The film was shot on Super 8mm in 1992, but couldn't find a distributor, so it was shelved as producer Don Rasmussen and director Mark Bessenger went on to other projects. But in 2015, they were approached by Bleeding Skull Video about the movie and a distribution deal was struck, allowing the film to be released to the public for the first time in over 25 years.

Two days before filming the bus scene, the local newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times printed the movie's shooting locations and that the stars were Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep! Fearing that they'd be swarmed with fans, the producer requested the paper print a retraction, which they did...calling the film "a B-movie production with no name actors."

The film's concept was originally going to be NINJA VAMPIRE, but with the nature of Super 8mm film not having a wide latitude for light, the idea was changed to NINJA ZOMBIE so the creature could exist during the day.

A 30-minute sequel was planned, to be called "A Ninja Zombie Christmas Special", but was never shot.

A week before filming began, Ninja Zombie actor John Hill fell from his second story balcony. Being a gymnast, he flipped and landed on his feet, but severely sprained his ankle, leaving him unable to perform any of the fight scenes! A fight double was quickly found and filled in for John, who recovered enough in time to perform the final sword fight scene at the end of the movie.

A model/actress who was the current St. Pauli beer girl auditioned for the role of Maggie, but wasn't cast because she refused to do nudity.

Michael Galbraith, who played on of the street thugs who attacks Orlan at the bus stop, was in reality lead actress Kelly Anchors' then-current boyfriend.