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  • lor_4 April 2018
    Bree Mills and Gamma Entertainment continue to recycle various vignettes shot for her "Pretty Dirty" series, and this compilation is completely random and shows the carelessness of their approach.

    Presumably, the public that loves Bree's endless stream of Lesbian and/or Massage content didn't pop for the slightly naughty boy/girl scenes of "Pretty Dirty", so with a sunk cost invested they hope to make back a few bucks by repackaging stuff under the "Depraved Life" DVD label.

    Uselessness of this approach is typified in "A Wife for a Wife Part One"", previously issued under that title on a Pretty Dirty DVD. It doesn't play well here without the completion of Part Two, so what's the point? All we have is some hotwifing action by Reena Sky, with an open ending as she gets ready for the undelivered Part Two. IMDb compounds the problem by listing not only the "A Wife..." DVD but a duplicate, illustrated fake entry for a Mini-Series by that name, even though the other two segments on the earlier DVD were random and unrelated to the Reena Sky/Jessa Rhodes 2-parter.

    Title scene has horny student Jillian Janson inveigling her teacher Seth Gamble to hump her. Set his back in "Meet the Batemans Part One" to have a threesome with wife Brandi Love and wannabe babysitter Nina North, again the Part Two missing in action.

    Final filler has Xander Corvus, Reena's humper in "A Wife...", returning to do the honors with extremely horny Abella Danger in "My Permission".

    Fans have three bites at the apple in all cases: the website, a Pretty Dirty DVD and now a reshuffled Depraved Life DVD, all of which convinces me that Gamma will be back at the trough peddling this content again for the fourth or fifth time -watch this space.