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  • The idea behind this anime seems fresh and unique. I really liked it. The only thng bothering me is that from time to time, it feels almost like a cooking show and there isn't enough romance. *sigh* Other than that, the storyline is compelling and interesting and I can definitelly recommend it.
  • march-3320627 May 2018
    I'm in love if you love the ancient magus bride then you'll love this show we need more drama romance more EPISODE !!!!
  • Can't wait for the next episode. Odanna is the most handsome ogre I've ever seen. The story is just wonderful and it keeps getting better. I love cooking ... the way to an ogre's heart is through his stomach :)
  • This anime series in centred on Aoi Tsubaki, a college student who can see Ayakashi, supernatural beings. One day one lures her into the Hidden Realm. Here she learns that he is Odanna, an ogre who knew Aoi's grandfather. He was well known in the Hidden Realm; he also ran up debts and as part of his payment Odanna expects Aoi to marry him! She isn't so keen so negotiates with him so that instead of marrying him she will work at Tenjin'ya, an inn he owns. She soon impresses other Ayakashi with her cooking; this isn't an entirely good thing as it leads her into some dangerous situations.

    This twenty six part series was a real delight. The story is told at a gentle pace which enables us to get to know the characters. There are plenty of mildly perilous situations but one never really fears for Aoi. She is a likeable protagonist and the characters who surround her are interesting. It probably helps if one has some understanding in Japanese folklore even if, like me, it is what one has learnt from other anime. It shouldn't be too much of an impediment if you don't though. The character designs and backgrounds are impressive and the animation is of a high standard. Overall I'd definitely recommend this to fans of anime that combine Japanese folklore with humour, drama and a touch of romance.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • AoiChibi6 February 2019
    A most enjoyable anime with a varied cast of characters mostly drawn from Japanese folk tales. A young woman is taken to the realm of "Ayakashi" or "Yokai" magical creatures like ogres, tengu, kappas and many more. While undergoing various trials and travails, her skill at cooking helps her gain friends and supporters. The animation is lovely, the plotting is well done.
  • I'm in love with these characters. From the first episode I was hooked. The hidden dreams of Aoi's childhood slowly unravel in such a beautiful journey. I'm sad there's no happy ending but I'm left with sad/happiness. There needs to be a second series or it's just cruel.
  • I just love this show. It's so easy to watch, even the dramatic parts are still pretty chill. I love the romance between the Ogor God and Aoi, it's a delightful banter. Was hooked from the first 10 minutes
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love the whole fantasy story of a yokai demon falling in love with a human girl, or visa versa, as with a few other series I have watched, like InuYasha was one of my favorites until I watched this one. Now I have a new one to add to my list. You know the list of shows you love so much, you can keep watching them over and over and never get sick of them. Even if you have watched the series from start to end like 10 times? Ya, this is one of those kinds of series too! I can not get enough of it. I wish they had more episodes out already, I am dying to see what happens next. I hope this series continues to run for a long time, because it really is something that locks you in wanting more. It has a variety of things going on in the series, between learning about the demons and spirits that inhabit their word, their food and cultures, as well as them learning about the human girl's world through her cooking she does for them, etc. There is the mystery of who helped her as a child that she is trying to figure out the whole time, who it could be from the demon world that was so kind to her and saved her from starvation when her mother abandoned her in an apartment all alone and she was so young she could not cook for herself. Yeah :( It is really horrible. My family has a couple of suspicions who it could be based on things they said, or they way they act it brings back memories to her that she remembers that from her dreams of that incident many years ago. You should watch to draw your own thoughts though! The can see there is something definitely brewing there that she originally did not want in the beginning with a creature like "him". The more she gets to know him on the side away from his business, the more she is getting closer to him and realizes she may have Ogres all wrong, at least this one anyway. <3 Oh and don't forget to spice things up a little, you might even get the impression there are a couple of other guys that seem like they could possibly be interested or you would like them to be interested in her too because it seems like they are so good to her or treating her extra special. So could there be a love tryst with someone else instead?? Then there are assassination attempts on her life being as she is human, there are some that see her as a threat, or want to eat her. It all keeps you on the edge of your seat with great anticipation of wanting more. So do not look away, watch this series and spread the word so they will create more episodes and keep this running for a long time. It is so sad when good ones end after 12 or 26 episodes when the fans want more. So do your part and keep them seeing we LOVE it so much, and they will just have to acquiesce to our demands :)