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  • I love all things TV movie, but this thriller was pretty underwhelming. Molly takes her laptop to get fixed, and soon after meets Jack, who seems to be Mr. Perfect. Coincidence? Of course not! While we, the viewer, know that somebody (I wonder who) has hacked into Molly's laptop to learn everything about her, Molly isn't so quick to catch on. However, Jack's clingy behaviour raises red flags, prompting her to call things off, which is when the weirdness ramps up.

    This film takes its time to get going, and when events start escalating, they aren't interesting or creepy enough to overcome the long build-up it took to get to them. I admittedly like a bit of over-the-top crazy in my Lifetime thrillers, but this plays it fairly straight and, well, plodding. Performances are fine for this sort of thing. Rosalie McIntosh, who I've never heard of before, is a good find, and does well in the lead.
  • Have you ever wondered if the computer techs look at all your private stuff when they repair your computer? This movie asked that disturbing question. Fun and creepy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a little slow initially when it comes to getting the wackoness going but at least it's not too far fetched. It turns into a pretty good cautionary tale. A woman sends her computer for repair. Somehow this guy gets her info and woos her knowing all the things in common. He's a bit too intense and they break up and then things start getting interesting when he starts doing things with the information. Cash draining from her bank account, fake reviews in her name, sabotaging her work with risqué photos, plagiarism etc. The things people can do with online identity range far beyond just credit card fraud. It's quite eye opening.

    The cast is nice - Rosalie the main actress is pretty. Drew Seeley has been doing some Lifetime wackos lately and he's pretty effective.

    Worth a watch.
  • So, another good story line, though quite predictable. Quality of Writing: Generic writing, though a good plot that works well. Just would have been nice to see better acting ("Jack" plays his role quite convincingly, but Molly isn't very intriguing to watch). Scare factor: "Jack" is at first overwhelming with his pushy display of affection and omnipresence, then he turns controlling and threatening, which is first done through a physical distance and then becomes more intense when he is physically present. Content (sex, language & violence): No sex shown, but MC is seen in her underwear and bra several times (mostly to show a scar). No language. Violence is mild and physically shown only in one instant at the end. Values: Seeking truth, friendship, friends looking out for each other, using good judgment The main character is okay as an actress, but she didn't bring much to the role, especially for someone who's in danger and whose life is being taken over; she remains too meek and non-reactive. The supporting cast was more exciting to watch.
  • Nothing exciting to see except a bit of extreme personality disorder in this psycho. He is extremely obsessed with not only one girl but with any girl he can spy. Nothing extraordinary, this movie is not worth watching, except if you wanna see a little not so funny comedy. Everything is negative, childish, and ordinary. Just a bit extreme. There are no very intense moments, but weaker than you imagined. Definitely not a thriller. Most of the movie is just pure childish talk. Not worth spending a time, although the fact that it shows how things really are around us. Psychos do exist, so if you need a confirmation or example of that fact, only then this is for you. There are missing details of computer hacking and in everything. So little details. Lesson is obvious, it is not to trust anyone such as computer repairers or anybody who can have access to our personal data. The actor reminds me a bit of Spiderman.
  • This film had lots of promise,- beautiful girl takes her computer in to be repaired and then meets perfect guy who shares all her interests. But at every opportunity she is there posing in black undies ... Most of it was totally gratuitous, especially when she is just with her female companions. Maybe the director is old and creepy. In these days of METOO however, the unnecessary black undies are a bit of a surprise.

    The plot line was obvious from the start. Drew Seeley though is very good as the unnerving stalker/ boy friend. The comeuppance though was disappointing and too quick. Given that, why was the final scene so totally confusing ?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was not really a bad movie but it had a really strong Lifetime movie feel to it. Unfortunately i am not exactly a fan of LT movies so that detracted from this movie for me.I would have enjoyed the story a lot more had it been shot in a more typical cinematic way. The story was pretty good(not really convinced how true to life the circumstances about PC repair are in this i have my doubts) but overall it was not what i would call boring. The beginning was a bit slow but it picks up. It passed the time :)
  • marwanek10 January 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well, it was a movie with an obvious plot. Why? Because it has been done before. The concept was not new, but despite that I enjoyed the movie. So I have to give credits, that they still managed to pull this concept off.

    The actors were great, they all had talent.

    It has a slow pace of building tension the first 30 minutes.

    The music was a little bit amateuristic but it fitted in the movie.