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  • I just left the premiere of this great short movie, and i am speechless, great movie that takes us around the world to the japanese culture, it really is a voyage of discovery, the portuguese ninja, lives with a geisha girlfriend in Japan, until the day, that a japanese messenger comes to him, with a mission, after that everything changes, his quest for the golden key, takes him on journey to uncover the truth behind this powerfull object.

    Anyway, the cast of the movie is good, and it is refreshing to see new faces to the martial arts scene. The dialogue is straight to the point, no clumsy, half-hearted dialogue going on here, which also helps the movie to keep going.

    So if you like ninja movies and action movies, this is definitely a movie you cannot allow to miss out on, it´s 10/10 for me.
  • The movie shows that when you are a target for the ninjas, you are in deep trouble, fighting back is no use because, as the movie shows, Ninja are just too quick and you can't reason with them either because they are programmed to destroy their target.

    But what's even worse is to be an exiled ninja because once you become a ninja, you're a ninja for life, no exceptions.

    They don't waste time. They go in, do the job, and get out.

    This movie has all this, love it, the locations are amazing, what can i say, it is what it is, a love letter to all ninja fans.

    Entertaining, satisfying, and an instant classic worthy of the top shelf in any Blu-Ray collection.
  • The story begins with a japanese messenger that brings a scroll to the exiled portuguese ninja, and then leaves his home, and travels to Portugal, to recover the golden key, from the evil Mr. Kane.

    As this story spins and runs, we have a tribute to all the classics from the 80´s ninja movies, especially to ( American Ninja ), i felt the love the director has for the movie, the soundtrack is perfect, all the acting his great.

    All in all this movie was hands down, an awesome Ninjitsu experience.
  • Truly i was expecting a more story lined movie, but kinda figured out that it wasn't the way it was heading after about the first five minutes.. hahaha..;

    Though i'm a more 'story' fan, i must admit i had a fun time watching this.

    The ninja in this movie is an elite warrior, he kills, and he kills :)

    But my favorite was Mr. Kane amd the henchman Venomous, the fight action is often and quite well choreographed.

    Now i´ll have to wait for the sequel to see it´s conclusion. The cast is okay, but overall you should enjoy this modern day action hit.
  • This film is just pure action entertainment from start to finish. The story moves along, very quickly.

    It has Katanas, kunais, shurikens, lots of ninja weapons, mercenary´s, a cool villain Mr Kane, up in his tower ( great building by the way ) loved the soundtrack, the stunts in this movie are top notch.

    Love the opening scene, it´s one of the best.

    But still, has some flaws, especially in the dark scenes, maybe they can correct it, in a sequel, because it prays for it, in the end

  • This movie was worth the wait for me, since Constantino Filmes, announced it. I was looking forward to see it, last night the wait was over, and i really loved it, the special effects in this movie were awesome, incredible job for this low budget pearl.

    To me ninjitsu is mystical and spellbinding, that way, you can work on your stealth. So the power of the kobudera, gives this ninja all the energy he needs to vanquish evil. Loved the geisha, the sets in Japan, the acting.

    Overall it´s 8/10
  • This is, surprisingly enough, an interesting, well-made action picture, an astonishing feat from Constantino Filmes, the director who also stars does a good job as the portuguese ninja, and the other actors don´t disappoint. The soundtrack is exceptional, the photography is great,

    This movie is like "dynamite", it´s an instant classic, a true gem.

    Highly recomended. If you want to know how it ends, watch it to find out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This short movie has great entertainment, since i was a litlle girl, me and my father watched these movies together, so it was very nice to see a new ninja movie and in portuguese.

    It's sort of like the ultimate tribute in a way to Ninja fans, the finale itself leaves you wanting to see more, after the explosion in the forest, and now the real war will begin, i hope they will start working on a sequel soon.

    Bottom line. I can sum up Portuguese Ninja best in one word, FUN. I'm sure you'll have fun too, go see it.
  • I´m not a ninja fan movies, but since i like Constantino Filmes movies, i saw this. it was a good movie, filled with special effects, the actors did a great job, there isn´t much development in the story, but they can correct that in the next story ( yes there will be another adventure ) i stayed until the very end of the movie, to see that.

    The action scenes are very clever, and taken to the next level. I was really surprised with this movie, for now i´ll give it a 7, maybe when it comes out in blu-ray i´ll give it more.
  • This a violent and gripping story with plenty of noisy action and struggles in a comic-book style . It's a mindless but enjoyable story, the soundtrack is the best, i´ve seen in a while, it´s great to see a portuguese ninja take on an evil organization, i will buy this on dvd, as soon as it arrives in stores.
  • I was pumped to see the portuguese ninja, and now i am satisfied what a crazy adventure, it´s great to see portuguese people doing a movie about ninjas, in my younger years these movies were the best, so what i have to say is, that this movie takes you on a journey to Japan, and Lisbon, and never let´s go, it has action, drama, adventure, everything i could ever want, in a movie like this.

    So i will wait for the sequel, because in their site i saw an interview with the director, when he said that a sequel will come, so i can relax and enjoy this movie once is out on blu-ray.

    I recomended it, to all ninja movie fans, like me.