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  • I went into this series without knowing anything about it, not even watching a trailer of it. The show is quite easy to binge in 3-4 hours, not only because there are only 8 episodes (each episode being only 24 minutes long), but also because each episode manages to keep you fulfilled while making you want more.

    First off, the performances were great -- not to mention the chemistry between each of the actors. Idris Elba's character 'Charlie' felt most genuine and believable (also likeable) primarily because the character is somewhat based on certain aspects of Elba, and it always feels like Elba has the freedom to be himself during each scene (which is a refreshing thing to see, honestly).

    The other actors were good too, particularly Frankie Hervey who plays the little girl 'Gab' -- a character who 'Charlie' is assigned manny to. Despite being a spoilt brat, the character manages to not get on the viewers' nerves but rather make get them to empathise with her.

    The screenplay is nothing extraordinary, but doesn't need to be. It's surprisingly to the point, while covering each characters' point of view and leaving enough intrigue for possible future seasons. Despite disagreements among every character, you can still understand that they're somewhat right in their own way -- which is a rather difficult spot to hit while writing drama.

    I'm glad that the show avoids certain clichés that I had predicted, clichés that you'd often find in series/films of similar genre.

    Other than that, I was hoping the show would also delve a bit more into the protagonist's backstory and the reason for his passion of being a DJ, along with incorporating music more creatively into the visual storytelling instead of merely being a plot tool to further the story. I'm hoping they delve more into the backstory and the DJ aspects of the story in future seasons, along with being a lot more creative in its cinematography and editing.
  • mattrdmr16 March 2019
    Binged it in one day. Can't watch it without smiling.
  • Loved this show so much I got so annoyed when I realised it was only 8 episodes. The humour is right up my street..... praying there's a season 2
  • This was a refreshing new show and easy to binge in a week. I just wish the ending wasn't so abrupt. Surely a season 2 then?
  • brainwerx-116 March 2019
    I'm a big fan of Idris Elba, and many others in this show. But, the little girl is fantastic. The interaction between her character and Charlie is excellent. It's a funny show that is light and easy to watch. Better than many other shows out there. Worth a second season.
  • Lamiae16 March 2019
    So, as others have mentioned, this isn't the most deep, nuanced, complex plot in the world, but I don't think that all series are supposed to deliver that. I almost watched all episodes in one go because it put a big smile on my face. I soon started to feel for the characters. Watch it folks, with a nice glass of wine, or whatever you fancy. Enjoy!
  • This great light hearted series with some characters you don't see portrayed often enough in British entertainment - and well done. Also great to see Elba acting in the Charlie character, does it brilliantly as you'd expect. There are a few formulaic bits but good enough to enjoy overall.
  • mdecoff17 March 2019
    Really liked seeing Idris Elba in a more comedic role.
  • Idris does a great job in this role. Great one liners throughout the series and a nice balance of comedy and drama to even things out. Story arc and Characters are well written. It gave me that rollercoaster of emotions that had me laughing out loud one minute then yelling at my tv the next. Probably one of the better series i've watched on Netflix!
  • spikeypoet24 March 2019
    Ok... so I wasn't even gonna watch this, because the trailer made it look below average. I decided to trial the first episode and... I was hooked! Idris Elba is a POWERHOUSE -- The man can do no wrong!! This show just showcases how versatile he is as an actor; I'm not sure this show would have worked, with anybody else, but he manages to pull it off, in style. Bloody brilliant!!
  • jdocop-3551316 March 2019
    We watched the first few episodes last night, even though we totally cannot relate to what the show calls a DJ, or what they refer to as music. The characters are real and relatable (not a word, is it?) and funny. The show itself is entertaining. The precocious Gabs is very good. The scenes move, and even though we don't know a lot of the references, the people remain human, and that is what makes this work. I knew we wanted to see this just because of Mr. Elba, and we were so happily surprised to see him do something so light, so well. Piper Perabo was a pleasant surprise, especially for my wife, who really liked "Covert Affairs." We will finish binging the rest of this first season ASAP, and hope for more.
  • virenvpatel16 March 2019
    I enjoyed the show .the acting is fabulous by all the cast .its totally worth to watch...
  • o-flaskesamler20 March 2019
    A different kind of show on TV!

    I love the comedy level in this. All characters are a bit different to one another, but they mix up perfectly. Even that stupid boy Hunter. The speed is also apropriate. It isn't long and boring or to fast. Hope to see a lot more to this show and shows lile this in the future. Writers and producers really nailed it!
  • clstroth29 March 2019
    Its European entourage with a little different plot. It's funny, short and entertaining. You can binge it and watch the whole season quick. If you like good music and a good party you will be entertained by this show.
  • matnm227 March 2019
    Easy series, end well and the characters way throw the series and development very good. Not perfect but very satisfying.
  • arjendijkstra19 March 2019
    Kept me on the edge of my seat. Longing for more. Great fun.
  • I really really enjoyed this show. I binge watched it over the course of 2 days (and I don't watch much TV) and my wife just started watching it on my recommendation. It has quality actors and does a good job exploring their personalities with some depth to each major character. One aspect I appreciated was the ability to experience what life could be like as a famous DJ. These are not people like most of us. They have money and fame yet the situations this series presents could be what real life is like for some.

    I will tell you I enjoyed the show so much because I can somewhat relate, or at least reminisce and pretend, what my life could be like in similar situations. I used to party quite a bit in my youth. Clubbing and music festivals were a very big part of my life. And that's how I met my wife. Armin Van Buuren's "Love you more" featuring Racoon is to this day our song. I wouldn't say dance music was our thing per se, but that in particular song was ours.

    We slowed down and eventually stopped completely after we got married and started a family. I'm sure most people have similar stories about their youth, although many of our old friends did make careers out of it and we simply lost touch because of it.

    I'm 39 now, was a fire fighter for 11 years and now a safety manager for an energy company. We have 2 kids. A 7 year old boy and a 5 year old daughter. We love them unconditionally and would do whatever we need to give them a good life. I couldn't imagine having kids and trying to live the lifestyle of a professional DJ. We used to travel all over to see the worlds top DJ's. Many of our friends were DJ's, club owners and producers (and many still are- we just don't hang out anymore). We got into most venues vip and gratis, met some of the worlds most famous DJ's and then had them over for after parties. I'm talking about seeing a badass DJ at a venue then hanging out with them for another set or two with close friends at home, long into the next day. We have a gb of pics dedicated to us hanging out and partying. It was indeed a fun time of our lives.

    But I digress. The good old days were fun indeed and a joy to remember. But being a responsible father and a working professional is also rewarding. I couldn't imagine trying to be a good father and husband while maintaining a career that involves that level of fame and lifestyle. I gladly traded that lifestyle to where I am today.

    We are a rare breed that actually planned our family out ahead of time. During the first 2 years of marriage we discussed the pros and cons of having kids before making a decision, knowing that we would have a completely different lifestyle. We chose a family and never looked back.

    This show is indeed fun and entertaining but obviously very personal to me but maybe not to most. I really hope they thumbs up a season 2. At my age and status it's just fine to reminisce on netflix rather than at the club. Or even trying to live vicariously through fiends. It's difficult to maintain lasting friendships with people in that scene if you are not in it.

    Netflix do your thing and bring us season 2. It's no fun seeing an open ended cliffhanger and then nothing. We need closure from a show like this. And a suggestion, include a better soundtrack with longer sets. Music is a big theme of the show after all. Maybe have top DJ's create new music just for the show. Netflix has the rights to the soundtrack and could make additional money through that as well. Just saying...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually really loved this show. Binged it all straight upon release, and I gotta say... Elba is funny!

    There's a lot of stilted dialogue, and over-the-top performances by the youngest cast member, but she was also a highlight for me. The show struggled to find that balance for her character.

    I think my favorite relationship was Sara and Charlie, but the resolution left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

    I'd love to see a season two, as there is a lot of story left to tell here.
  • It's different basically could have been a short film. The bird in me kept watching because of idris so cute!
  • sfwoods4917 March 2019
    I gave it 2 stars because you can always count on Idris Elba to give a great performance. I just wish he'd had some good material to work with. This is trying so hard to be "woke" on so many different levels it's annoying. Kept watching to see if it would get better but the writing is terrible. Super sorry it wasn't better.
  • Initially I was skeptical about the premise and seeing Idris Elba in this type of role (Luther fan), but I really enjoyed season 1. It's just a lighthearted show about friendship and family whose characters are flawed,interesting, and a enjoyable to watch. I suggest withholding judgment the first 3 episodes. Starts a little slow but catches its stride around episode 4.
  • bmaxwell10716 March 2019
    What a waste of talent. Silly. So disappointed. I am crazy about Iris Elba, and even he could not save this.
  • fklwow16 March 2019
    After having enjoyed all of which Elba has been in, I dove head in. The premise was already shaky and outdated, no one cares about second hand star stories, more even less about the one about a spoiled problem child spawned from daft celebrities and a washed up DJ living with his joint smoking aunt from Jamaica tagged along by his assumed childhood Hindi friend with black mannerisms (Oddly enough this long term hindi black(ish) friend is **never** mentioned by his other long term friends that open up the story). What really broke the camel's back was the continuity errors. Ep 1 to 3 are **littered** with them, to the point that the child's disturbingly bad acting is left to the background while we try to assess what is the actual position of the actors one poor cut to another.

    Watch it, laugh, feel bad for Idris!
  • Yet another show with a predicable precocious child who speaks more mature than her nitwit parents. Until this, I said that I would watch ANYTHING with Idris, but I simply can't finish it. It's just so cliche and contrived. You've seen all of this before in lame network sitcoms that need a laugh track and in PG family movies. It's the kind of show you'd watch with your wife/girlfriend who, not wanting to be negative, would say 'it's a cute show' at the very moment the rest of us are using the search feature on Netflix to see if they are showing The Wire.
  • oneill242418 March 2019
    I absolutely LOVE Idris Elba and have enjoyed mostly everything he's in. However, this series is just a waste of his talent. Not sure why he decided to do this series at this point in his career. Beneath him. The writing, music and overall production is lame. I couldn't get through the first episode before I turned it off.
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