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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was filmed in some beautiful locations and it was also shot real well. That's about where my positive comments end though.

    If you're trying to pay homage to a genre from the 70's and 80's, why would you throw in so much horrendous CGI? The movie starts with an awful CG headshot. If you're making me groan out loud within the first minute, that is never a good sign. Lots of really bad CG blood splatter in this, with a few moments of okay practical gore.

    If you're paying homage to the WIP genre, where was all the nudity? Why are women showering with their underwear on? Why are they in sexual situations and still have it on? The sheer stupidity was making me laugh. This does not deliver on the sleaze factor.

    Most of the performances felt forced and overacted. The guy who played the doctor did not convince me as a villain whatsoever.

    This film seemed like a bunch of ideas and characters all throw together with none of them being fully fleshed out. I didn't really care about any of these characters. I was struggling to figure out the point of several of them in the first place. The humor was out of place and none of it was funny.

    To add to the positives I mentioned in the first sentence here, I did enjoy aspects of the final act; a montage where most of the characters met their fate. I mainly enjoyed Ellie Church's performance in this part. This was the only portion of the movie that really grabbed my attention (finally). Too little too late.

    I was really looking forward to this movie because I love the WIP genre, but I ultimately felt really disappointed after watching. It just didn't deliver for me, but at least it was short at an 80 minute runtime.
  • chaturaCN11 April 2020
    Now i'm blind and i asked my sister to write this review.
  • Right off the bat, I got to say Amazon Hot Box is hot. The location is hot, and made me believe they were really in South America. The actresses were hot, too. Ellie Church is awesome in just about everything she does. Real natural. Tristan Risk is also pretty amazing. She plays a good bad guy. There was some cheesy effects, specially the CGI stuff with the helocopter. But it just made the movie more fun. I think the zombie stuff was a little bit much, but it was a nice, like the old women in prison movies. I wish Pam Grier was in it. This was a real good indie movie, and I would recommend anybody watch it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This story is a mess. It introduces characters and situations that never go anywhere, then keeps adding more. The movie starts out with a secret agent being briefed on her mission. We get to see her in a fight scene that wants to be Black Widow, but just looks like some amateurs playing around. Then, the agent makes it to the prison and immediately gets dumped into a pit, and we never see her again. There is a subplot about a warden who is trying to torture the women into controlling them, but before she can really do much, she hooks herself up to a torture machine that maims and kills her. The girls in the jail are revolting, and the most disgusting one almost ends up as a central character in the final act. It ends with another secret agent flying over in a helicopter and blowing everything up. They had some ideas on how to get this story started, but couldn't figure out where to go with any of it. Avoid.

    Oh, also, the score was one of the worst I've ever heard.
  • TuraFan-22214 September 2018
    Fast paced and insanely crazy Indie film that might be the best women in prison film ever made. Amazon Hot Box really has everything and the writing is thick and delicious. Very much like a Russ Meyer film. These women are tough. All of them. You don't expect complex characters in action films but The Hot Box delivers them in spades. If you had to make comparisons I would say Caged Heat meets the Hateful 8. The star of this is the warden, played by Ellie Church. She is like a complicated Ilsa she wolf type but not so one dimensional. I also like her assistant, who get this, is a little person. There is nudity but no rape. There is gore but despite the realism it is not to much. This also has a great soundtrack. Really great. This has hot tough ladies, actions, fights, blood and a bunch of crazy characters chewing up scenery. It is all very pretty camera work and well done. I wish they made more of these type of horror and action films that had African American women in them like this does. Very very good movie. Shocking at times but very very good.
  • What do you get when you throw actresses Ellie Church and Tristan Risk into a rat infested island jungle prison hell? A classic! This film is SO much fun you stop reading my review and see it. Now! Alright, I told you so. Since that Tarantino / Rodriquez film (that shall be unnamed) there has been a plethora of throwback imitators. Writer and director James Bickert is the only one that seems uninterested in making a revenge style film covered in fake scratches and thank god! His first two films were pretty damn good original takes on the 1970's 42nd street vibe but this one is a masterpiece. Like life everything in this flick is complicated. How the gazillion ideas all come together in the end, flawlessly, is just so satisfying. Big shout out to Kelsey Carlisle. This actress manages to play to stereotype and then move it way beyond. I caught this one at Horror hound Weekend and it was the best film there, by a mile. There is a lot going on here but it works. And Jet from Dear God No! is back. Love this guy. He's nice in this one and really funny. And all you gore-hounds will not be disappointed, the grue is plentiful and the effects are excellent. Great acting, cinematography, locations, alligators, helicopters, explosions, nudity and a dang torture machine! See this film!
  • Expectations were very high when watching this, and I wan't disappointed. The women are tough as nails or as a velvet glove dipped in snake venom, almost all lines of this movie are memorable, I promise you'll laugh out loud more than a few times. This ain't your daddy's women in prison film. This holds the trophy for the bloodiest, craziest, sleaziest, what in the world just happened, action-horror-women with guns hybrid. Some of the visuals are iconic. Meaning, you won't forget them because they only exist in this film. There are about 10 frames that could be famous album covers if a savvy band so choose to us them. The bands on this soundtrack should, they rock. Acting is excellent, pacing fast, beautiful cinematography, rocking score and like I said, those funny quotable lines make for a real good time. Really big cast too. Were they trying to start an action figure line? I don't know but I would buy them if they did. I have watched this movie four times now and it just gets better. They pack so much in there, I didn't get it all the first watch. This may be the only type of these films you can watch with your lady. It has that uncomfortable sex factor but my lady cheered for all the women and some of their big surprises. Which this film has many. Nice to see a movie with a complex plot. Just a 100% good time. You can share this one with friends. Call me obsessed. I would like to see just two movies this good a year.
  • 'Amazon Hot Box' comes from the same period as those Jack Hill led Filipino "chicks in chains" flicks of the early seventies ( see 'The Big Doll House' and 'The Big Bird Cage' for the best of the genre). Fans of them will really like this one. As always, the movie is set in some unnamed Banana Republic. What sets this movie apart is the female actresses and their characters. I have a sneaking suspicion that this was written by or had some re-writes by a woman. The women feel to real compared to what men write. While they do inhabit this world and those trappings, the females are multi dimensional and the men are stock characters. Really unusual for these films but it works. I doubt a man would come up with that so the actresses probably had some input and they are all on point. Actress Tristan Risk (Val) get's the best arch and lines to work with and shows what a great actress she is, I won't spoil it. Ellie Church is one of the most wicked wardens ever brought to the screen and her relations with a evil religious man is at first comical but then very real and hurtful. One of the film highlights for sure is that dynamic. There is also reference to older women (Samara Scott) and their relationships with younger women (Jordan Phipps), the secret agents, that was refreshing and felt authentic. The lead "new fish" is played by Kelsey Carlisle and she is really good, as are her inmate friends.

    The men are about as useless and stupid as they come. None of them are interested in the women, yeah right! They are funny. The real standout is the hapless guard who Val keeps getting over on. At first you think he will be a lecherous pervert but he's a dope like the rest of them. Most of the comedy comes from the men but the women have some good lines too. The president and his captor are hilarious additions.

    My biggest complaint is that it should have been longer. I could have spent more time with these women. Newcomers to these kinds of movies may not enjoy this as those more familiar with the Filipino women-in-prison style and approach will, but I enjoyed 'Amazon Hot Box' a great deal, and think it deserves to be much better known than it currently is. A tough and cool movie with plenty of fun and thrills. This is not safe for the kiddies.
  • barbara-1327014 September 2018
    I'm not sure what this other reviewer (that gave it 1 star) watched but it wasn't this hilarious and challenging film that defies expectations, challenges the viewer and re-writes the blueprint for exploitation cinema. You might think this is your typical women in prison trash but it's really a feminist deconstruction that still manages to deliver all the graphic sex and violence one would expect from these. The effects are really good too and the dialog is very funny. Laugh out loud amazing! This is so much better than it should be! I find it refreshing that anyone would take the time with this grind house staple and re-work it so carefully with these successful results.

    The acting is wonderful. What makes this movie so fun is it takes every cliche that one associates with this genre, especially character, and turns it upside down. Nothing develops as expected. And the way it all comes together is so satisfying and brilliant. Stand outs are the evil warden, the new girl, the lead prisoner Val (genius), the religious zealot, crazed CIA boss and the comic relief President.

    Totally original and very twisted, this is by far the stand out in all the films I've seen in 2018. I'll be hunting down everything this writer has done. That's for sure. If you want to see a really well made film with strong (beautiful) women and a heck of a good time, then this is it. I hope they make a sequel because it ended to fast. Loved Val. She deserves her own film.
  • This movie is amazing it all the B movie horror fun and tropes you could want. if you loved movies like Frankenstein created bikers and Dear God No! You will also love this
  • This is one of the most crazy films I've ever laid eyes on. Its a homage to so many 1960's/70's exploitation flicks I can't mention all of them. Its brilliant, wild, zany, mental, sexy, OTT and wacko. Outrageous performances. Imagine the Aussie prision TV series Prisoner Cell Block H written by Hunter S Thompson with Russ Myers and Ed Wood thrown in. Genius.