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  • An Informal Conversation with Billy Wilder (2018)

    *** 1/2 (out of 4)

    This featurette was put on the Arrow Video release of THE APARTMENT but it was originally a part of the Writers Guild Foundation Oral Histories series. This episode was narrated by Jack Lemmon who gave a brief rundown on the world of Billy Wilder and then we get to the main interview with the legendary director. The version I watched was just twenty-four minutes so I'm guessing there's either a longer copy out there or the IMDB just has the running time wrong. Either way fans of Wilder will certainly enjoy this interview with the famed director as he touches on a lot of subjects including the casting of his pictures as well as other secrets that he has. All in all there are some very good stories told here so fans of Wilder will enjoy this as will those just getting into the director since it offers up a good insight into his style.