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  • I don't know why peoples aren't watching this but this movie is better than carry on jatta 2 .It also got released in Pakistan so i watched it and i don't regret it.It was so funny that we even got lack of oxygen in our head cause of too much laughter .Awesome acting ,awesome songs,awesome dressing and the best part Amazing laughter .Binudilhon nailed it in its acting .I will suggest every one to watch this movie.Whole cinema laughed at the jokes .In short its a must much!! Your money won't get waste!!
  • dhruvtnwr25 August 2018
    First of all let me appreciate Smeep kang for still churning out comedies year after year and who could say that this is his 3rd release this year after Laavan Phere and Carry on jatta. Let me start of with my expectations which were not very high and the only positive point was binnu dhillon. Surprisingly the movie is very good and i must say that this is a very funny movie with good dosage of comedy in screenplay and the film has sufficient gags too. The 1st half is very fast paced, the second half drags a little with unneccesary songs. Still i believe the movie is far better than carry on jatta 2 and is par with carry on jatta 1. HIGHLY recommended...

    P.S. watch out for the scenes in which binnu and friends try to impress the girls father.
  • I always like to watch Indian Punjabi movies and this movie is better than all. Most funny movie, I ever watched. Billo dhillon is awsm in the whole movie.

    The other supporting character are my best, Specially Gurpreet Ghuggi.
  • Good singing, dancing and beautiful colours throughout movie. Very poor attempt at slapstick humour, too unbelievable. We were the only two people in the theatre. I can't believe this has a rating of 8.1 at the time of writing this review. Rating based on 37 reviews - obviously from cast members or their mothers. Save your money, and more importantly, your time. Don't see this movie.
  • This is a good movie I personally didn't like ending but overall this movie entertain a lot. Specially ghuggi paji.... oh what a performance with binnu dillion as always.
  • What to say about binnu Dhillon..he is total maniac when it comes to just choose any of his films and laugh out loud.
  • Jokes are in abundance in this movie. the storyline is a bit lost. but it's pure slapstick comedy.
  • riddhimaakaritu16 September 2019
    Few funny moments but no proper beginning, no story and ends abruptly.
  • Punch lines aren't there.Nothing new except Anna Shadaa.Would have been better if named Anna Shadaa,instead of VJV
  • Let's begin with my critics.

    10/10-- This film contains some things that make no sense (from a Hollywood point of view). -1.5

    8.5/10-- The female protagonist isn't good, still her acting is fine. -0.3

    8.2/10-- Male protagonist is awesome, but not that good looking.

    8.7/10-- The songs and their dubbing by actors sucks. -1

    7.7/10-- Explanation to blindness not shown well. -0.5

    =7.2/10 or 7/10
  • utkarshdev-3593411 February 2019
    Hilarious, great acting and amazing direction. It's better than any of the salman's or shahrukh's movie in last 5-6 years.
  • karmjit3 January 2019
    Some scenes are very funny. watch it if u want to laugh hard.
  • kuldeep-0475411 December 2018
    It seems Binu Dhillon is doing solo films these days. He delivers great performance with this film. Its typical Smeep Kang Movie where some comedy scene goes over for example Binu Dhillion on wheel chair scene. I think they over done that movie scene and should have kept shorter. Its great movie to watch if you are home bored.