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  • alisonc-124 July 2019
    Rose (Maeve Higgins) has given up her calling as a psychic after a terrible accident and is making her living as a driving instructor in rural Ireland. Martin (Barry Ward) is a widower with a troublesome ghost of a wife and an increasingly sassy daughter, Sarah (Emma Coleman). When he asks Rose for her help exorcising the ghost, she at first refuses, but then a well past his prime rock star (Will Forte) decides he needs the blood of a virgin to renew his vows to Satan in order to revitalize his long-dormant career, and Sarah is just who he's looking for; or is she?.... This is a very funny movie about ghosts, lost hopes, redemption and everything in-between; Forte is hilarious as the over-the-top Christian Winter, but it's Ms. Higgins who carries the film with humour, grace and rather an alarming amount of moxie. Throw in some sight gags referencing other horror movies along with just out-there craziness (deer head crying tears of 7-Up - "it's Mummy, she always loved 7Up!"), and this is a film that should get a wide audience everywhere. Extraordinary, indeed.
  • I was surprised by how well Extra Ordinary worked. It's full of little surprises and great performances. Apart from one bad choice (the entire character played by Claudia O'Doherty: an extremely unfunny stock character who seems to have wandered in from an Adam Sandler movie), Extra Ordinary is consistently smart and fun.
  • I had no idea what to expect as I had not read a review. However, I was highly entertained by this quirky farce. It was both novel and creative. Barry Ward was excellent as Martin Martin and if you are a fan of Maeve Higgins, then make sure you have a night at the movies.
  • SheilaMcC16 September 2019
    Loved it. Laughed out loud. A lot. Well paced. Good script.
  • Pairic22 September 2019
    Extra Ordinary: Rose is a driving instructor and former Psychic who gave up the spiritual stuff after killing her father (also a psychic( when she messed up a ritual (there was a dog spirit involved). Now she is followed by a magpie and can see all the local ghosts who haven't moved on. She is persuaded to help Martin whose late wife is now a poltergeist and sends him messages printed on toast. Martin's daughter is also possessed through a Satanic ritual. There's a failed popstar who believes that he can make a comeback through a deal with a Demon, the ritual involves sacrificing a virgin.

    All in all a typical Irish small town complete with a woman who loves going to funerals. Some nasty scenes, especially when a virgin is accidentally sacrificed prematurely resulting in a mess. But this is leavened by the comedy of a possessed recycling bin and a rather disgusting method of collecting ectoplasm. Martin's wife is also hilarious when she dybbuks him. A good Comedy-Horror film though some of the jokes may be lost on non-Irish viewers. Directed and written by Mike Ahern. 8/10.
  • This film was out of focus (For an "aged " effect, I assume).This made it hard to watch at times. The rest of the time it was unwatchable because of the bad ,bad acting, the halloween gory props and the Stupid storyline. Its a genre that you really would have to be into or else you are in for a disapointment and it will be 2 hours you will never get back.
  • There are good things about this movie: its campy comedic tone, its characters are sometimes endearing and a good trailer. The parody VHS tapes... I really had high hopes for this unassuming comedy. When it's good, it's good but...

    However, overall, the characters are one-dimensional, the cinematography is far from memorable, the direction is uncertain. The jokes are sometimes good, sometimes bad. The car chase was funny and a good idea, for example. But the good bits aren't good enough to make us forget about all the bad bits.

    Some enjoyable performances - Forte's satanic baddie, for one- but few of the actors stand out due to poor character development and script.