bad fight, the biggest fight Ooo had ever seen.