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  • My words are less to express how amazed I was watching a series like this that can make me relive my school days. It's damn relatable. Till Fourth episode It Made in Laugh And in Last Episode Burst of Emotions happened and emotional ending. Each and every Actor and actress were Best. Old Gold Music is always best. A must watch better then Flames and TVF's Best Original Series Yet.
  • The Story of the series follows the schoollife of Dhruv and his friends , Kabir and Susu as they try to become mature in the eyes of the world. It is the story of their first bike, first drink, first 'gundagardi' but above all it is the story of Dhruv's first love. The series which has been nominated for The Best Web Series Category at CanneSeries 2018, At Cannes Film Festival is a journey of the schoollife of the backbenchers. But , above all it is an wonderful teenage love story. Wonderful creation by Apurv Mistry and Sameer Saxena, this series will strike too many a chords deep down your heart. And the show stealers are Omkar as Dhruv and the beautiful Reshmi Agdekar ('Dani' from Andhadhun) as Chhavi Upadhyay, Dhruv's crush and first love. Just see this awesome series if you want a journey down memory lane and want to experience pure Indian teenage love ( not like 'Punch Beat' or 'SOTY' which presents too edgy a representation of the Indian School Life to be true). Go and watch this awesom series, with its beautiful cast and acting and I can guarantee you, you're gonna love it and what's more, you'll not be able to forget it easily- just as you cannot your first love❤❤❤❤
  • kanishkgusain21 February 2019
    This show is too good..but disappointment is only 5 episodes 😥😥😥...full of Comedy,great storyline all is perfect
  • TVF is real gem in making these type of series man, like "yeh meri family" and now this "ImMature". It was totally relatable man, like as if I'm reliving my own moments I had in school time. Although not everyone is lucky enough to get the girl and some things are over dramatic compared to real life. Still TVF has done a great job, they have been winning hearts with their web series and they won it this time too. Man just keep up this good work. Hats off.👌👏👏
  • This story & screenplay of the show is good, can't say best. But a no. of scenes will make you nostalgic and remind your school life masti and crushes. There is a pinch of laughter in dialogues. And the climax scene is the best scene of the series. I had teary eyes at that moment. And casts are superb. Rashmi Agdekar (Chhavi) looks super-cute and gives her best shot after Andhadhun. She can remind your crush. Omkar (Dhruv) looks promising. His buddies are also funny and spontaneous. Overall, go and binge watch the show. You'll not be disappointed, I'm assuring you.
  • bishtk22 February 2019
    This series is awesome. It reminded me of my 1st gf. Hats off! to the creators of this series. The last episode is the best ....
  • activesumit21 February 2019
    Creators have paid really serious attention to the content hats off, TVF You guys are tremendous! Wonderful Creation, terrific work from the cast! Last 10-15 Min From The Last Episode was favourite of mine especially background theme from PR? i guess, was the best part to me..keep making content like this..
  • Great story, awesome characters, true feelings, based on reality, enjoyed very much, hats off to tvf, you guys are great...please make season 2....
  • njethuri4 March 2019
    My way
    This is best series i have ever seen. Now I'm just waiting for season 2.😃
  • Writers did their work as well as casting crew

    Dialogues were really amazing .... That gut feeling answer was splendid
  • atulneil1 March 2019
    Best series in 2019, brought many old memories I had.
  • This is just another amazing creation by TVF. This tv series takes you back to school life. Must watch series for all
  • smartytirth23 February 2019
    This series takes you through your Childhood when you were growing up. Budding Relationships, First Time nervousness & all that you went through !! It's just like a Nostalgia Trip down the lane to your School Days ! Hats off to the TVF Team & all the Actors ! Hope next season is in works 😊
  • Finally after a long wait we got something from TVF. And it's just perfect. It was worth being excited for. You see good mixture of comedy and emotions, and gaalis add more sexiness to the comedy. It's fully entertaining and worth your time. The length of episodes balanced. Though the "Chemistry" was better in Flames but comedy is better here. I was expecting more screen time for the 'bigger cast' (Jeetu, Nidhi, Biswa and our favourite Anandeswar "LLEO") after trailer but it's fine. Waiting for the next season.
  • Best series that remindes us the beautiful school days and relate so much. All the actors are just incredible!!! Great work TVF
  • It's a must watch for any series lover. The innocence of school friendship and love is so well depicted in this series. Awesome script with awesome direction and acting makes this series worth watching. One won't feel bored even for a single second. Tvf is always late with it's series but whenever it comes with a new series it seems just perfect. Do give this series a try. <3
  • shaykitu1 March 2019
    This is the best web series i have came across till now. It's just amazing and so much relatable. The performance of every character is amazing and you will have a smile on your face throughout and many emotions related to your school friends and memories. I really want season 2. I recommend everyone to watch this series. It will make you feel refreshing.
  • somil-394781 March 2019
    It is completely true that tvf do not create stories but steals heart away
    • story agar sunane atti hai tou wo tvf hai
  • I'm from Pakistan i watched this show today on some app, I'm amazed to see how beautifully they've knitted each and every moment, very well written script and decent acting just brilliant. I relived my all school and college memories. They definitely should go for next season.
  • We want Friends Like Kabir and susu And Girlfriend like chhavi
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Such a perfect love story, which everyone is school expects. It shows the exact situation about class girl & boys group. Master susu is at different level of comedy & Kabir is the same bully guy. Chavvi is that cute looking class topper & Dhruv toh hai hi 😅
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It starts with a story we all are aware of. Parents denying our fantasy. But we still manage to get out of it. Then it moves on a the topic of infatuation that's a common in the life of teenagers. How we try to impress a girl and regretting the relation, the crush already have. You have a friend circle which always takes you out of the depression. But then your crush aka 'school life ka pehla pyaar' gets close to you. Being a class topper, she helps you in the studies and helps you score well. Now comes the myth of FLAMES we Indian teens believe. Now if the crush checks out FLAMES for you, the series gets more romantic and interesting. The Superboy and the Supergirl gets together, on a date! Girl decides to moves to KOTA for studies. So she tries to friendzone the guy, even she does have feelings for him. But in the end they ultimately get together through a very sweet act of dumbcharades. And a perfect KISS!😇

    What makes the series more interesting and connected through heart are the sound tracks which perfecto fits into the plot. Thanks Vaibhav for the songs.

    I show grattitude to the entire cast and TVF for the series. Specially to the director Prem bhaiyya and MXPlayer

    No over acting involved. Perfect acting seen among the cast.

    Make S2 ASAP!
  • rawatvedant1 March 2019
    Damn I'm 17 yr old and I can bloody 100% relate to this and it's the first time I feel so good after watching this type of series I want SEASON 02 ASAP plz?!!!
  • Another mind blowing webseries from tvf. They never fail to amaze us. What a beautiful series this is !!!! It reminded me of my school days. One mustn't miss this series. I'm glad I came across this series.
  • nikeshb23 February 2019
    As expected.. but not match the level of TVFs last release Yeh Meri Family. Atleast It Should be 8 episodes
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