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  • People always expect reboots to be the same as originals because they're not very bright. The only thing I don't like is that they don't have all the other segments in this series. I love that even though they always say his name is Bullwinkle J. Moose, his family's last name is Winkle. Hate all you want, down voting won't make you right.
  • Great new take on a classic. Artwork similar to Teen Titans GO! Goofy enough to keep a 3 year olds interest while mixed with mature adult content still appropriate for kids. DreamWorks has done a great job.

    The show may have a tough time getting mid to high ratings from adults who watched the original back in the early 60s. Same as with most things to the baby boomer generation, everything was better back in their youth and good luck changing their minds.

    Throw is on during a Saturday/Sunday morning and enjoy the nostalgia of the old with a twist of new for your generation and the next.
  • It's super! The animation has great style. The writing is anarchic and funny. But it has real, better narratives this time; there's no room for Fractured Fairy Tales, et al. So it's a different show, but the tone is intact. My kids love it! Watch it with yours.
  • This reboot is honestly pretty decent,it's not as good as the peabody and sherman show but still pretty good,it has problems like using "hip" lauguge and humor that's on par with modern nickelodeon but the voice cast is great(tara strong did a great job as rocky)and has lovely art direction and nice old school animation overall it's not perfect but still at least a decent reboot unlike wacky races and the 2016 powerpuff girls 7.1/10
  • Love the new show, almost better than the original! WATCH NOW
  • I was excited to see this program being remade, since I was a fan of the old cartoon - watching it in reruns on Nickelodeon back in the early 90's, and still enjoyed it as an adult as I began to understand the other references made in the show. However, this program thrives on more "offbeat" humor than the witty banter that was a key characteristic of the old program. The tongue in cheek references to pop culture and politics are gone, as is the charm of the low-budget, hand drawn animation.

    Granted, I may not be the intended audience for this program, but I wish it hadn't tried to adopt a beloved universe in order to make another dumb kids program.
  • The series doesn't deserve the hate. Yes, classic R&B will always hold a sacred place in our hearts, but this modern take has wit and modern kid antics. As sentimental as we are, the older animation doesn't hold kids attention these days. This is a great update to bridge the generational divide. Give it a chance!
  • Some user here negatively compared this show to Spongebob and Ren & Stimpy. Well, I can already see it in those tiny clips in the main page for this series. Upon reading that Rocky and Bullwinkle are gonna be appearing in their first TV series is decades, I was really looking forward to it. The show, however, didn't appear that way I was hoping it to be.

    If the studio want to make another series featuring the characters, here are a couple of things they should do. One, make the show closer to the original as much as possible. And two, cast a young lad to do Rocky's dialog.

    (PS: I do not mean to put a spoiler as someone thought previously. I'm simply echoing other fan sentiments because I agree with some of them.)
  • bobbp20 May 2018
    There is nothing reminiscent of the original series and its wonderful quirkiness and fun. The animation of the faces is so distracting, and I am not clear why it was done that way. There are no redeeming features in this new series and I wish I could purge it from my mind (where are Wil Smith and Tommy Lee Jones when you need them).
  • Olinthecity12 May 2018
    If you enjoyed watching the original animated series this, is sure to disappoint. Admittedly, I watched only about half a minute of the first episode, but I could not get past the grating characters' voices or the garish animation. Both were that bad. Best to skip this one.
  • "Rocky & His Friends" was the first TV cartoon specifically tailored to adult sensibilities (though Jay Ward's preceding series, "Crusader Rabbit", had some of that ). Ward didn't care if some of the humor was built on jokes and references parents had to explain to their kids.

    The focus wasn't primarily on R&B dealing with their adversaries, but with satirical attacks on American society and individuals. When the monstrous metal-munching Moon mice destroy Frostbite Falls' TV antennas, a crazed elderly woman (voiced by June Foray) runs around screaming "Our lives are ruined!"

    Then there's the Kirwood Derby, which makes its wearer the smartest person in the world. This was a slap at Gary Moore's dense sidekick, Durward Kirby, who threatened to sue. Jay Ward's response? "Go ahead -- we'll pay you to sue."

    The world is a lot meaner and nastier than it was 60 years ago. "Fearless Leader" is no longer a jack-booted Austrian with a fencing scar -- he's our disgusting, amoral, idiot President, who thinks he knows everything. * Will the writers be willing to confront him, and the thugs he's surrounded himself with? I doubt it.

    Like any great work of art, the original R&B wittily reflected its times. The new version almost certainly will not. Sad.

    * Bullwinkle sometimes did a "Mr Know-It-All" sketch. This could be recycled with Trump replacing the moose. Come on, guys, show some spine.
  • Following a TV career decades ago as well as two lackluster films, the moose and squirrel come back for another go on TV. As you can see in this site, not many here are impress by the duo's return. Not even me.

    Since making his debut appearance back in the 1960s, Rocky has been voiced by adults as I read in Wikipedia. When the character's long-time voice left this world, I thought this would be the time for a considerable change. In fact I was hoping the studio would cast a kid actor to the role of Rocky. I think using a kid actor would be more complimentary and more fitting to the character, considering Rocky is presented as a young squirrel. Sadly, that didn't happen. Therefore I'm disappointed.

    When looking at the screenshots, the appearances of the characters look a little distorted. But I guess that's the new standard for animated shows these days.
  • Although I had fun playing video games based on the original TV series, I can't say that I feel the same about the TV series. Oh sure, the TV series has some good points. But its flaws are more than enough to put me off.

    After releasing the Mr. Peabody and Sherman show which is fairly received, DreamWorks decided to create a show featuring the moose and squirrel who haven't been having some success lately. As to what I can I say about this new show? Hardly an improvement. The graphics are better due to newer technology, but the voices are grating, especially that of Rocky which is also unauthentic. Well, Rocky was never authentic by the way which is one of the reasons why I never enjoyed the original series.

    Maybe we'll get a good R&B media one day. I can almost sense it as most studios are learning to give a character role to someone more matching in a lot of ways.
  • I don't understand the hate this show gets? I watched all of season 1 and I LIKE it I hope to see a second season in fact. Go ahead and downvote if you want... that won't change my opinion. I got four words for EVERYONE who saw this show. TO! EACH! THIER OWN! I like it some of you may hate it. Everyone has their own opinions and that's no reason to hate on those who like it
  • There are some very talented voice actors here, and there's also one who has very little to offer - who has not been in animation before, for good reason. But this actor is not the issue. The rest of the cast is made up of some of the best the industry has to offer. But they need a project that makes sense, and this version of Bullwinkle is not ready. It needs massive rewrites, it's not funny, there's no character, it's frankly astonishing that you could take these characters and this cast and come up with something this bad. Both deserve much, much better.
  • Had quite a few 'laugh out loud' moments for me so far, so hopefully there will be a new season with even better quality.

    Animation is decent and the writing, as I said, has had quite a few laugh out loud moments for me. There has been at least one 'gross out' gag but I'm willing to let it slide due to the fact that the actual animation pays little attention to it compared to bad cartoons.
  • Sorry, but this is not the rocky and bullwinkle that I remember. June Foray would not be happy if she was alive. I love Tara Strong, it's just not the role for her. The voices of Boris and Natasha aren't the same. I feel that the original would be the one I would stick to.

    The movie wasn't great either, but it wasn't this. The style isn't my kind either. They look too rectangular. The only positive is the voice of Bullwinkle. Sounding a bit like the original, but I think I will skip this one.