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  • gpd-815559 June 2019
    Dude ismso naturally funny. The special is put together nicely and it left my wife and I in a state of happiness and laughter throughout it's entirety.
  • Absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!! His second attempt was just as good as his first!!! I think he is one of the funniest and most underrated comedians of our era! This gentleman does not get the credit he deserves AT ALL! I can't understand anyone who wouldn't find him funny! He is simply non stop laughter!! I absolutely love his take on society, on people, on reality it's so refreshing to hear and to see and I wish he would get more Face Time! Come on NETFLIX PICK THIS GUY UP!!! I am in absolute rapture waiting for his third special! This man is a true talent!!! I wish there were more like him!! ERIK GRIFFIN KEEP DOING YOU THING!!!!!!! You are one of the greatest comedians of our day and age please please PLEASE KEEP IT COMING! MUCH LOVE BRO!!! FROM A FAN YOU HAVE EARNED FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • groomsthomas7 August 2018
    Loved his first comedy special! But he was pathetic in this 2nd attempt. The materiel was not funny, dragged on tooooo long! I get people upset over my sense of humor. But he disrespected the kneeling of the national anthems true meaning! Then all his mimicking of people were all like he was trying to talk like a person of color. His LGBT jokes were tacky also. He just wasnt funny! And got more laughs @ "Goldie's". I give him a 'crate of rotten tomatoes"