The longest episode of the series with a length of 44 minutes.

The show is set to continue in comic book form called "Adventure Time: Season 11" that will take place after this episode and explain stuff that wasn't explained more in the show and was missing, including how the future of Ooo came to be with Beth and Shermy being in there. There will even be a comic book mini-series spin-off called "Adventure Time: Marcy and Simon" which will also tell what Marceline and Simon's futures will be like.

In one of the original scripts to this episode, GOLB was going to speak and be voiced by Tony Todd, as well as explain more of his relationship with The Lich.

The series finale of Adventure Time.

Originally the character Scorcher was going to speak for the first time and have a funny voice that would be voiced by child actor Andre Robinson, as well going into his relationship with the Flame Kingdom and Flame Princess.

In honor of the series finale, Cartoon Network aired an all day marathon leading up to the last episode.

Originally in one of the scripts, there was going to be a scene with the Legion of Candy Kingdom Haters members (except Ice King) on why they join to be a part of Gumbald's army, more of their backstories (that are mostly for The Squirrel, Samantha, Peace Master, Me-Mow, Pete Sassafras, Ash, Sir Slicer and Scorcher) and plead their loyalty to him with Gumbald killing Toronto (who help funded Gumbaldia) for trying to betray him and take his kingdom for the King of Ooo. Also there was going be more back story on Bandit Princess including her relationship with the King of Thieves of the City of Thieves seen in the episode with the same name, with the reason why she teams up with Gumbald is because he has funded her kingdom and Ice King questioning her being a Princess. The scene was cut due to running time and was too dark for younger viewers.

According to animator Steve Wolfhard on his Twitter account in his original script for this episode that were one of the original scripts to the episode. There was going another epilogue in where Jake becomes an old dog and dies. Then his funeral is at the candy kingdom where Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, BMO, Sweet Pea as a teenager, Mr. Pig, Treetrunks, Lady Rainicorn, Jake and Rainicorn's kids and grandchildren and some candy citizens appear for his funeral while his body becomes big and uncontrollable that cause the guest to get out unharmed while the candy kingdom is destroyed from it. Latter Princess Bubblegum in a ship grabs Jake's really big body and puts it in the ocean where it drifts to the missing chunk of the earth from the Mushroom War where it fills that entire chuck and years latter becomes a new continent for earth. However the heads of Cartoon Network decided not to put it in the final print of the episode and found that it would be better if the viewers would think what their own thoughts of what Finn and Jake's futures will be like to them.