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  • paul2001sw-128 July 2018
    If you made up the story of 'Olympic Dreams of Russian Gold' (a rubbish title by the way - you could just as easily call it 'Russian dreams of Olympic Gold' and not lose any meaning, suggesting it is really just a random collection of vaguely suitable words thrown together at random for aesthetic effect - but I digress), you might not beleive it. A beautiful, talented but apparently tender-hearted youung Russian gynmast is bullied relentlessly by her coaches ahead of the Olympics. What they do is not coaching at all in any sense that I would recognise: rather, it reminds one more of the world of 'Full Metal Jacket': even if they aren't pumping her full of performance enhancing drugs, this is abuse of the highest level. One's ability to enjoy the extraordinary athleticism on display, meanwhile, is offset by the extent to which the competitotrs are sexualised - and forced to perform in what is little more than underwear. The narrative points in one direction - my only spoiler is that the final updates we receive are not what I was expecting, but complete the story arc as a grand tragedy. I found this a harrowing film to watch: in general, I'm not in favour of a punitive legal system, but it made me want to take those responsible, lock them up, and throw away the key, and I don't care how many champions they have produced.
  • bellmeist7 July 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    My emotions were so all over the place watching this it is hard to know where to start. For sure the exceptional athleticism portrayed by this woman is beyond compare. However, the expectation to be the absolute best trumps everything else. The coaches bring psychological abuse to an all new level that is difficult to watch. I have never heard educators or coaches speak the way these coaches speak to this athlete, horrible! Truly ruins the joy of sportsmanship and competition. Is she viewed as just a commodity? Is there no line that is to far to cross in pursuit of a certain goal? I wonder if her memories of the sport will be fondness or hatred. I definitely will view the Olympics differently next time I watch other countries like Russia compete.
  • I'm convinced people just like to watch cruelty. This isnt much of a documentary. Theres no narrative or structure whatsoever. It's just a compilation of "two Russian ladies abusing a young Russian girl" scenes. It's both boring and upsetting. Also, who wrote the description of this film, the coaches? "Mental fragility." She was the least fragile person in the doc.
  • cherylkyrandia27 September 2018
    I'd been waiting some time for this to come out. As a gymnast myself, I totally felt this character. The actor did a brilliant job. Well done!