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  • Wasn't sure about this because of the negative feedback. But with a decent cast and good but, ok a little predictable storey. I really enjoyed this series, not a massive amount to think about ,but hey there are plenty of other deeper drama's out there to test you if that's what you want . This is just an easy watch with some great actors ... What more could you ask for
  • traceyshaw18 August 2019
    I don't understand all the negative reviews? Loved the Lake District Scenery, topics covered like gambling, mental health and guilt and how it affects the whole family. Great acting by the leading ladies. I don't know what wasn't to like?!
  • Cannot understand the negative reviews. Great cast who played their characters well. Was almost put off with the 1 and 2 ratings, but glad I ignored them.
  • I love the twist and turns of these mini series and its great to be able to watch them back to back
  • Unusual in showing situations in which basically good people acted immorally and how others paid the price! It shows the importance of having a moral compass, a system of belief which emphasises concern for others and the effects of one's own actions upon them. Beautifully acted but disjointed as far as the storyline, and needed more information for the viewer to assess the actions taken.
  • Lejink26 September 2019
    Highly contrived to the point of ridiculously unbelievable 6-part ITV drama set in the beautiful looking countryside of Lake Windermere. The plot is basically "take three girls", all friends on the face of it, who will see their marriages as well as their friendship tested up to and beyond their limits as ever more unlikely events occur in their lives.

    So let's take Anna Friel's character first. A struggling mum, who works as a dog-walker, forever wearing either dress-down dungarees or jeans and a Fair Isle jumper, she appears at first to be happily married to her Scots-born husband with their two kids. But no, it seems that Anna harbours feelings of inferiority and being taken for granted so that when she's invited with her husband to a posh party in a big fancy house by her well-to-do friend, she gets a chance to put on a posh frock and feel a bit glam for once. Then, while husband is getting sloshed downstairs, she has sex in the bathroom upstairs with her friend's sister's husband, so that afterwards she can now add shame and guilt to her growing list of neuroses.

    Then take said well-to-do friend, Rosalind Eleazor, living in said big house, married with two children, whose husband has previously run off with the au-pair. Her son wears an eye patch, appears to be in delicate health and seems withdrawn and troubled while her daughter by contrast seems like 15 going on 35. Her marriage is obviously in trouble and she is desperate to get her husband back. Then the daughter goes missing, after Friel forgets to collect her from school for a sleepover (piling more guilt on the hapless Friel) starting a full-scale girl-hunt but which seems to bring the concerned husband / father back to the estranged wife at least for a time.

    And finally take Sinead Keenan, a really struggling mum of one, with a husband who has a gambling addiction. They're one step away from the bailiffs as her hubby can't hold down a job and she can't make enough from her massage business. That is, until a wealthy, Porsche-driving, handsome client rocks up and offers to pay her handsomely for no-commitment occasional sex. Naturally she resists but when she's about to see her house repossessed and her well-off brother refuses to bale her out this time, she caves, but just as a one-off of course, to get her on her feet. That is until hubby caves, takes the found cash with which she's about to pay off their debts and blows it at the bookie's. So she caves again to the rich caveman, having sex with him at her office, although unbeknownst to her they're being filmed in the act by her sleazy young male receptionist whose price of silence is a private session with her too.

    It all goes on from there, involving along the way Keenan's girl-friend neighbour next door, the local cop, pining for her ex-girl-friend but who leads the investigation for the missing girl as well as child-minding for Keenan when she's out with her paying hunk.

    This bizarre mix of sex, guilt, and shame was all over the place redeemed by neither a realistic or even connected narrative or convincing acting. Some people might enjoy this countryside romp with its vague tag-line that the rich have as many problems in their lives as the poor but really I just found the plot jumps ludicrous to the point of laughable and ended up seeing it through to the end not because I was even remotely interested in the so-called characters' lives but just really to get to the end.
  • Is this the first series that EVERY character is flawed in?? Including the children? Not AMAZING bit certainly worth a watch, very dark gloomy, with not much too make your feel cheery about. Still worth watching though 👍🏻
  • I stayed for the full six episodes but it was a task. The three main female protagonists are given characters that neurotic and swing from one mistake to another. The actors must have needed to pay the rent to take on these roles, just like their characters, they've gone to rock bottom. There's much better drama out there and only so much time left on Earth.
  • samswindon-6489620 August 2019
    Great Little Series from ITV once again. The always perform with these little series.
  • I would think some of the reviews were written after having watched only the first episode. The first part is not a good advert for the drama overall, it is poor, after that it improves dramatically.

    It's very well made, dramatic, superbly acted drama. It's a mix of mystery, psychological drama and melodrama. You can't fault the production values or performances, but the stories won't be to everyone's taste. Lots of drama, lots to keep you entertained.

    Some aspects are quite bleak, a few revelations and scenes are quite upsetting.

    Great performances as mentioned, though it's Sinead Keenan who really stands out, I thought she was magnificent.

    The finale had the vibe of Doctor Foster about it, very dramatic, lots of secrets revealed, and masses of tension.

    Overall, I think it's an excellent watch. 8/10
  • It's always good to see that every family has their human stuff - and how one mistake sets off a chain of more. Great photography and acting.
  • Good, solid, dark drama. It kept me guessing and interested throughout. Top production values. Maybe not an all time classic but still perfect for a rainy night.
  • Not sure why it got such a lower IMDB rating as it's brilliant. Really worth the watch, great twists and turns through each episode. Well worth watching, hope you enjoy it!
  • wilkpat15 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Sleepy Windermere rivals Las Vegas or LA for the action in episode one. The women rule the roost - and all the men are either wasters or sex mad - nothing in between. How can a family go out on board a boat in very deep water and not ensure the children are dressed in a life jacket? How can a woman leave her underwear on the bathroom floor of another families house? Weak script that has some of the worst lines seen this year. Completely unbelievable in everything it showed.
  • tomtalbotty19 August 2019
    This TV Show goes so deep and leaves you feeling very emotional in some parts I definitely recommend you watching it as it features a lot of plot twists that go so deep you will truly love this TV series.
  • Well worth watching ..Really enjoyed it...Shows real life struggles well...Even supposed perfect lives don't look as perfect as we think
  • nern-547235 January 2020
    Low budget Big Little Lies. Desperate women and nasty men. Each character is flat and the storyline is predictable. Also the massage therapist actress looks like Matt Damon's twin sister.
  • Absolute tosh, plot holes, no depth in characters!!! Avoid!!!
  • neilcrossland15 August 2019
    Yet another dull soap opera about messed up people (made FOR women), masquerading as a "powerful drama". Cardboard cut-out stereo types everywhere, who I couldn't have cared less about if I'd tried. Give it a miss. You'll just get irritated if you don't.
  • Loved this; it challenges perceptions and twists and turns with depth, character development and true empathy. The four lead women are all amazing and it's a powerful story throughout.
  • ohmissusgee18 August 2019
    Ignore the plot holes and tedious characters. Enjoy the lake district scenery.
  • I made it through four episodes before giving up. I am amazed I made it that far but I do have a high pain threshold. I knew what was going to happen before it happened and I'm pretty sure I know how it's going to end. However, I really cannot be bothered to watch anymore of this pretentious nonsense. The actresses are either very bored or hard up for cash. Don't watch this unless you have absolutely nothing else better to do.
  • I'm just here to post that anything I see Anna Friel in now she's playing a dishevelled mother on the brink of a breakdown or assault. No clue how her career took this path but she's typecast now as a desperate disparate, that it's one character. The series itself was trying to be so many things but not achieving much. It's been done before, as the cliche goes and far better. Shame, as ITV do pick up some great drama and thrillers. Not this time.
  • hydjenks4 September 2019
    Really can't understand the low ratings this has received it's a great mini series. Multiple stories, weaving through each episode, keeping the plot exciting and wanting to start the next episode. Watch all six within a couple of days and enjoyed it so much. Please just watch these and come to your own conclusion, I'm positive you'll be giving it a good review too!! Enjoy
  • pauldavies-4982422 August 2019
    Predictable and slow...All the Male characters are weak or non entities
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