Bullwinkle (2018): Man i'm beat.

Rocky (2018): That montage was exhausting.

Fearless Leader (2018): I just want to take over the world! Is that too much to ask?

Natasha (2018): With all do respect Fearless Leader I work alone

Boris (2018): Yeah me too.

Rocky (2018): Wow that is important. Check this one out.

Bullwinkle (2018): Mmm. That's important too.

Narrator (2018): Uh are you boys done yet?

Rocky (2018)Bullwinkle (2018): Not even close.

Bullwinkle (2018): I'm gonna destroy you Rocky!

Rocky (2018): In your dreams Moose!

Bullwinkle (2018): Antler Bash!

Rocky (2018): Flying Squirrel Tail Twister!

Bullwinkle (2018): Get ready for the Flying Moose Tail Twister! Oh wait moose's can't fly.

Bullwinkle (2018): An alien was in my suitcase Rock. Do you know what this means?

Rocky (2018): He's seen your underwear?