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  • Brit Porn might not exist without pioneer Steve Perry, appearing endlessly as Ben Dover in a sort of Benny Hill approach to Adult entertainment. He's back in action with a bevy of local beauties in this self-explanatory DVD exercise, as mindless as ever.

    I had first witnessed his shenanigans on screen in the VHS era with the soon-to-become classic "Duke of Knockers II", prehistoric Brit Porn at its best and featuring Minka before she ruined her look by too many trips to the plastic surgeons.

    Here he's talking directly to us punters in Video Land, making frequent witticisms and pop culture allusions that give him not only the Benny persona but also an even crustier Ricky Gervais aspect. That is hardly conducive to eroticism, but taken in frequent closeups Steve's big hard cock is clearly competitive with studs 50 years his junior.

    He makes a big deal of landing international superstar Cathy Heaven in the cast, and he's right. She's amazing as always and provides unparalleled deep-throat and anal action to lift the otherwise generic DVD above the competition.

    Other gals are okay, including top-heavy Chessie Kay in a BGG threesome and always reliable Sienna Day. Newcomers like April Paisley are less impressive, thrown in for the usual jail-bait or school-girl content so popular these days, as porn audiences keep trying (but failing) to kick the big-boobs habit so firmly instilled in us by the likes of Russ Meyer and Hugh Hefner over the years.