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  • prisca-6038426 July 2018
    From the moment I read the synopsis I knew this was a drama I would LOVE - & I absolutely did!! I am extremely picky with kdramas & I honestly wish I wasn't since it's so hard to pick something that will grab my attention in the first few minutes of a drama lol but man oh man this was amazing!

    If you're looking for a pinkish drama, light hearted rom com with a bit of suspense - THEN THIS IS FOR YOU.

    This drama gave me absolutely every single thing I could ever ask for in a perfect drama - great chemistry between the two main leads ( who are incredibly attractive btw ) , lots of comedy and lots & lots of kissing scenes - which were adorable to watch *squeals* PSJ is an extremely talented actor & so is PMY, I was so impressed with this drama, the director did an amazing job and so did all the actors. Each week I was looking forward for each and every single episode & I was never disappointed or ever bored. Did I mention the chemistry was fantastic?

    If you're wondering whether or not to give this a shot - I AM BEGGING YOU PLEASE DO. I wasn't disappointed & I hope you won't be. PSJ is quite the eye candy.
  • hacienda-0052024 July 2018
    This is the second series starring Park Seo Joon that I have watched (before I watched She Was Pretty) and I am amazed not only of the high calibre of the young stars but the beauty of filming and the perfection of the production. The love stories are similar but still leave the viewer spellbound and anxious for the next episode. The Koreans should export these productions world-wide, as audiences everywhere will totally enjoy these beautiful young actors and actresses mesmerise the viewers with their performances. Thanks for great entertainment!
  • It's a shame this series got this huge a rating. It was almost painful to watch. Atleast the episodes 1 - 12 made some type of sense. But the horror of the rest. How can such a cheesy, nauseouating romance get such rating. I am more disappointed at the misleading rating more than the series itself. After watching drama like Goblin, memories of Alhambra. This is such a shame. I have nothing to say. This is over the top to be even called a fairytale romance. I give up
  • thewestliesahead4 October 2018
    This is one of the best romantic comedies with a dash of drama that I've ever had the pleasure of watching. It's funny, romantic af and the chemistry between the leads is off the charts. The male lead is fantastic, the female lead is super cute and the supporting cast is awesome too.

    Basically, Secretary Kim has been working for nine years as the assistant of the Vice Chairman of a company and now she's resigning. Why? She's paid off the debts of her father and sisters, and is ready to have a life of her own. For nine years, she's been at the Vice Chairman's beck and call, at night, in the weekend and even during holidays. On top of that, her boss is self-absorbed to the point of narcissism. So, she's done.

    The Vice Chairman is shocked when she announces her decision to quit - because he thinks he is the best boss and most perfect guy ever - and immediately starts to come up with schemes to get her to stay. Somehow he gets it into his pretty little head that Secretary Kim is in love with him, so he starts to woo her. With hilarious results, because she hates his guts.

    Seriously, just watch this series! It's so good and so satisfying. You'll laugh and cry and sigh (mostly laugh and sigh, though, at how adorable the main couple is). The male lead is gorgeous and hilarious, the female lead has got a great evil smirk, the sound effects are the best and the side stories of the other characters are absolutely worth your time too. I'm probably just going to watch the whole series again real soon, because watching anything else after this can only lead to disappointment.
  • pennyelenabooks30 July 2018
    So so
    What's Wrong with Secretary Kim is just an okay drama. It has a cute approach to the story, that also involves some mystery about a kidnapping and a chilhood drama, but they kind of overeploit that theme and it got tiring towards the end. The romance, for me, it was so so. There was chemistry and everything, but the script didn't help to create the right mood. In the end, the romance scenes seemed forced to be funny when they weren't. The performances, in addition, were nice and enjoyable at least. The side stories interesting as well. Overall, the drama is just a cute romance drama and it doesn't really have any originality in it to make it the great drama that most viewers claim it to be.
  • I'm a big fan of K-dramas specifically, but not the romantic ones. I originally never intended to watch this to begin with, I was searching for some good ones. After finishing the first episode, I was completely hooked and fascinated by the wonderful story line up and ended up watching the whole 16 episodes in 2 days. The actors have done a marvelous job, they portrayed their characters exceptionally. Loved every bit of it. The romance, the comedy, the sorrounding mystery between the two brothers, everything was fabulous! Just give it a shot. You'll regret later if you don't. It's from one of those "must watch" categories. Even if you ain't a romantic fan, you'll love it!
  • An entertaining romantic comedy with great chemistry between the leads. Certainly does not tax your brain and while they did try to throw in a little mystery with the kidnapping story when they were children, it too was predictable as was the progress of the romance. I did enjoy the humor and the audacious ego of the main lead. If you are looking for fun and escapism, this will fit the bill.
  • I enjoyed it a lot but I feel that the plot was unnecessarily lengthened, even so, each chapter was the most beautiful in the world and it is very satisfying to see through the chapters the development of the past history of the protagonists, I loved it.
  • indy-840374 November 2019
    She is so feminine, so lovely.. He is good looking and sweet. Both caught a great chemistry. The storyline is beautiful, 90% of each episode makes you laugh. Definitely this drama deserves to be watched
  • I found nothing wrong with this show at all. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a nice and enjoyable show. The characters made it even more enjoyable! I loved the main cast and the ending is superb!
  • One of the 2 dramas which I would go back and watched it again and again. Love interactions between them are hard to find.
  • brendamas15 June 2018
    Absolutely loving this haven't seen a drama yet he is in that I have not enjoyed he is one along with Hungshik. and Ji Chang I could watch anything they are in so happy for their success
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ahhh, yep, another favourite K-drama here for me. At first you see mostly the funny side of things, with the hero being so amazingly arrogant you just have to laugh.

    The chemistry between the two leads is undeniable from the start, but the most amusing aspect for me was the hero getting a rude awakening when he has to come to terms with his secretary's decision to resign her position ... after nine long years of being a well paid servant.

    He's baffled, confused, stunned, because who wouldn't want to be at his beck and call all day, every day?

    That's what we see at first, but as the series progresses we go a lot deeper into the shared history of both lead characters (that goes right back to childhood), and inevitably take a more sympathetic view toward that arrogant hero. The story is moving.

    I will definitely be watching this series again, because I adored it the first time. Great acting, and numerous captivating side stories to watch unfold as well.
  • What's Wrong with Secretary Kim was on my watch-list for a very long time, and I initially didn't really have an interest. Then I saw Park Seo-Joon in Itaewon Class and fell in love with his shy character and amazing acting skills. So I gave this a shot.

    Overall, I feel that this show is quite overrated. Based on reviews I was expecting a lot, and perhaps that's why I felt underwhelmed. I liked the kidnapping subplot - I think it was done well, made sense, and added a tragic undertone to our couple. But this subplot was resolved rather early, and it felt like the will-they/won't-they aspect also reached it's climax too early. I got bored and skipped through the last two episodes. The fatal flaw for me was the lack of chemistry between our couple - in my opinion Min-Young felt very stiff towards Seo-Joon. Every time they kissed it seemed like she just wasn't into it. Seo-Joon was always very sweet and into her, so I'm not sure if she just didn't like him in real life and that translated onto the screen, or if she just felt awkward filming those types of scenes - I haven't seen her in anything else so I'm not sure what to make of it. I seem to be in the minority here, especially since apparently people thought they were a real couple because of this show, so it might just be me. Either way, I didn't particularly like this show.
  • This romantic comedy drama was a refreshing change to most K-dramas. It had a great story-line, loads of witty humour, lovable characters and a dramatic and emotional twist to the story. What I loved most was how Young Joon's character did develop but he managed to remain his usual pompous self but it was never serious and he was actually really kind a caring underneath. In the same way, Mi So just accepted him being so full of himself, not feeling the need to set him down because she knew he was really lovely and kind. The other thing I liked was the lack of misunderstandings and wasted opportunities so prevalent in many of these dramas. I loved the part where she says, I want to make things clear, so there are no misunderstandings and the scene in the cupboard, where he maturely doesn't take offence, but rather doesn't want to argue with her unnecessarily. The only thing I didn't like, was the ridiculously annoying woman Se Ra. I assume it's a Korean thing, but the stupid side characters are so unnecessary and really annoying. The actual humour was so good throughout, no silly side characters are needed. This series had more passion than most K-dramas but still very decent which I really like. Great acting and characters I will miss.
  • The first series I've watched from their 16 episode format. it is fresh to me and its on Hulu for my area in the US. Netflix has many also from the same production folks. The love theme is well written throughout, and with the subplots there are several ongoing but never overbearing to the main plot. You may cry a time or three in the more deeper drama moments. The characters mature with the passing episodes and the end is proper. i watched it more than once to get it all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I cried watching episode 15 literally. Even though the drama didn't have much deeper story and the mystery got solved my episode 12, I still loved the meaningless laughter and romance after that. Cause maybe that's what I was longing to watch. Watch a guy propose 5 times to his girl until she says yes. Watch a guy fulfill his girl's bucket list. Watch a guy convince the girl's family. Maybe I love a show off guy like Young Joon who wants to show the world the love of his life and not hide it. Definitely definitely a must watch if u r fairy tale lover!
  • I absolutely loved this series. Along witht the Legend of the blue sea, it's now my favourite. I never laughed as much. And their love story, adorable. I highly recommend.
  • Me and my wife watched together, we laughinh together. I can learn some new things for our relationship. Very good movie
  • This drama was just okay. There were a lot of things I didn't like about this show and it was hard for me to finish. This show gets really high reviews and I will never understand why there are lots of other dramas that are worth your time. Most episodes were very boring. Young-joon (leading male)'s narcissism was funny at first but it became annoying very fast and it made him unlikable, Mi-so (leading female) was also unlikable and kind of annoying which is what made it hard to continue. Honestly the side characters like Ji-Ah saved the show, I never would've gotten through it without them. I'm also seeing a lot of people that they had amazing chemistry but I don't feel the chemistry at all.

    Okay, now the good things. As I said earlier the side characters are what encouraged me to finish the show, I liked that the show also focused on the side couples which a lot of dramas don't really do. And I'll admit I enjoyed the first 3 episodes but it honestly went downhill from there. Park Seo-Joon did a great job with his role, although the character was unlikable he is really an amazing actor, watching this show after Itaewon Class really showed how he can tackle any role. This is the first drama I've watched with Park Min-Young (I've watched Busted though) and I think she also did an amazing job, the actors in this show are amazing. And this show did make me laugh sometimes.
  • fafahidden24 July 2020
    Thats all im gonna say,not gonna waste my time for explaining why cuz i already wasted too much watching it.
  • aramel-307458 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    So cringe, both characters are so annoying, no real conflict, it's boring. All they do is kissing and saying stupid things.
  • bhavika_p10 July 2020
    One of the best Kdrama'sI have watched in a while. Like a rollercoaster set of emotions. Absolutely brill
  • Watched this series twice during the 2020 quarantine. This has become my favorite series of all time. I never thought I would be so into it since I don't like to watch foreign films. I don't like reading the captions because it takes away the viewing experience. But this series changed all that. I hope there is follow up season again. I am sure it would be a big hit!
  • jasminn_tan17 May 2020
    Park Seo Joon is a really versatile actor and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance in this drama as well. I know that this was based on a webtoon which explains why the writing was good. This was a feel-good drama but the PSJ and Park Min Young brought depth to the show.
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